Wonder Girls Wins Mutizen Award at Inkigayo for the 3rd consecutive week

Wonder Girls notched their third Mutizen award in a row on SBS “Inkigayo” today. They were up against Baechigi, Shinee, Tae Yang, V.O.S, Super Junior Happy, Epik High having won Take 7 for the past two weeks.

Wonder Girls and Epik High special stage was kind of underwhelming. It was first of all pretty short and it was obvious that their styles didn’t mesh at all. Wonder Girls came out first lipsyncing to Jewerly’s “Baby One More Time” before Epik High came in and then rapped a little and then the whole thing ended. Epik High’s “One” next but it only featured Sun Ye as she sang Ji Sun’s part. She was trying her very best but she couldn’t quite hit Ji Sun’s range.

Epik High then did a little of their “Umbrella” number before Wonder Girls checked in with a remixed version of “So Hot” which had quite many extra dance routines and made the song looked way cooler and slick than the usual fare. I thoroughly enjoyed their solo remixed “So Hot” stage I must say. Was kinda worried at the start where Sun Mi and Ye Eun did the shake and the latter’s shirt strap came off. But thankfully she realised it and adjusted it back.

Sun Mi was so random with her “Umbrella” at the end. ^^ The crowd was red hot throughout. Yoo Bin and Ye Eun also added their “Umbrella” comment too before their encore performance. Hope they consider performing this again because it gives their “So Hot” a new lease of life.


43 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Wins Mutizen Award at Inkigayo for the 3rd consecutive week

  1. i think the special stage is awesome, wg’s live is not perfect but much much better compared to dream concert
    you can actually hear they run out of breath when singing,

    i say this perf is already good because when singing live, singer usually reduce their dancing power, like 60%-70% so that they wont run out of breath, even tvxq do that
    but wg here gives their 100% on dancing, which is not easy

    abt sun ye on the one, i know ji sun’s high pitched voice isnt easy, i watched a perf where horan of czq singing ji sun’ part of paris, and its much horrible than sun ye here
    even ji sun herself cant do it perfectly

    need to see more ‘one more time’, because wg makes it so hot hot
    lastly, they’re so hot ^^ yoobin’s rap is hot
    i cant wait to see the HQ one

    btw, props to jyp sajangnim, i wonder how it looks like when he teaches them the choreo

  2. i really love WG but they absolutely need to improve if they want to stay the best girl group!!! many girls group are going to do their debut this year and some of them are talented too so i’m really worried for the wonder girls!

    they can’t continue like that! they do one great perf sometimes but the rest of the time they do just an okay perf ! if they really want to be as famous as super junior or dbsk or rain they have to progress in singing and in dance!! how come that they can’t even do a special stage live? (and sun ye really did bad for “one”)

    They really can’t continue like that! they have to improve that’s all! their talents are limited for the moment! they were bad at the film festival, they were bad at inkigayo etc…contrary to rain, suju .. who never messed up their perf so badly !

    i don’t want them to lose against the new girls group that’s why i think that they should really work harder!! i know they can make it !

    btw: I hope that the special stage with snsd will be better than the special stage with epik high! the wonder girls must be better than snsd!!!

  3. ^iree… u do know that they all wear dancing shorts when they perform with skirts right?

    the one performance was… interesting

    the so hot remix was great in the beginning, but then the middle is kinda weird (just like tell me), but hey, nevertheless, it pleases the crowds.

  4. OHMYGOSH. Alvin, after you mentioned how Ye Eun’s straps came down, I watched the performance over again, and I noticed that she continuously has to pull down her skirt and put up her straps. They so need to fix that. We don’t need a Wonder Wardrobe Malfunction. X| The thing is, I’ve noticed Ye Eun pulling down her skirt many times on “So Hot” performances. They definitely need to do something about her short skirts.

  5. woohoo another award for WG to add to their collection of achievements^^
    they’ve been absolutely fab this year
    and yoobin’s rappin again YAAAY~

    byt jyp should watch their workload though if he cares about WG’s health. ><

  6. i think people should take into consideration how overworked these girls are to begin with. Have you guys seen their performance schedule this month? crazy. ><

  7. i really didnt think sunye did that badly. i dont understand this special stage though. it wasnt fun at all. btw does anyone else go to soompi here? it hasnt been working for me and i was working if i was the only one

  8. yep. the umbrella thing was for Epik High. if you look closely, DJ TuKuts was very happy after Sun Mi said umbrella. he even gave a thumb up. hehe. ^^

    btw, the song is not suited for Sun Ye at all. that’s why she was ok. if they rearranged it. she would be awesome. =)

  9. i believe the whole umbrella thing was to subliminally promote epik high’s single “umbrella” featuring a close friend of the WG’s, Youhna. =]

  10. iLOVE the remix and the group dance. but only if the lights werent so gleamy dark, maybe i could see the dance moves! it’s a great performance.

  11. As a fan of both epik high and wg i haev to admit that i think epik high did really well in the ss but sun ye kind of ruined one 😦 I like the one more time though and yoobin is too hot

  12. That was MOST DEFINITELY the best performance of “So Hot” yet! That performance was just HOT HOT! It was a breath of fresh air after I watched the “Baby One More Time” performance and “One”. It’s a good thing I saved the “So Hot” performance for last! It was just SOOO GOOD! …or should I say SO COOL? Haha! It was so typical of JYP to add in a dance remix, and it worked out so well. I especially liked the intro. It was much more exciting than their original one where they just pose. I thought Sun Ye’s solo dance was powerful, YeMi’s dance was cute, and YooHee’s dance was sexy. =)


  13. omg!! i think this was their best performance so far!! I tottaly loved the ”So Hot” remix
    they where more energized then last performance and there vocals sounded better!! :DDD
    wonder girls fighting!! <333

  14. firstly, Ji Sun’s singing in ONE is digitally edited and i heard her live as well, its LOL somewhat like sunye’s too. i doubt she should use her real voice to sing.

    it is a horrible perf for that, obvious that it won’t sound anything like the cd version even if they redo the whole thing again.

    anyways the so hot perf is SO HOT !!! wahaha lol.

  15. ^and i know i’m being a harsh critic, but it’s because i have such high expectations of them. they’re such awesome girls.

  16. i’m a sunye fan and i was so incredibly shocked at how badly she did for “one.” i heard she struggled before i watched it so i was already expecting it to be bad, but i didn’t think she could ever be that off.

    i know she can do better, which is why i’m a bit frustrated at the wonder girls and their management for accepting all the workload they are currently doing. their busy schedule is bringing their performance way down. or maybe they were just having a hectic week with the inclusion of the awards show, sohee’s birthday, and the special stage into an already busy schedule.

    anyways, i just hope sunye watches her health and does better in the future. seriously, if wonder girls want to be taken seriously, they need to step it up.

    but i do ❤ them no matter what.

  17. =)i think that’s so good..
    congrats wonder girls.
    3rd times in a row..
    i hope that this year is 2008 is wonderful years
    yoobin rap in her part
    can see from her mouth..

  18. The “Baby One More Time” performance didn’t suit the Wonder Girl’s style. And Sun Ye did look like she was struggling with her singing during the “One” performance. But I think they did pretty good for an attempt.

    The remix of So Hot was alright. I didn’t really think it was better than the original though, but it wasn’t worse either.

  19. I hope they’ll be performing “So Hot” (Remix) on every shows from now on cuz it’s SO HOT!!!!!

    And A BIG CONGRATS to Wonder Girls for getting all three mutizen awards for So Hot whoooo ^^

  20. “the one” perf should have been better….
    May be epik high should try to sing “umbrella” with wonder girls since they like it so much ^^

  21. hahaha. the “umbrella” thing was weird.. :)) before, there was the “tell me plague” or “tell me generation” or “tell me era” but now, is it the “So Hot Plague”? or “So Hot Generation? or So Hot Era? COOL!

  22. wow 4 weeks @ #1 at music bank and now its their 3 weeks at #1 at inkigayo 2009 really is SO HOT SYNDROME.

    Congrats to Wonder Girls, Keep it Up, Fighting!

  23. so hot was sooo awesome, i def likethis better than the usual. and i hated the baby one more time perf.. it was bad enough they were lipsynching but not to themselves… they should ahve just danced to it… :\

    sohee and yoobin’s couple of second solo definitely = ❤

  24. Nevermind on the cut down on Yoobin’s rap comment. lol Just rewatched the So Hot Remix in HD and it wasn’t. Guess that dance break confuzzled me.

  25. holy shizzzzz that was freaking hot!! everything was hottttt!!! yoobin rapping live now!!!!!!! she sound just like she does on the track!!! the circle rotation dance!! the solo dances!!!!!!! oomfgggggg!! i need this in HQQQQQQQ

  26. Actually Epik High performed Breakdown after the ss. And Umbrella is one of Epik High’s songs ft Younha. Think EH will start promoting it soon so they kept saying Umbrella.

    SS did not impress at all. But loved the So Hot remix too. But too bad the dance break cuts down Yoobin’s rap.

  27. where can i watch epik high one performance?
    i cant get to watch it lol
    i hope they are not that bad

    remix was sooo good…they should perform it more often..or chnage it up here and there.. love!!

  29. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GO WG!! ^^ I am so proud of them winning again^^ the perfs seemed rushed, what was that all about? o.O; weird lol

  30. Grats to the Wonder Girls! 🙂
    Ahhh I love em’.
    I was a bit excited for the WonderHigh/EpikWonder thing to happen but I guess nothing tops WonderBang. 😛
    Hope to see videos up soon as I missed the perf. cause it’s 2:37 a.m here. 😡

  31. ….will dere be a replay/repeat of the whole show cause i only managed to watch the ending as i totally forgot abt it…pls reply in korea standard time



    2008 is Wondergirls’s year.. i am sure of that.. hehehe

  33. omg. this is what i have been waiting for!
    the remixed So HoT.
    omg. i didnt think it can be better but it is!
    sooo hoottttttt. ^^
    congrats girls.

    oh yea the epik high thing. it was soo rushed.
    but. Sun Ye was ok. fighting!

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