Sun Ye Energy Live Performance Rehearsal Video

Video clip showing Sun Ye going to the dance studio to rehearse for her feature part in Mighty Mouth’s Energy song two weeks ago before actual performances.

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Wonder Girls News Wrap 25th June – 28th June

The following is a brief summary of Wonder Girls news over the past week.

Epik High will have a special stage with Wonder Girls this afternoon on SBS “Inkigayo”. They will perform Jewelry’s “Baby, One More Time” and Epik High’s “One”. Epik Wonder or Wonder Epik in the making possibly?

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Wonder Girls So Hot K-Chart No.1 for 3rd consecutive week

Wonder Girls performed So Hot again with new outfits and gave a consistent, assured and steady performance, even for So Hee. They went up against SG Wannabe and Crown J for No.1 where the latter two wasn’t even performing. Wonder Girls won in the end with double their votes of their competitors. Congratulations for maintaining their Music Bank hot streak!

Leader Sun Ye also performed in Mighty Mouth’s Energy song performance for the first time on tv with an energetic display. She will continue performing with Mighty Mouth for Music Core and Inkigayo this weekend back-to-back.

Sun Ye unexpectedly being compared with Yoon Eun Hye

What will be the effect with Sun Ye being featured on Mighty Mouth’s title track “Energy” from their new album released today?

Sun Ye was featured in Mighty Mouth title track “Energy” from their debut album released today and as a result is being compared with Yoon Eun Hye who had featured in Mighty Mouth debut single “I Love You”.

Many music lovers have high expectations of Sun Ye, particularly as the success of Mighty Mouth’s debut single, “I Love You” was attribtuted to Yoon Eun Hye’s participation and her part in the song had a big percentage. So this has largely contributed to the expectation that they have for Sun Ye participation.

According to a music critic, “Yoon Eun Hye was singing for the first time since hanging up her mic from her Baby Vox days which explains why ‘I Love You’ was extra refreshing and special. People was piqued to see if she could cut it as a singer still. So there is every reason for Sun Ye to do well since she is an important member of the Wonder Girls and highly popular among fans now.”

According to CJ Music managing Mighty Mouth, “It would be a great feeling if we can achieve success once again with this feat. track. The feat. song would be in for direct comparison with the previous and we are pretty worried”, as they took a conservative view of whether it would be a success.

The song “Energy” which Sun Ye is featured is a light-hearted song and combines the talented rapping of Mighty Mouth with Sun Ye’s mature vocals, bringing out the sweet bubbly flavor of the track.

Mighty Mouth released “I Love You” in March 2008 and swiftly named the most popular song in World Music charts, Inkigayo Take 7, Music Bank Final 3. It also picked up Song of the Month and Rookie of the Month plus other awrds.

Dae Sung and Sun Ye Restarts Big Bang-Wonder Girls Rivalry in 2008

Wonder Girls and Big Bang will soon resume rivalry in 2008 starting this week.

Dae Sung of Big Bang and Sun Ye of Wonder Girls faced off against each other today with a trot and feat. song being released today respectively. Dae Sung released his trot single “Look at me, GwiSoon!” while Sun Ye was featured in Mighty Mouth “Energy” track from their first album, restarting Big Bang vs Wonder Girls again in 2008 after their battle in 2007.

“Look at me, GwiSoon!” was YG Entertainment first attempt at the trot genre and Dae Sung challenging himself. The song was composed by G-Dragon (Big Bang), Kush with the earlier writing the lyrics as well. Gummy also lent her vocals to the song and with G-Dragon’s unique song composition skill, it is proving to be a hit already, shooting to No.2 on the Cyworld Music chart.

Mighty Mouth song “Energy” featuring Sun Ye was also released on the same day and Sun Ye refreshing and bubbly singing has won good reviews too.