Wonder Girls performing So Hot @ 45th Daejong Film Festival 080627

The Wonder Girls were one of two performing guests (other performer was Ock Ju Hyun) last night at the 45th Daejong Film Festival held at the Seoul Samsungdong Coex Convention Hall. The girls looked great in their shimmering silverish outfits. But the same cannot be said of their performance which sounded nervous and lethargic. Even the normally reliable Sun Mi and Sun Ye struggled with their lines. Not a very good performance.

Too many pictures, so I only posted some from the entire collection.


20 thoughts on “Wonder Girls performing So Hot @ 45th Daejong Film Festival 080627

  1. Man… worst performance yet 😦
    I bet it’s because they were nervous and the crowd isn’t the usual (fanclubs etc)
    Those people just sat there… HOW NERVE-RACKING IS THAT?! I would’ve been nervous too.

    No matter what, I still love the WG’s. And that night, they didnt know that two nights later they would perform their greatest ever and win the mutizen award for the 3rd week in a row. 🙂


  2. i like all of them, but seriously, sunmi is always captured with weird expressions on her face, its not her at all! she is like trying to be sexy 0.0”

  3. it was sad to see that the performance didnt turn out as good as everyone would like, but as long as they did their best. please give them some credit for being able to perform for the old folks. the wonder girls must be very tired. jyp! please give them some rest.

    Wonder Girls fightin’!…

  4. Sun Mi is too skinny… it doen’t look healthy at all, especially because she’s the youngest…
    Yoo Bin is going to be skinny too… but she got some shape and forms… she’s the sassier of the group (well she’s meant to be the sassier but Sun Ye is gonna take her place lol)

    In this perf Ye Hun sounds the best… Ye Hun is for me the second best singer after Sun Ye… she just have to be more energic on her performances (but I understand the girls can be exhausted) especially when they perform Tell Me where now Ye Hun sounds weak… 😮

    the best outfit for the worst performance… But they should be exhausted and stressed considering the old, famous and bored audience

  5. I love the Wondergirls, one “bad” performance is a treasure to me!

    So glad I got to see them!

  6. Has anyone noticed sohee is like bow-legged? XD lol just a bit though haha she has pretty cute legs^^ yoobins legs are perfection though. just amazing haha *envy*

  7. Oh my, SoHee’s hands on SunYe’s booty! Do I smell SunHee couple?? I haven’t seen that couple yet! XD

    I feel like as Sun Ye, Ye Eun, and SoHee seem to be gaining weight, Yoobin and Sun Mi, ESPECIALLY Sun Mi, have been losing MAJOR weight. Look at how skinny Sun Mi’s been getting! Bah, I need to buy that girl some Big Mac or something.

  8. Btw the crowd was silent because this is a crowd of adults / very famous stars..they dont scream their lungs out like WG teen fans will^^

    this is my first time hearing sunmi struggle like this though, she must have really been tired since her and ye eun are ALWAYS on point..o.o;

  9. umm whoa o.O; and they just did so great the night before =/ ..do they like spend the whole night singing or what? they need to try something called SLEEP so they dont sound so tired =O

  10. I just looked through internet articles and there were some criticisms of this performance – -” Can’t they go easy on WG for once? Ughhhh.

    They’ve been performing non-stop and look the audience…so quiet, they must’ve been nervous lol.

  11. yup, i have to agree with you coolsmurf..i think the girls are very tired and the packed schedules really take a blow on the girls physically..they really need a good rest before resuming their activities again..nevertheless, the girls look stunning that night..

  12. I don’t like sun ye’s outfit she looks like jane (tarzan) lol

    they really look tired but they are still pretty^^


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