2 New Wonder Girls Cyworld China Videos

Most Wonder Girls fans especially those that were going to see them in Guangzhou, China on 19th January were disappointed when they couldn’t make it after some issues with getting their visa approved on time. Cyworld China promised to make it up to the Chinese fans and less than 2 weeks later, they have done a new page for the Wonder Girls and also with two new videos of them talking in Chinese! Pity they can only use their Chinese on video and not at a live venue, but it’s better than nothing!

Wonder Girls – Aftermath Message

Sun Ye speaks mostly about the regret they couldn’t make it to the Guangzhou event. Sun Mi and Ye Eun also chips in with some lines before Sun Ye wraps it up. Sun Mi has so many random actions. =]

Video (Right-click, save target as)
Video (IU)
Subtitle (DivShare)

Wonder Girls – Charity Gifts Auction Message

Wonder Girls showing their personal items that they are auctioning off. I would love to have Sun Ye’s shirt not that I have any use for it!!! Not sure how do we bid for it but I guess Chinese fans get priority over overseas fans.

Download (IU)
Download (DivShare)

Both videos comes with chinese subtitles hardsubbed and english external subs made by me. Wonder Girls speak in Chinese.

password: wondergirls.wordpress.com


13 thoughts on “2 New Wonder Girls Cyworld China Videos

  1. lol. . as if coolsmurf can wear sun ye’s shirt..lol

    lol..why yoo bin always auction shoes?..haha

    i would love to have sun ye’s and sun mi’s..^^

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