Wonder Girls shares Best New Artiste Award at 17th Seoul Gayo Awards

First, a big congratulation to the Wonder Girls for winning the Best New Artiste Award at the 17th Seoul Gayo Awards this evening. But they weren’t alone as So Nyeo Shi Dae and F.T. Island also picked up the same award.

The 17th Seoul Gayo Awards was held at the High 1 Hotel conference hall situated inside Kangwon Land Resort at 6pm today. The ceremony was hosted by Kim Sung Soo and Jewelry leader, Park Jung Ah. Wonder Girls won the Best New Artiste Award thanks to their “Tell Me” song which bought them immense popularity last year while So Nyeo Shi Dae was active with “Into the New World” and “Girls Generation” songs.

Wonder Girls was expected to win since they were leading their nearest competitors, So Nyeo Shi Dae when phone voting closed on Tuesday midnight. The award was solely decided by phone voting only so it was a bit of a surprise to see them sharing the award at this evening ceremony.

Not to say that they don’t deserve it, but the saying that whoever attends gets an award never seems to fail. Nevertheless, a big pat on the backs of Korean Wonderfuls for their hard work in voting for the Wonder Girls.

F.T. Island also picked up the Best New Artiste Award for the guys category I guess. Gracing the awards ceremony this year were F.T. Island, SG Wannabe, MC The Max, Jang Yoon Jung, Park Hyun Bin, Big Bang, Paran, Super Junior, Epik High, So Nyeo Shi Dae, Eru, Baek Ji Young, etc.

Wonder Girls were absent from the ceremony because of their vacation and their award was collected by a JYPE representative.

Full List of Winners

▲ Daesang Award – Big Bang
▲ Bonsang Award – Big Bang, Epik High, MC the Max, V.O.S, SG Wannabe, SeeYa, Eru, Super Junior, Baek Ji Young, Jang Yoon Jung
▲ New Artiste Award – So Nyeo Shi Dae, F.T Island, Wonder Girls
▲ Digital Music Award – Big Bang
▲ Best Album – Epik High
▲ mobile Popularity Award – Super Junior
▲ Trot Award – Park Hyun Bin
▲ Hallyu Special Award – Paran
▲ High 1 Music Award – So Nyeo Shi Dae


10 thoughts on “Wonder Girls shares Best New Artiste Award at 17th Seoul Gayo Awards

  1. Hi guys!!! I’m mongolian wonder girl NS kkk. I love Wonder girls, Big Bang. I know Big Bang’s some dance and all song I really love it…. And i like Tae yang!!!! he is very handsome and sexy!!~~~ ko ko ko also he is amazing dance.And i love Wonder girls too!! . I can to dance Tell me,Nobody, very well. I like that LOVE YA!!~~~~

  2. Wait, did they really say the newbie awards were based solely on fan votes? That’s basically a popularity contest. 😡

    If you think about it, Wonder Girls and SNSD are pretty much head to head. Granted, Wonder Girls are a little more popular because of , but SNSD has the better album sales so it evens things out.

    Congratulation girls and I hope they have the time of their lives in America!

  3. i have nothing againsst Girls Generation. But i think they got awarded because they were the only ones expected to be there… someone has to give an acceptance speech.. ke ke

  4. congrats to the girls.and good job for korean wonderfuls. it always seem to be the case of sharing a piece of meat everywhere

  5. yay! they won. it’s even better if they were there but i think

    it’s okay coz they are having break right now..^^

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