Sun Ye is now on Dankook University preliminary list

Wonder Girls leader, Min Sun Ye is now on the preliminary list for the School of Arts and Crafts majoring in Theatre and Film at Dankook University.

This was made known to the public this morning by Dankook University through phone calls and brief interviews by various newspapers to check on Sun Ye’s application status to Dankook University. The official word from them was, “Sun Ye has passed the exams and is on the preliminary list.”

Even though Sun Ye is on the preliminary list, she is not confirmed to be accepted into the course. But for those students who have been accepted but fail to register by the 11th February deadline, then Sun Ye will be automatically moved to the acceptance list.

They added, “Students who have been accepted but doesn’t register by the 11th February deadline will be automatically removed from the list. By then, Sun Ye would automatically be accepted into the course.”

“Sun Ye only applied to Dankook University so she is hoping for a good result and successfully enter her desired university,” a JYPE representative replied.

After finishing her first album promotional activities, Sun Ye is now currently in Japan with her family for her vacation.

Another Wonder Girls member, Ye Eun had also earlier in the week received notice about her successful application to Kyunghee University School of Arts and Design majoring in post-modern music.


11 thoughts on “Sun Ye is now on Dankook University preliminary list

  1. My best wishes for Sun Ye 🙂
    I’m glad to know that they still thrive to study well. And Sun Ye is my favoriteeeee….how can I emphasize that enough? I can’t believe I’m gonna watch WG live in NY, wow hahaha…

    But why is everyone’s vacation and family in Japan?

  2. so basically she’s on a waiting list…well hopefully she gets in. i personally would’ve applied to more than one but we’ll see!

    also i didn’t know she left for japan. i miss her :/

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