Kim Shin Young Parodies Nobody with Nogari

If Kim Heechul is Wonder Girls number one fan, Kim Shin Young comes in a close second. Her live performance of Nogari, a parody of the Wonder Girls hit song Nobody at the 2008 MBC FM4U DJs concert on 12th November created a lot of attention among netizens when a fancam of it was uploaded online.

Kim Shin Young has been earning a reputation recently for parodying popular songs by modifying it’s lyrics with hiliarous lines and also the dance. Wearing a yellowish-golden one piece dress, Kim Shin Young gave a good live rendition of Nogari while holding real nogaris in her hand. If you have watched the 2008 MKMF, she also did a small portion of Nogari while presenting an award.

Food description
nogari – pollack fish
ohdoleppyuh – soft bone cartilage in pork
altang soup – fish egg (pollock spawn) soup
golbaengi – conch mixed with vegetables

Other famous parodies by Kim Shin Young in recent memory include changing Wonder Girls So Hot to So Cold and Lee Hyori’s U-Go-Girl to U-Do-Girl.


16 thoughts on “Kim Shin Young Parodies Nobody with Nogari

  1. this is the funniest thing ive ever seen!!!!!!!
    i like the video and the crowed cheering for her,hillarious.
    thanks for sharing this vid,i just loove wg song nogari even more,lol

  2. hahaha!!! this is so funny! thank you for subbing coolsmurf! kinda making me hungry…. love the parody though!!! Kim Shin Young is so cool…. she sang a bit at the mkmf, she rocks! yeah… wonder girls no.2 fan… no.1 is heechul!!! no one can beat heechul oppa, he even got nobody for his ringtone! i like the so hot version too, so cold…

    If anyone’s seen the we got married eps with Yeeun and Yoobin unnies they also did a short little parody of their own Nobody song to Nogari.
    Something about I don’t want other side dishes not even chicken or something.
    Kim ShinYoung is HILARIOUS!
    I love her so much!!
    thanks coolsmurf
    AFter all the hate it’s nice to see a comic relief.

  4. kim shin young is funny! i was waiting for her to do a parody of Nobody!… she’s singing about food…i bet Ye Eun’s happy about that! lol

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