DBSK, Wonder Girls, Rain to Add More Glitter to 29th Blue Dragon Film Awards

The night of the Blue Dragon Film Awards promises to be a glittering affair! The 29th Blue Dragon Film Awards (Live via KBS2TV) will be aired on 20th November, 7.25PM (KST) and is held at the KBS Hall in Yeouido, Seoul. It promises to be full of attractions with plenty of stars expected.

Wonder Girls Will Perform at the 29th Blue Dragon Awards

Besides all the stars from the Korean movie industry in attendance, popular singers like DBSK, Wonder Girls and Rain will also lend their presence.

DBSK currently flying to and fro between Japan and Korea for promotions will be the opening act on the night of the 29th Blue Dragon Film Awards. They will link up with 50 KBS dancers and perform their current hit single Mirotic.

The Wonder Girls will then appear with their entrance expected to be the foundation for the nervousness and tension that comes with the awards presentation. They have also prepared a secret weapon for the actors. Besides performing their current hit single Nobody, they will also be performing the song Ulleungdo Twist from Soo Ae’s movie Someone Dear Is Far Away. Since being confirmed as performers, the Wonder Girls have been rehearsing hard and making sure everything is in place for an exciting performance.

Top star Rain will also give an exciting performance which will push the climax of the awards ceremony to it’s highest. Besides presenting his usual extra grand stage, Rain’s performance will last for around 7 minutes and is placed just before the Best Actor/Best Actress/Best Movie are announced.

For those who have KBS World channel, the 29th Blue Dragon Film Awards will be shown live direct via satellite. Part 1 starts from 6.25 – 7.35pm while part 2 will follow from 7.35pm – 9pm. The times shown are Singapore time. Check your local listings for exact time. No subtitles as it’s shown live.


30 thoughts on “DBSK, Wonder Girls, Rain to Add More Glitter to 29th Blue Dragon Film Awards

  1. i have kbsworld, but i still can’t watch it live… huh! so disappointed, i’m so looking forward to this? whats their secret weapon??? so exciting!

  2. omg yay! i’ll be able to watch it 8)
    can’t wait to see the girls performing. and lol i read “secret weapon” as secret party xD still high from their mkmf performance… heehee.

  3. @ wondergirls4ever_94

    OMG!.. same here!..they both have been real adorable lately, the fancams show it all..hehe

  4. i really, really, really want to see some interactions between Wonder Girls and DBSK! especially Sunye unnie and Micky oppa!

  5. Aigoo I dont have KBSTV2! D: Does anyone knw if I can watch this online? ;D Thanks!

    Ah, WonderShinki fighting! ::::D

  6. *crossing fingers* Please, please, please let YeEun be fully rested so she can shine on stage like we all know she’s capable of doing! YeEun, don’t be intimidated by the audience of actors! They’re just as in awe of you Wonder Girls!! Fighting!

  7. I check the listing for those living in the West Coast US & I think it says 2:30 in the morning if that’s the case I am so watching it because it’s close to 11 pm right now, meaning I only have a couple of hours til it comes on.
    So gonna watch WG performance I wanna know what’s their secret weapon 😀

  8. Hopefully their performance turns out very well like in MKMF. I won’t hold any high expectations, cuz the last time i didn’t, they TOTALLY BLEW ME AWAY (mkmf!!!!). So i hope all the hard work and practice they’ve been doing pays off. GO WG!!!

    And Bi’s perf. time!?
    Right before best actress/actor/movie!?
    That’s like hardcore spotlight
    But anywho.
    I’m excited to see the Wonder Girls sing something that’s not a WG song cause it’s been a while.

    And I bet Sohee is SO excited to be there!
    Hopefully sometime in the future she’ll be there for acting.

    thanks coolsmurf

  10. @StefflovesWG, thank you for asking. I remember it was shown live last year. so i checked for this year it’s the same arrangement as well. check the post again for times.

  11. WOW!!! i’m still waiting for some wondershinki interactions… i really like dbsk and wonder girls!!! rain oppa too! i’m super excited for today!!! its the MKMF awards!!! can someone please tell me the steps to watch it live on the internet??? i’m still confused… thanks… WONDER GIRLS, DBSK AND RAIN FIGHTING!!!

  12. sweet!!!!
    I remember the girls opening Blue Dragon last year! HAHAHA! They are VIPs in this award ceremony now! I can’t wait to see the secret weapon… lucky boys !! lol

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  14. oh my gosh secret weapon…
    what would that be?!
    its gonna be a huge night!
    korea’s biggest movie stars will be there
    and the 3 biggest performers of korea’s music industry will hit the stage as well!

  15. yey!!..
    so much to see from Wonder girls this coming weeks!!1^__^..
    not to mention their Tango version of Nobody will be seen this weekend.^__^….

    love wg!!

    sohee so cute!!

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