Sun Ye and Jo Kwon To Duet on Inkigayo 500th Episode

Sun Ye and Jo Kwon will be dueting this Sunday for Inkigayo’s 500th episode by singing 2AM’s “This Song”. This will not be their first time dueting having already sang together during the Wonder Girls 2nd fanmeeting back in July. “This Song” is particularly meaningful as Jo Kwon had dedicated it to Sun Ye where they have been through thick and thin as JYP trainees for six years since 2001.

Besides that special stage to look out for if you are a fan of them, “Inkigayo” will be full of special stages that day which are as follows:

  • Eun Ji Won, Heo Yi Jae and Mighty Mouth “I Love You” + “Energy” stage
  • Lee Hyori and Kara “U-Go-Girl” Stage
  • Uhm Junghwa and Big Bang performs Jinusean’s “Tell Me” + “D.I.S.C.O”
  • So Nyeo Shi Dae (w/o YoonA) performs Shinhwa’s “T.O.P”
  • Seung Ri (Big Bang), Shin Dong and Sung Min (Super Junior), Tae Min (Shinee) and Jo Kwon (2AM) will team up and become Wonder Boys by performing “Girls Generation” and “So Hot” special stage
  • V.O.S & Jewelry will do a Tutu, Roora, Space A medley
  • DJ Koo & Hwang Bo Stage
  • Super Junior Happy Goodbye Stage
  • DBSK’s 4th album teaser video will be shown

    2PM will also make their debut on “Inkigayo”. Program starts at 3.10pm (KST) this Sunday, 7th September. Stream it live with TVAnts. Choose from SBS CJB, CBJ SBS or KNN SBS. Recommendation – Choose one with high quality.

    credit: Soy@Soompi

  • 62 thoughts on “Sun Ye and Jo Kwon To Duet on Inkigayo 500th Episode

    1. @TVXQ Suju SNSD Lover~
      i think its ok if you talk about TVXQ… its just snsd is sometimes a topic that is sensitive, you know what i mean… i’m such a BIG fan of TVXQ, i don’t think its wrong if you talk about them, its just safer not to bring up snsd… i like them too, but i think when you are on a wonder girls website unless its about snsd.. please keep of the sensitive topics… i don’t want you or any1 getting hurt by those bashing… hope you understand… : )

    2. @wondergirls4ever_94:
      Oh no, I know Wonderfuls are nice! 🙂
      I tried to say that WG fans talk about WG in TVXQ fansites too but we don’t get mad cause we don’t care if people talk about other artists in our blogs. So I talked about TVXQ Suju and SNSD here because I thought you wouldn’t mind, just like us ,but some of you got mad.
      I’m used to see people writing about other groups in our TVXQ blogs so I thought that here would be the same. I didn’t know you would react like this. Sorry….
      Cassiopeia and Wonderfuls have different minds…

    3. @TVXQ Suju SNSD Lover~
      what do you mean wonderfuls always keep bringing up wg stuff??? i’m a huge fan of dbsk myself, and i don’t think wonderfuls would actually bash dbsk… or compare them to wg… can u please explain so there is no misunderstanding beetween us…thanks… wonderfuls are nice people, i’m sure all fans from different fanclubs are nice… so i hope u can make friends with us wonderfuls, just don’t bring up a topic that is sensitive… sorry if any of my words are making you feel bad…

    4. Wow I’m so proud of JoYe they’re both so beautiful!
      & their harmonization was wonderful!

      Jyp Family = what You see is what you get.
      twist two fingers to represent our JYP Family
      cause they’re tight always have been & always will be.

      JoKwon We love you! SunYe We love you!

    5. I will not do this anymore. How could I do this again after your reactions? I’m not here to piss anyone off.
      It’s just that on TVXQ blogs, there are a lot of Wonderfuls that keep bringing up WG stuff but we don’t care.
      Cassiopeia welcomes everyone so I’m used to it and I thought here would be the same. But if you guys get mad just tell me and I won’t do this anymore ^^
      I’m sorry, really… 😦

    6. leader min was freaking gorgeous!!!

      no cheers for SNSD? i totally understand the crowd!
      people were upset because SNSD LYPSINCED!!! it sucks!!! i know they can’t dance and sing in the same time because they’re untalented but still…it’s a shame!
      all the others perfs were live and that’s what people wants to see! this stage wasn’t “special” at all!

    7. hihi i’m so happy that i watched all the show live !
      sunye and jokwon duet was so beauiful ❤
      and wonderboy were soo funny xD

    8. im so glad i stayed up for this!!!! i really enjoyed watching this!!! ❤ haha.. the wonderboys was just awesome, despite a few of them looking kind of ehhh……

    9. I really hope that you (Alvin, I mean) would post this up in your youtube and I really hope that I would get the raw files. The performances are just so amazing

    10. Wonder Boys were hilarious!
      All of the performances have so far been amazing, especially the duet and 2PM’s debut. ^_^

    11. wow it was a beautiful performance*-*
      The both of them have amazing voice<3
      love this peformance and also this couple^^
      great job YeKwon=)

    12. @dooberap, SBS CBJ is the channel name. It’s still showing the Working Mum drama. Inkigayo is the program name so it won’t show up as the channel name.

    13. wonder boys??? how exciting!!! @ TVXQ Suju SNSD Lover~
      you are always welcome to visit this site and to like the wonder girls… its just sometimes it gets sensitive when somebody talks about snsd or any other band on a wonder girls website… if you are on a wonder girls website, you should respect their fans by not preventing any problems… i really appreciate that you like the wonder girls and i hope you do continue… i’m a wonderful and i hope you will be a good snsd fan and continue supporting them, i’m sure they really appreciate great support from fans like you… WONDER GIRLS AND TO EVERYONE WHO IS GOING TO DO A GREAT PERFORMANCE FIGHTING!!!!

    14. OMG WONDER BOYS!?!?!??! that is going to be the best thing EVER!!!! XD cannot wait!!!

      and gosh… ‘T.O.P.’ for soshi??? that’s gonna be odd… well i guess SES performed it back in the day…

      and why is hyori always paired with kara??? hyori’s not even dsp anymore >_<

      thanks for the news!

    15. its a bit embarrasing question but , could we have a public : Msn / Yahoo / QQ / ICQ of wondergirls members , if no i understand , they have too many fans if every one tell them that i dont think they ll be enough space 😉

    16. To Wg fans and SNSD antis:
      I’m sorry, really SORRY for talking about SNSD Suju and TVXQ.
      I thought SM Family fans could like WG too. But if I can’t then I’ll leave. Sorry. I didn’t want to offend anyone. I can’t wait to see Sunye and Jo kwon duet either. ^^
      I thought the people here wil understand that.

    17. OK..Can’t wait to see them performing “So Hot” esp wif SeungRi, ShinDong, SungMin!!! Love them!!! Haha..

    18. WONDER BOYS??! I am so gonna watch. And Sunye x Jo Kwon duet I am also anticipating 😀 They’re gonna sing This Song?? Aww it’s gonna be so sweet ^_______^
      There should have also been WonderDay special stage. That would make my day…maybe week lol.

      AND OMG DBSK ALBUM TEASER??????????!!! 8D

    19. who’s going to rap yoobin’s part from the wonder boys??hehe. maybe change the lyrics to; all the girls be loving me,all the boys will be hating me,they will never stop cause they know im so hot hot.

      im so anticipating it.

    20. YESSS…WONDER DAY!! I can’t wait for this. too bad not all the girls are going to be there. I can’t wait to see Seungri and Kwonnie perform “So Hot”!

    21. hey! ho! its the WONDERBOYSSS~~!
      ahh cannot wait!
      seungri and sungmin are so cutee and shindongs really funny! when does it air?

    22. kara and Hyori should be good- they’ve colab lots of times before but this is the first time with the new kara.

      Of course wonderboys will be hilarious, I’m no super J fan but Shing don is a very funny guy, and i’m sure seung ri is secretly a wonderful kekke. SNSD are doing a shinhwa song, this should also be good to watch since its and interesting choice of song.
      also anticipating 2PM since they perform very well on stage and i also love their song.

      also are they really called mighty mouse, i thought they were mighty mouth ><! maybe its intentional?

    23. ^ I agree with you like 1,000,000 times over.
      Sungmin~~~~~~~ And Shindong will bring laughs for sure for sure. And Seung Ri, mah~So cute. Wonder Boys will be awesome. Tae Min will do superb~
      Anywho, glad to see someone else adding a new twist or showing their moves to So Hot; Addicting song, dance.. I’m anticipating it =P

    24. WONDERBOYS??!?! OMG!! i can’t wait to see that!!! i absolutely adore seungri of big bang!!! ❤ ❤
      dude.. shindong also? he’s freaking hilarious… sungmin is cute! ❤ and LOL.. jo kwon..maybe he’ll bust out his crazy moves again! can’t wait~!

    25. i like the friendship between sun ye and jo kwon too but they’re leaking it for all it’s worth. also jo kwon is like the l=only name i remember from 2am because he’s like the only one who’s heard from in 2am.

    26. JYPE FAM!!! T.T
      this will be epic, especially knowing the meaning
      the song has for both of them… We will finally see
      SunYE!! Its been forever!

    27. Heard that the spêcial stage with taeyeon and gunmo is cancelled, and that there will be a special stage called WONDERBOYS YAY!!! with some super junior menbers and 2am menbers!! not sure though!

    28. omg*-*
      Minnie+ Kwonnie(xD) special stage?:O
      i can’t waiit…
      i should wake up at 8am(in hungary..) but it’s really nothing, i do it for these guys<3

      the other special stages are also so exciting;)
      especially U-go-girl with Kara^^
      can’t waitt~

    29. Awww that’s so cute!
      I love it when they pair up.
      Thats exciting!
      All the special stages sound really HOT.
      Haha whooo

      thanks coolsmurf

    30. OMG! TVXQ teaser video! *heart attack* o_O
      SNSD!!! >_< Can’t wait to see them again! missed them so much…:(
      Suju!!!….goodbye? 😦 *cries* *CRIES* *CRIES A LOT*
      Sorry, this is a WG fansite and i’m taliing about others…^^
      Sunye and Jo kwon? Anticipating…..

    31. yay! omg! their first televised & official duet together! ah! i cant wait! and i cant wait for the other special stages too! especially Lee Hyori’s & Kara’s U Go Girl SS! ah! nicole did the U go girl dance so well on Super Junior’s Idol Show!

      oh and i cant wait for 2 PM’s debut too!

    32. This is a special day that Sun Ye and Jo Kwon will having sang together.
      For me ,wait for a clip only cause can’t recive any stream TV.

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