So Hot Mini-Album Breaks 40k Sales Volume

According to the latest sales figures from Recording Industry Association of Korea (RIAK) for July 2008, “So Hot” sold 41,791 copies (No.8) since it was released on 3rd June with 9,951 shipped. This is some amazing numbers since it was just a mini-album and amidst the declining slump of the music industry. Wonder Girls first album “Tell Me” remained on the charts as well coming in at No.50 with accumulated sales of 71,830, selling 1,141 copies in July.

credit: BTG@wonderholic


19 thoughts on “So Hot Mini-Album Breaks 40k Sales Volume

  1. wahh..i also one of the So Hot mini album buyers !! last 11 August i went to Seoul for my holiday. i neva really thought dat summer in Seoul quite hot n easily can get sweat compare to my origin place KL, Malaysia. n i quite not in da mood cz sweating a lot but LUCKILY i went to underground shopping mall under da Seoul Express Bus Terminal, under da Shinsagae n JW Marriott hotel (i dun know da place name, someone??) n i went to a shop name Synnara Record n bought So Hot mini album & Haru Haru mini album. its really relief my mood n i was quite hepi i bought those 2 albums as I CANNOT find it in Malaysia…T_T

    but da most strange thing is when I was in Seoul, why people there keep staring at me?? is it because my dark skin?? i really shy went I was in da subway though… =(

  2. okay i dont mean to sound mean
    but why are their album sales low?
    im sorry but snsd sold over 100,000 copies
    and yes big bang might be more popular but
    they sold 100,000 in like two weeks
    and tell me didnt get that much
    i just think its so weird
    i would expect wg to sell soo much moree
    im so maddd
    is it because of downloading songs?

  3. thats an amazing accomplishment! Big props to JYP & the Girls for their hard work!!

    and they sold that many copies for a mini album?!


    Go Wonder Girls nothing stands in our way!

    Wonder Girls + WonderFuls

    2008 is ours.

    Wonder Girls FTW!

  4. Woahh that’s actually prettty amazing since it was just a mini album.
    That’s how BADASSS the Wonder Girls are.
    I see them up there with some of the best Korean singers.
    That’s cool.
    Grats to them and hope more exciting things happen in the future!

    thanks coolsmurf

  5. Omgosh this such great news! The album did so well! I hope they’re next album will receive high sales!! 🙂 Go Sun Mi! ❤

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