Sun Ye & Jo Kwon Duet + Wonder Boys @ Inkigayo 500th Episode

The 500th episode of “Inkigayo” this afternoon was pretty good. Their special stages were much better executed than the recent Mnet 20s Choice. In the beginning, MCs Eun Ji Won and Heo Yi Jae pushed out a cake and announced the 500th episode, with all the performers standing behind them. Two singers were invited to come out to say something. Besides Uhm Jung Hwa, guess who was the other? Yes, it was Wonder Girls leader Min Sun Ye, what a honor!

Sun Ye and Jo Kwon – This Song
The leaders of Wonder Girls and 2AM did a good job singing “This Song” which wasn’t too hard really since it was a real slow ballad and something which they were both good with. It was nice to see a small video history at the beginning of Sun Ye and Jo Kwon when they were still kids. Her ponytail and skirt was adorable plus she gave an excellent feminine rendition of “This Song”.

Wonder Boys – Girls Generation + So Hot Special Stage
They started off first with SNSD “Girls Generation” and ended it with Wonder Girls “So Hot”. All of them wore pale pink outfits with the exception of Tae Min (Shinee) who wore a striking pink number. They did relatively good for most, marking down all the specific moves like the real thing. Plus they sang live. Seung Ri like most predicted really did Sun Mi’s part in “So Hot.

Seung Ri – Sun Mi
Sung Min – Sun Ye
Tae Min – So Hee
Jo Kwon – Ye Eun
Shin Dong – Yoo Bin

Would love to review other stages but decide not to to avoid bashing.


45 thoughts on “Sun Ye & Jo Kwon Duet + Wonder Boys @ Inkigayo 500th Episode

  1. i hating wonder boys they’re look same gay there are stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. LOLOLOLOLOLOL SHIN DONGS “All the boys be loving me girls be hating me”

  3. I felt that SunYe was a little wobbly in the beginning of the duet xD. But wow – at the end she totally blew me away with that last note. In fact, I just couldn’t help but play that part over and over again <3.

  4. Sunye eoni and Jo kwon’s duet was fantastic!
    Sunye eoni<3
    3.00 onwards was goosebumps!

    Yay!wonder boys!!!Lol



    Love em’

  5. sun ye sang great and “this song” performance was really good.

    i didn’t finish watching the wonder boys performance, it was so so so gay.

  6. hahahahaha
    <3’d wonder boys xD so funny

    and sunye and jokwon sang in PERFECT HARMONY.
    love them singing together!

    btw, i was trying to watch this on or something and the server was too busy for SBS so i got disconnected several times… i wish i could’ve seen it live too D:

  7. The duet was amazing.. Really well done, they should do an original one together. ❤

    Omg, the Wonderboys were just LOVE.
    SUNGMIN!! So cute and all girly like, I love him as Sun Ye, lol.
    Shindong was funny as usual. His Yoo Bin part was priceless. And it does look like he’s loosing weight. Nonetheless he’s just awesome.
    Taemin didn’t really capture So Hee, but he’s cute too, adding his personal twist~
    Seung Ri.. I’m happy he did Sun Mi’s part =P
    And Jo Kwon’s part where Ye Eun has the hand on her forehead, I snorted a little, haha.
    All in all, a fab performance. Ya~

  8. JoYe Duet was Beautiful I really love those two!
    they had great harmonization and they both looked so adorable hehehe Minnies pony tail ❤
    Wonder Boys So Hot!!
    Kwonnie & SeungRi were so cute! YG&JYP <3!
    Seung Ri as Sun Mi = cuteness
    Kwonnie as Ye Eun = Hot!
    shindong as Yoobin = priceless there are some things money can’t buy but for everything else theres master card lol

    I’m sorry to say I totally skipped them doing Girls generation..
    But LMFAO. JoKwon’s facial expressions are the best. They show he’s really enjoying himself just let loose hahahah.
    Was that really ShinDong!? LOL.
    Seungri was so cute. I love him! He did really well haha.
    I’m not a big fan of Shinee but Taemin did really well too I don’t think he captured Sohee’s cuteness though xD.

  10. Jo and Sun Ye’s duet was so nice…yeah I also think Sun Ye held a lot…though she gave a lot in the end. hehe. Love her look too. ^^

    I wish the Wonder Boys do another performance!!! I love their dances and all!!! Cute butts! Yeah shake your hair guys!!! Yeah, there is RiMi love there. =)

  11. Hahahahha I actually missed it but I’m so glad you posted personal comments and videos/pictures!
    WonderBoys + SNSD? o.O wasn’t expecting that.
    Hahahaha as a huge WonderBang fan I’m ecstatic that Seungri did Sunmi’s part. :DD
    Anywho, SunYe and JoKwon are just TOOOO adorable they need to get married. :PP
    Haha well I must now go watch the videos and then come back again to comment.

    thanks coolsmurf

  12. OMFG IF HEECHUL DID SOHEE’S PART THAT WOULDA BEEN EPIC! Go figure Seungri did sunmi’s xD Bet wonderbangers are happy ahha Jo shoulda done sunye’s ahah.

    OMFG THE DUET WAS SOOOO GOOD! SunYe held back a lot tho =[ But she wore a dress and we like NEVER see that ahha. SO PURDY! The pony tail was soooo cute XD

  13. ROFL @ “striking pink number” XD hahahaha Wonder Boys OWNED this show! =D

    Sunye and Jo kwon of course sounded great, she looked gorgeous. ^^

  14. sunye and jo kwon.. nice:) true friends 😀
    wonder boys… ROFL!!!! :))
    SO COOL!!
    XD… super WOW.
    luvd it!! :))

  15. Oooooooooooooh Lordie
    That was funny Sungmin looked like total girl
    Suengri is so cute
    Shindong really lost some weight his funny he should’ve change the lyric littl bit on Yoobin’s part : Girls be loving me , guys will hating me ……….or something
    That was fun to watch though
    cute !!!

  16. Hara from Kara was dressed just like So Hee (in the joint perf with Hyori) 😀

    Loves the wonder boys and the duet ♥

  17. Wonder Boys were very funny, JoKwon had the best facial expressions lol, and Shindong was super funny as usually- seeing him do Yoobins rap made me laugh.

    The Duet was spectacular! SunYe looked GORGEOUS. Vocally great!

  18. the duet was breathtaking ❤
    i’ve realized how compatible both of them are xD
    the ad-libs by the end of the song were awesome ❤

  19. lol!!! i cracked up so much when i watched WB perf! lol! heechul should’ve been a part of this group! hahah he can perform Sohee’s part better! lol! hahahah that was a nice laugh hahaha

  20. the Sunye and Jokwon duet was amazing*.* i love their performance. they are really fit together.
    just love them more and more<3

    the wonder boys were hilariousxD i was laughing so hard when they performed both songs:D SungMin was soo cute RiMi love^^

  21. the video when they were young -. –
    made me want to cry O_O
    At wonder boys: Holy crap =))
    I started to crak up when the video was playing

  22. OH we need an original duet from Sun Ye and Jo Kwon soon 😉
    Their duets are always ❤

    Sun Ye looks gorgeous and the last note at then end that they both did, omg amazing ❤

    Off to watch Wonder Boys now lol

  23. i actually cried when I watch JoKwon and SunYe’s performance
    i don’t know why, just start crying, I love this song, both of their vocal was beyond amazing. i love that last part.

    then the so hot……… i love SeungRi.
    Jo Kwon was so into it, they were my fave, the way they move their butt = priceless

  24. first, wonder boys was too cute. wonder bang love? seungri did sunmi’s part.

    second, sunye was so good with jo kwon. they were in perfect harmony. sunye was so pretty too..

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