So Hot UCC Video Mania Picking Up Steam

Following the popular response to Lee Jun Ki’s Iljimae inspired “So Hot” UCC video recently, there has been signs that the “So Hot” UCC craze is finally picking up momentum, just like what “Tell Me” did in 2007.

Another video showing a kindergarten teacher performing “So Hot” has also created headlines and prompted many news articles and discussion over it when it was published on the UCC websites.

What’s so special about this? Well, this kindergarten teacher actually strips twice during her performance, to reveal a leopard print t-shirt and then subsequently a pink hot pant, showing her “passionate” dancing.

Then as the song was about to end, the kindergarten teacher was startled by someone knocking on the door as she hurriedly gathered her clothes and turning the camera off as the video ended prematurely.

This little girl appeared quite a few time already and here she is again on Star King. She does a variety of dance moves to warm up herself before she launches into her “So Hot” performance at around 1:04 minutes. Yes, it doesn’t seem right to see a small girl do this, but just watch it for fun.

It took a while longer than “Tell Me” but it seems like the “So Hot” UCC mania is finally catching on with the fans and general public.


19 thoughts on “So Hot UCC Video Mania Picking Up Steam

  1. THe SO HOt vid with scenes from Iljimae were ingenious!!! Thanks for sharing! Lee Jun Ki is HOT HOT HOT!

  2. .. I just realized taht it’s kinda creepy for a kindergarten teacher to be dancing to So Hot in a leopard short and what looks to be little pink soffee shorts.
    I wonder what the parents of her students would think if they saw this video.. xD
    She does dance well surprisingly!

  3. I agree with E, the little girl is kinda creepy -.-
    isn’t she from the breakdancing family?~ (the one that won a few star kings)

  4. the first one was so nice! the second one was kinda awkward:) and the 3rd… SHE’S SO CUTE!! SHE WAS AMAZING. FOR A KID LYK THAT, IT SEEMED inapropiate:) but still… that was AWSSOOMEE!! she’s so good in dancing it!! SO HOT is the new TELL ME. AND HER OUTFIT IS LIKE SO HEE’S!!


  5. LMAO!!! cuteee haha^^

    The song Tell me though it hit Korea like so that macarena hit the US, it’s gonna def. go down in Kpop history, regardless of what happens to WG and if they last, that song is going down in history^^

    I believe So Hot will come close to tell me’s popularity but it will not peek over it. Not with huge tell me fans like me still around LOL..xD kidding haha but it is a great song, ^^

  6. LOL I loved the little girl she reminded me just a bit of Sohee cause of her clothes and her babyfat on her cheeks. xDD Soo cute.
    Although I don’t really think the Tell Me mania has died yet. 🙂
    It just seems like one of those things that won’t die even 20 years from now.
    Haha ahhh I love the WG

    thanks coolsmurf!!

  7. that teacher was pretty hott.. hahah
    the little girl dancing oh man.. hahaha Kang Ho Dong… should have joined in

  8. AHAHAHAH YEA RIGHT someone ‘accidentally’ knocked on the door. everyone knows she just wanted to show off her knockers XD

    and OMFG that little was the CUTEST thing ever. definitely inappropriate but SO CUTE!!!!

    thanks for sharing. these gave me quite a laugh ^^

  9. Lol @ the teacher video! She was really passionate about her dancing… XD

    And about that little girls, I must say she’s a good dancer, but she should stick to other kind of choreography.

  10. Video #1. It was entertaining hahaha nice clips
    Video #2. LMAO it looks kind of fake? haha but she danced well!
    Video #3. OMO sooo cute!!!! Otoke???

  11. … I’m really not into seeing a lil girl doing this with her booty…
    that’s not cute… that’s just AWT !

    the teacher is funny… and she really seems to like a body lol

  12. no comment on the 1st two videos. but the little girl is so cute and adorable. and she is wearing Sohee’s outfit. that’s so cool. a little version of sohee! lol.

  13. Thank alvin, I like little kid dance.

    Now I find d/l Star king full show,
    I think i cut it and watch again.
    I will sent to u for shared
    and i post this in Thai wg site.

    PS: I got it but d/l long time
    I finish i mail to u may me tomorrow

  14. wow. the first two vids i thought were pretty weird…especially the teacher….
    the lil girl was pretty cute.

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