Wonder Girls @ Maybee Turn Up the Volume Radio Program 080706

Wonder Girls on Maybee’s Turn Up the Volume radio program on 6th July hosted by singer/radio dj Maybee. This time, it’s Sun Mi who has disappeared.

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20 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ Maybee Turn Up the Volume Radio Program 080706

  1. SUN MI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    lol… (wish she was there though, but gotta get those good 100%)
    Anyways…they look fresh.. Good to see Sun Ye AND yE eUN … i lOVE Maybee she’s so different… The girls looks like they had fun… yayyyyy

  2. sohee does shine too much these days!?!??!
    maybe it’s because sunmi has gotten sohee bubbled up XD
    miso couple …SOOO CUTE!

  3. sun ye, so hee and ye eun look beautiful^^ they are so adorable!

    where’s sun mi? i miss her…

  4. totally agree, sohee is just radiant these days.. i think she’s growing up! omg i didnt even notice sunmi was gone,i thought girl in the middle was her… i just glanced saw 5 girls and looked at ye eun and sohee, then i’m like reading the writing.. then i’m liek omg sunmi is not there?!?!?

  5. aww so hee is soo cute and pretty and now she is soo bubbly !! but where is sun mi :[
    Wonder girls fighting<3

  6. SOHEE!! YOU’RE SO CUTE^^ I love her now lmao I thought she was a snob before but shes so sweet now =D

    Yoobin looks adorable^^

  7. So Hee so cheerful nowadays, always smile with her chubby face… really like her very very much!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  8. Sohee has been looking happier these days. All of them had been getting prettier, but sohee really shines. 😀

  9. aww sun mi’s workin hard at school =] so proud of her ahha, these girls just keep getting better and better =]

  10. @Joan, probably Sun Mi was mugging at home for exams today. They recorded this on Sunday.

  11. I think she has finals this week or something like that.
    Last week was Sohee so this week is probably Sunmi.

    Sohee seriously just SHINES these days. She looks more beautiful than ever!

  12. I always thought she was realllllyy pretty but I guess it’s good that you think she’s prettier now. xD
    Shes always been and always will be my fav. WG. 😀
    But I’m so completely happy that she’s coming out of her shy shell.

  13. Wahhh SunMi!!..
    Is it just me or does it seem like Sohee just kinda SHINES these days?
    She seems so happy and bubbly in pictures and stuff now!

    thanks coolsmurf!

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