HQ Wonder Girls Pictures Holding their Own Cards

Absolutely no clue or idea what these are for. But who cares, it’s HQ quality.

credit: as tagged


24 thoughts on “HQ Wonder Girls Pictures Holding their Own Cards

  1. hi wonder girls gud day we love you because you are so very cute i love your song……………..i wish your group is happy everyday………gud luck to ur career and more power ………………………… pls reply us your fans………………….. mylene trazares and ericka renosa

  2. i think they’re advertising for their stickers? haha i saw sunmi wearing it at one of their radio shows.

  3. they look gorgeous
    actually every single one of them
    some pics
    doesnt catch how gorgeous they are
    but these doooooo

  4. God I love these girls faces, they just look so natural and NORMAL, their eyes are all so natural looking, ye eun and sohee have beautiful asian eyes^^ sohee looks like shes loosing weight though o.O; not sure if that’s a good thing, shes already so thin lol.

  5. wuuhuuu!!!!!
    Yoobin, Ye-eun, Sun-mi, Sun-Ye hwaiting!!!!!!
    They look gorgeous Sun-mi is very very pretty

  6. LOL@Lux’s comment. radioactive..

    thanks coolsmurf!

  7. ye eun is so cute and adorable ! i’m starting to love her more and more^^ but so hee is still my fav xD

    wonder girls<3!

  8. @__@ they need less bright make up ahah i understand the *so hot* concept means to be flashy but good lord ><

    lol otherwise a very cute article

  9. What radioactive colour is that on Sunmi’s lips >.<
    I so LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the Yeeun one 😀 That’s the smile I love on her! The wrinkles around her mouth are just so adorable and loveable!!! 😀

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