Wonder Girls to battle online gamers on Keroro Fighter

The Wonder Girls, recently signed on as spokespersons for online game “Keroro Fighter” will soon be promoting the game by battling online gamers.

The Wonder Girls will have a live battle with gamers on “Keroro Fighter” which will be broadcasted on a gaming channel on 7th July at 4pm (Korean Standard Time). Gamers who wants to battle the Wonder Girls on “Keroro Fighter” may do so by visiting the website during that period. The Wonder Girls will also do an interview during the program and show their gaming skills at the same time.

The Wonder Girls expressed, “It’s a great chance for us to interact with our fans online through Keroro Fighter. We will do our best to show another side of the Wonder Girls to our fans.”


7 thoughts on “Wonder Girls to battle online gamers on Keroro Fighter

  1. Ahh!.
    This is where I get sad cause I can’t fully understand the korean language even though I’m korean.
    I would totally play all the time just for them.

    Thanks coolsmurf!

    And guys!
    I usually don’t advertise but this’ll be an exception!
    Vote for the Wonder Girls for the MTV Asia Awards!!
    They’re in dead last which surprises me cause I thought they’d at least beat SNSD no offense to them.
    I’ve been voting every 10 minutes for the past like 3 weeks LOL.
    Any major fans wanna vote with me!?


  2. are you serious? they’re like really PLAYING? omg Im gonna get my sis to battle for me LOL! ^^ YAY.. lol

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