Start 2010 with Wonder Girls


It’s another post from me here although I am still surprised people are still coming here in hope of finding updates. It ain’t happening. It’s amazing to see that a search for ‘Wonder Girls’ still turns this site as #1 in the results.

Anyway, the girls like many of you have known aren’t returning with a Korean album in 2010. They are staying put in America and also crossing over to China as well. Hoping that they find success, because otherwise it would be a waste of 2 years, which is a eternity in this industry.

Not going to write much except to fill in people on offers for Wonder Girls merchandise which I chanced upon recently on Ebay. I was searching for fun and then saw something that caught my eye.

2010 Wonder Girls BBQ Chicken Stand Calendar

I don’t usually get fan merchandises. But calendars are useful and worth extra especially with the Wonder Girls plastered all over it plus the delicious chicken.

I thought that would be it until I remembered that the Wonder Girls had a EXR Promotion Style Book out this week. So I PM the seller, yoonageneration and he/she managed to make it available for sale as well. Decent collectible.

EXR Promotion Style Book

I was pretty disappointed when the orders for their concert DVD were cancelled. And with not much chances of seeing the Wonder Girls in Korea in 2010 again, these two merchandises will be of some consolation.

Have a great year ahead, Wonderfuls and Wonder Girls!


29 thoughts on “Start 2010 with Wonder Girls

  1. ouh WG i always waiting the news of u all everytime…… Hope u comeback to performe the best, and november 2011 will come soon, WONDER GIRLS……. U ARE NUMBER 1 GB KPOP FOR ME…..

  2. I come back from time to time when I need to find a picture a specific picture. It also kinda makes ma nostalgic to come back to your blog.

    Love you suprise posts.

  3. Finnally you comeback again, Alvin. I so glad.
    How are you? Long time don’t talk.

    I think may be last reply mail make you upset
    sorry about that. T T

    Still miss our girls and glad to them begin star on
    US very well. ^^

  4. another surprise post!!
    i always come back on this site for nostalgia purposes,
    even though the girls are much closer to me now that they’re in America.
    i really miss them in the Korean market.
    i turned to Kpop because American music wasn’t satisfying me, and it’s sad that my ultimate reason why i even started to like kpop is now in the American industry.
    sorry for the rant, i’ll still support them anyhoo ❀
    Sohee and Sunyeee ❀
    love the new banner!!!

  5. Nice to see an update from coolsmurf!!!! πŸ˜€
    I thought you forgot about the Wonder Girls!
    I miss them so much… I wish JYP could let them release at least 1 single in Korea.
    But I’m looking foward for their english album. I loved the preview of their new english song.

  6. omg coolsmurf!

    im so glad to find you havent completely neglected this site. oh how time flies doesnt it? i remember reading your only post in 2009 and was pretty overwhelmed to hear from you. once again, nostalgia hits and you’re here, in 2010 blogging like the good ole` days.

    but first, remember me? lol. i highly doubt it but i did email you a couple times voicing my concerns about your move to allkpop. oh btw, being that i hardly visit akp, how is it for you over there?

    anyways, im siding with dohdoh above me. with the wonder girls return to korea, hopefully you’ll blog on wonderland once again. a youtube acc may be too much to ask for since copyrighted issues is a pain, but it’d be nice to see you blog here once again. maybe a little play-by-play about your experience when the wonder girls venture over to china, and perhaps singapore!

    oh, did i mention? i had a chance to personally meet wonder girls when they came here and toured with Jonas Brothers. im just rubbing it in, hahah (:

    as for your post about the merchandise, have you ordered off yoonageneration before? i’d like to know if the items are legit and if the seller is trustworthy. i’d love that calender(:

  7. ahhh we don’t expect much but i’ll always be a subscriber! (if for no reason other than nostalgia)

    i miss wg so much it’s crazy!

  8. i bought the BBQ chicken calendar from yoonageneration last week… about to order the style book too. my calendar still hasnt arrived =/ oh well

  9. i dont know why but i`m ecpecting more from the wonder girls coz i miss them soo much…hope after they release their new album they will be no 1 again! yay

  10. I think 2010 will see also the Wonder Girls in Korea,
    as JYP in december talked about 6 months of promotion in the States. Hang on, btw thanks for your blog.

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