Sun Mi leaves the Wonder Girls

Perhaps the writing was on the wall when the Wonder Girls made a return late last year to Korea, where Sun Mi confessed that she had a miserable time in America, crying almost every single day initially.

Although she has since got over that (hopefully), the fact was that she is just only 17 and should really be enjoying a proper education. If maybe, if she was still in Korea now, and not in America, perhaps the decision to leave the Wonder Girls might never have cropped up in the first place.

It might look like JYPE has left the door open for Sun Mi’s return by carefully wording it as if she is just taking a temporary leave of absence as she pursue her studies. But with the replacement in 17 year old Hae Lim also mentioned in this already shocking announcement, you wonder…

The saddest member would probably be So Hee who has a close relationship with Sun Mi and is affectionately known to many as the Miso couple. So Hee experienced heartache when Hyuna left the Wonder Girls back in 2007 and she has to see another of her same-age friend leave the group.

When Hyuna left in mid-2007 and was replaced by Yoo Bin, the Wonder Girls experienced a huge surge of popularity. It remains to be seen whether the new member, Hae Lim can help the Wonder Girls to greater heights again.

Whatever it is, the chemistry forged between Sun Mi and the other members over the past 3 years will have to be built up from scratch again.

JYP Entertainment has announced that Mimi from the Wonder Girls has decided to postpone her musical career to pursue an academic career.

Mimi, the rest of the Wonder Girls members, her family, and JYP Entertainment have collectively decided to postpone her musical career for the time being.

JYP Entertainment said, “Mimi had a truly memorable, once in a lifetime experience while living in the U.S. and touring over 50 cities. We support her decision to pursue an academic career at this time. We will also support Mimi if she chooses to return to singing after her academics are complete. In the meantime, she plans to frequent JYP facilities and continue her dance and vocal classes.”

Mimi will remain with the Wonder Girls in the U.S., continuing with any scheduled performances and activities until the end of February. As of March, she will return to Korea and prepare to focus on her studies. JYP has named 17 year old Lim as the newest member to the quintet. Lim has gone through extensive training at the JYP Academy for three years and is fluent in four languages: English, Korean, Mandarin and Cantonese.

We will surely miss our 4-D girl, but stay strong Wonderfuls!


136 thoughts on “Sun Mi leaves the Wonder Girls

  1. they r bums…terrible when the lead singer is getting married an decide’s to take off for marriage..that is absurb..terrible inconsiderate to the fans an the band,,i hope they never come back BUMS

  2. i hope everybody will just accept HyeRim. she is also talented as the others. she never dreamt of replacing SunMi. WG’s door is still open for SunMi’s return. if you have watched MTv WG, you would not hate JYP anymore. he asked SuMi what was her dream, she said that she wants to be the best in the world. JYP believed in them and said that they will definitely reach US. he kept his promise and helped WG become famous in US though it was very hard and risky because he believed in them he also told SunMi that there are things that must be sacrificed and she will realize them as she goes on the way. i guess she sacrificed being a WG because she also had a promise to her family. see how brave SunMi is? and how understanding JYP is? I hope everybody will continue loving WG because i can feel that sometime in the future, SunMi will return. 🙂

  3. I understand now why sunmi’s leave the wonder girls,. i’m a fan to her and now she’s not in the wonder girls anymore and it’s so sad.. I hope that she will always healthy and doin’ well in her study.. sunmi we really miss you, it’s bad to see hyunA is not in the wonder girls anymore..and now it’s you.. but I just hope that the members of the the wonder girls now Sunyee,Yeeun,Sohee,Yubin and Lim being good in wonder girls.. we love u wonder girls so much.. pls don’t split up anymore.. thank you.. 🙂 raees from malaysia..:-)


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  5. ^ @foreverwonderful your comment makes me really teary. i think wonderfuls just miss the wonder girls so much, and to think of them someday returning to us changed without sun mi, it hurts alot. it’s like waiting for a dog to return home, only to find that it was injured and lost a leg. D: i hope sun mi comes back soon for sure!

  6. i use to be a big fan of this website , i remember the days when the girls made 2008 a year of wonders . This site was the place where all the international wonderfuls gathered and shared the same amount of love towards a fantastic a girl group WONDER GIRLS .

    i don’t know if my comment would be read , since its already a beginning of a new year . But after reading all the thoughtful , sad , touching comments by everyone .. i decided to give an opinion to 🙂

    To me , I’ve always the love the wonder girls . I was a fan since 2007 . It took me a little time to figure out the members since they looked identical . haha . But as time passed on , i fall in love them . Maybe because their songs were so damn catchy , their faces were like dolls , their dancing and stage presence where amazing . BUT mostly , i’m sure for all wonderfuls too , we love the wonder girls purely because of their heart . They aren’t the best singers , or the best dancers , neither do they have the funniest personality . It was their team work and hard working self that shined most . 🙂

    When i read about Sunmi’s withdraw , i cried my heart out . After waiting so patiently for their comeback . It really hurts . It still does actually . While the kpop wave was exploding through out Asia , i only kept my main focus on WG. With so many talented groups debuting , and girl groups taking the scence , i just got more excited to see what WG had in store . Without Sunmi , it almost seemed to me that everything just fallen out of place .

    It hurts to see Sunmi gone , and i don’t think its right to say she was selfish . She has givin up alot of her life by entertaining us , while she was suppose to study and live as a normal teen . I think we all should understand that she is hurt too , but she needs to follow what she thinks is right . As a fan we have to respect her . My sister is a BIG SUNMI fan , but she never gave up on being a wonderful . But she gave her full support to the new member too .
    Sunmi is very talented , and its wrong to say she was nothing to the group. She was indeed the dork that tickled us with laughter , her sexy charisma is charming and her deep husky voice is enough to charm anyone whom hears .

    But now , its Hyerim who takes the role as another WG. Please respect Hyerim too . She is an innocent girl , just doing her very best to win the hearts on many . I’m sure she holds the most difficult position as she is now a member of a famous girl group the WG. She has talent , that is why jyp gave her that spot . She too can be as good as the other members . She never replaced Sunmi . Untill now many fans still love sunmi , and sadly many fans gave up since she left . But come on people , why does all the hate throw on hyerim ? JYP needs to have Hyerim in the WG , because if there wasn’t anyone to fill in for sunmi , it would seem like Wonder Girls can do better off with just 4. no sunmi = its all good . This shows how big Sunmi is as a member 😦

    A wonderful should remain by the WG through thick and thin . So what if people laugh at them in the US ? At least they have the effort to do what most artist can’t do ! They are also opening doors to oher asian artist in the US market . JYP is not the type to work the girls just for money ! can you imagine how much is already spent for them to actually be there ? JYP believes in them . SO SHOULD WE . once a wonderful , always a wonderful 🙂

    Lets all hope that this year would bring happiness to WG . And their comeback would be the biggest success in history ! MIN SUNYE , PARK YEEUN , KIM YOOBIN , AHN SOHEE , SUNMI and HYERIM ! HWAITING ! ^^ WONDER GIRLS WHATING ! WONDERFULLS JJANG ~

  7. We made a fan-vid of nobody.. 5 guys dancing around in public as wonderboys. Hope this reaches the wondergirls T_T

  8. I’m very sad about what happened to Sunmi. Actually, she’s my favorite wonder girl………. She’s very cute and adorable… why did she leave????? we will miss you Sunmi!!!!

  9. Im a WG’s fan and im so sad that sunmi is gone its to hard for me to accept the nem wg member but me miss you a lot sunmi please back to the group for me without you it means no wonder girls your the rythm voice in the group we miss you take care go bless

    ps: please back

  10. Good Day Alvin…How r u…Dont know where to drop a message for u. Just wanna know…why don’t u continue this thread. I think this is the most awesome of WG diary ever. Other than official I REALLY HOPE THAT U CAN STILL CONTINUE. If u are STILL Wonderful la. If NOT…its OK. I’m following u since 2007.Becoz for me..not much news about WG in Allkpop. Its seem obviously too BIASED for other group there. I felt they (Allkpop) are trying too harder (not sincere) to put an articles and advertisements about WG there. Please don’t angry with this message, its just my opinion. TQ…Have a nice day.

  11. i had never thought too much of asian babes…always obsessed with americans and europeans….but i got to admit that i was wrong after taking a look at sun mi.Definitely 1GORGEOUS BABE! and if you think sun mi is one damn hell lot of a gorgeous babe…give me a thumbs up!!!

  12. oh my god, i totally agree with @fivefiveten♥
    no one should be blaming sunmi. it’s up to her whether she wants to leave the group or not.
    good luck wondergirls!


  13. i don’t really care if sunmi is considered useful or not to the group. she is still a part of the wondergirls family.
    i find it hard to accept the fact that they would actually replace her. i think i would be okay with the wondergirls with 4 members only.
    but i’m not a part of the JYP company so, i guess i’ll just have to deal with it.
    Sunmi used to be my favorite member, and i understand that all you mimi fans are heartbroken by the fact that she left the group.
    i absolutely think she is not selfish at all. i support her decision, and i think all of you Mimi fans should too.
    if you were really her fan, you would be happy with whatever decision she makes 🙂

    oh well, i guess we have to open up a spot in our hearts for Hae Lim.
    Welcome to the group 🙂 i hope you will do good in the wondergirls.

    Mimi will always be my favorite 🙂
    Best of luck Sunmi ♥
    And good luck to Hae Lim, and the Wondergirls 🙂
    xoxo ♥

  14. Remember that sunmi is only 17, her parents may be encouraging her to pursue her studies over her musical career. I think it’s a good thing that she is focusing on her studies, because who wants a dumb girl being their childs role model? no one.

  15. Hiks… Hiks… In wonder girls I’m verry like so hee and sun mi… Because they are so cute! T.T please… Sun mi.. Don’t leaves the wonder girls! Sun mi your voice, your face is the best! Huaaaaa I’m so SAD!!!!!

  16. I have already share my thoughts about Sunmi withdral, so upseting at time, but like those who follow Wonder Girls since a long time i can’t deny seeing her pain growing.
    here we can hear the feelings of the girls since

    heartbroken it seems they are still agonised about it.
    Honestly, it’s the worst moment i ever watched since i know Wonder Girls.

  17. It seems like SunMi is slefish, but WE are selfish too.
    We care about WG’s popularity more than its members.
    We are ignoring the fact that she is having a hard time.
    Maybe she is not as strong and confident than the other members, and she can’t withstand the stress. If I was to go to Korea and learn their language and food and lifestyle. I would cry everyday too. By sending WG to U.S is already alot on the girls. But, sending them to China to perform right after their debut in America, thats just way too much. JYP has to atleast have the girls stay at Korea to keep up with their korean fans and rest. I totally understand how hard it is to keep up with a popular group. Yes, SunMi is slefish for ruining the groups smooth road right now, but there is a reason to that. And you guys are ignoring that reason. Sheesh. you wanna kill her? And i’m sure all the other members suppoert Sunmi’s decision.

  18. sun mi, why u leaves this group. your voice is so nice. u make the nobody songs award n popular… dont leave this group please

  19. I hope everyone stays by Wondergirls and keep on supporting them. After all, they are a determined group that really has pure talent.
    Im upset about Sunmi’s departure, but what can we do? It was her choice. Im shocked by the comments on how Sunmi is giving up etc. Sunmi went through so much, I think that as much as Wondergirls is ever so popular, Sunmi and Sohee werent really ready to go to America. They are 17! SEVENTEEN and being away from home for several months, who wouldnt b homesick? I dont blame Sunmi.
    As for the rest of the group, I admire them so much. Standing strong through the departure of two members especially Sohee. I wish that everyone would support Sunmi no matter what and also Wondergirls. Be a true fan!
    Wondergirls will always be the best girl group of Korea, no doubt about that! Cant wait until they come home and make the biggest comback! WONDERGIRLS FTW!!

  20. Wonder girls without Sunmi….Dont know how to express my feeling on this….However, I support the decision she made. Please la, Mr. JYP, don’t stress them (Wonder girls) over to earn the money or achieve higher. I think they join in JYP entertainment is just because they like to sing. They hope people to listen to them. Become famous and money is seem like the bonus for them in the life of an artist. I wish Mimi all the best. Best wish and regards to you. We gonna miss you.

  21. Its really sad that SunMi is leaving but what saddens me more is fans saying they wont support Wondergirls anymore. Wondergirls is the only girl group i know who have gone through all this hardship and as much as I will miss SunMi, the other members of the group is just as talented. WonderGirls deserves loyal fans, fans that will not walk away from them when one person leaves. I will miss Sunmi sooo much but this was HER decision, no one elses but HERS and i respect her decision. I hope for her comeback one day but until then I want everyone to support Wondergirls,,, and as for Hae Lim, well, I dont exactly FAVOUR her but you gotta give her a chance.

  22. gonna miz sun mi…but really? have anyone saw the ‘nobody’ 60s photo where they all sat on the sofa..u cn find it on their really breaks my heart that they cud actually juz replace sun mi’s position with hae lim..

    not that i have anthng against the new girl but really?

    anyways, all the best 2 sun mi tho…she really did the right the first!!! 🙂 hope to see her soon in the future.

    they cud have jz taken new photos with hae lim rather than replacing it juz like that…it really hurts to see sumone u like so much being replaced. it seem so cruel…

    and good luck 2 hae lim! and we all jz need to move on with the new ‘wonder girls’ (all over again!)…these girls sure let u get all the wonders and the ‘wonder’-ing all the time,dont they?

  23. so devastated, sun mi was not selfish, she really did it for good….. imagine a celebrity that has good voice and looks, without proper education? 😮 rumor would be spreading so sunmi is NOT selfish

  24. I’m glad to see people are slightly more understanding than the folks over at allkpop. You wouldn’t belive how ruthlessly evil people can be. People are baching Hae Lim for her physical appearance, her nationality, any excuse they can think of. The big question here is:

    Will you still continue to give the Wonder Girls your full support?

    Face it: you can’t reverse time, guys. What’s done is done. Why can’t we all simply respect Sunmi’s decision (there’s a new word: RESPECT) and welcome Hae Lim as part of the Wonderful family we are with loving, open arms…?

    Or not, that is, if you let your immaturity and ignorance consume the better side of you.

    I can’t even imagine what Hae Lim must be going through emotionally right now…. oh, what a cruel world….

  25. i think right now, HyunA is very, very happy she is in 4minute and not WG…

    i think maybe JYP is pushing the girls a bit too hard. WG won’t be the same without sunmi, but i don’t blame her at all.

  26. havent quite adapt to the new girl.
    It felt odd looking at new pictures of WG.
    they look uncomfortable.
    I miss sunmi. :/

  27. well she could just study on America if she want.. but I guess it’s not the only reason, she probably miss her family.. I hope she’ll return..=((

  28. i will totally miss sun mi.. i love her.. no more Miso couple anymore.. poor so hee.. it’s fine if sun mi leaves for her studies.. it is acceptable.. but the fact that she will be replaced is totally unacceptable for me.. I’m gonna miss sun mi.. i hope she return.. When sun mi will not perform with WG it will be totally boring..Damn It!!

  29. I agree with u
    ”Wondergirls are wondergirls,because of SUNMI,SUNYE,SOHEE,YEEUN AND YOOBIN..
    Not less, not more……..”


  30. I wonder one fan girls in Indonesia I was immediately saddened that I know that sun mi away wonder girls, I wonder when the girls are perfect, but where else would like education are also important. I can only hope wonder girls wishing to go forward and succeed is always, and I hope that sin mi could rejoin the wonder girls.

  31. i miss you coolsmurf ㅠ.ㅠ still check here when i’m bored. i feel so bad for sohee this is so bad. thanks for updating, i was heartbroken when you stopped posting and at least you post once a year.

  32. MIMI forever…….
    Wondergirls are wondergirls,because of SUNMI,SUNYE,SOHEE,YEEUN AND YOOBIN..
    Not less, not more……..

  33. Are they ever going to go back to korea? I’m so sick and tired of waiting. I miss them.
    Before their debut in america I had my favorite wonder girl and I was always defending her, saying “she’s the best, I love her the most…”
    but now I really miss all of them I realised that I actually loved them all^^ I love the Wonder Girls not just one member of the group,all of them are so different and I love that

    I miss my charismatic and classy sun ye
    I miss my kind-hearted and talented ye eun
    I miss my cute, quiet and funny so hee
    I miss my sexy power rapper yoo bin

    and I miss my weird and beautiful sun mi

    I want them back in korea even if sun mi isn’t a part of the group anymore I know she’ll be back as a wg I can’t even imagine her in another group It’s not like hyuna,sun mi has been a wg for 3 years she’ll comeback in the group later but for now I really think it would be wise to bring them back to korea

  34. @ ureshi

    Don’t bleam Sun mi or anyone, please.
    I and you dont’ know the true what happening
    Just only JYPE , Wonder Girls right?

  35. I am Wonderful about 2 years and a half.
    I watch them so long , my feel they very
    sincerly and more….[can’t explain by word].

    This time Sun Ye Ye Eun So Hee and Yu Bin
    meet Fancafe and anwser by themsles.
    I love them i will truth them
    but ……

    For me some anwser no clear

    Why private meeting only 10 fan union
    to talk?

    Why can’t press conference with media ?
    JYPE announce on websit which public.
    Everyone know about this news, right.

    Why SunMi don’t talk by herself?
    I know she will cry , sad but i don’t think
    she will change her mind after decide long time
    and JYPE can give VDO message form Sun Mi
    to us right ?

    I want to know How about SunMi, she fine, happy
    ,ill or else?

    I waiting to watch Wonder Girls untill Sun Mi finished job

    I will support them by buy CD or else
    but i can’t watch vdo which whitout Sun Mi,
    coz wonder girls not the same.

    May be time can help ,i don’t know how long.

    I don’t feel anything on lim just only feel
    Sun Ye Ye Eun SunMiJang So Hee YuBin.

    I will always love all of them.

    PS: I sure if SunMi come back again
    may be solo or with other group.

  36. @ ureshi;

    you blame sunmi.
    You dont know what sunmi’ s fellings are, when she decided to leave or forced to leave.
    Even it is not very clear that why she has left.
    Blaming sunmi like this does not gain anything to wondergirls but looses so much things.
    Take this as an advice , if u really like wondergirls!!!

  37. Just read a part of the resume of the meeting of Wonder Girls with koreans wonderfuls, and i want to share my thoughts again.

    I can’t get of of my mind that the withdral is so wrong, since Sunmi debuted with Wonder Girls it’s like she has abandoned a normal life how can she just comeback to it now that Wonder Girls have all this fame and begin to be worldwide recognised and she abandoned the group at this point, just feel that she will be blame for this later, and surely regret it.

    This move seems so childish, what about all the contracts and trust Wonder Girls has gained, cause Hae Lim can’t just adjust with all songs just like that, and all people and company who help Wonder Girls to advance and give their trust to the girls, i just feel that the withdral will stab Jyp Ent and Wonder Girls credibility and somehow will decrease chance of Wonder Girls in the future

    Wonder Girls are full of charms, five charms, i really like Sunmi voice, she has so much potential that why i’m irritaded toward this affair, but out the stage Sunmi was looking the less profesionnal of the girls and the more strange so i guess it was meant to be even if i will really miss her badly.

    Now that things are over, i wish Hae Lim all the best because beginning like is nothing like easy and as a fan i welcome and thank her for keeping the Wonder Girls dream alive.

  38. No 😦 , I am gonna cry 😦 But I wont be selfish, Good luck with all you do Sun Mi, You were my favorite wonder girl

  39. @vhvh;

    I am sorry;

    But i agree with u.In my opinon jyp is responsible from this situation. he thinks he can replace sunmi without an explanation so quickly.

  40. To DiY_MaN

    I agree with u,

    I personally think its the companies fault, all they care about is how to make more profit and money and not thinking about their artist want.( Sunmiforever)

    I’m seriously starting to question and be suspicious about jype. Good luck on studying but having a new member is NOT working for me.

    without mimi,wondergirls will never be the same.

  41. I don’t understand, Why many fan accept her decide?
    or Why many fan don’t let her go?

    My Point is Wonder girls, Sun Ye , Ye Eun, Sun Mi, So Hee
    , Yu Bin dont’ talk to us or public by themself untill now.

    Evey news come from JYPE. What happen behide, i don’t
    know and eveyone too right?

    @ ureshi

    Please don’t blame Sun Mi, All of us don’t know the
    true stroy behinde.

  42. Sunmi withdrall is so wrong, it’s just something that damaged Wonder Girls work to advance in the US market so much, i’m just upset everything is like a big mess now.
    I’m so disapointed by her because this action has a so big impact,
    first Sista have lost a member whereas they were suppose to debut soon, and i imagine that both album song of Wonder Girls and Sista will have to be remake.
    I wonder how Sunmi feel to have put so much stress on the new member who have to handle with all the work she will have to accomplish to perform all the songs, it’s just crazy, and the other Wonder Girls who have waited like a year to debut with an album
    in the US and now everything seems cancel.
    From my point of view, i just can’t understand how Sunmi can just let this go, after all she has shared with Wonder Girls.

  43. Dang I am in shock…

    I miss Sun Mi already… I didn’t know that I will be this sad to hear such news. I cant understand why she can’t have proper education in America if that is really the problem.

    I remember Sun Mi as the girl who wanted to be the best singer in the world. I believed she was fully aware that to be the best, she and the group as a whole, would need to give up a lot (that included normalcy). Maybe reality sent in when they had to stay in the US for a long time and be away from family, friends and things familiar.

    My heart feels heavy… it does seems TO ME that she is giving up her dream. I hope someday she will pursue it again. Quitting something so important, choosing the easy way out when you are having a hard time can make you a quitter your whole life.

    I wish Sun Mi the best. She was a pleasure to watch and listen to. A real asset to the Wonder Girls and will be such a huge loss.

    I also wish the best to the rest of the Wonder Girls. Be strong!!!

  44. I dont want here to discuss who is popular here!!!!!I love all of them.when i heart the news about sun mi, i am very dissapointed.
    Please sun mi rest and think it again.
    You are a member of wondergirls.

  45. search the forums ”Who’s your favorite Wonder Girl member”

    there will be two outstandings..

    sun mi and yubin

  46. to me;

    You are lying as u know
    are u an employee of jype company?????
    Or dont like sunmi?????

    I dont know who is popular in Korea,
    but asia sun mi is the most popular girl, read the comments here , or go to other forums and read !!!
    U can be sure that if anyother girl leaves from the group, there wont be so much resistance like now..
    anyway I am not like a man like ”me” or ”wg”
    I dont want anyone to leave ,i will miss u sun mi!!!

    The wondergirls in my heart will always be SUNMI,SUNYE,SOHEE,YEEUN AND YOOBIN..

  47. This time many news, i don’t know true or not.
    JYPE just annouce on website no press conference
    and don’t answer question by themself.

    I will truth when Sun Mi tell us by herself.
    I know Sun Mi will be plain and much more cry.
    But this way will be stop rumor or anything worse.

    If she want to leave ,go to school and normal life
    with family . I will accept, i want her happy all time.
    I think all of us (Wonderful) same feel too.

    If she don’t want to leave but forec from some thing.

    I very love Wonder Girls . I just want to know
    true reason.

    Sun Mi don’t give up, I always love and waiting you.
    You are Wonder Girls forever.

  48. @wg
    Honestly speaking Sunmi is the least important one in the group. Yes, she is talented but she isn’t just as charismatic as the others are. She doesn’t has that presence.
    Sohee is really popular in korea. She is the most popular one.
    And Yubin, wg wouldn’t be able to debut in the Us if she’s not in the group. She’s really popular internationally. She has the best lives. She never messed up her parts. She’s the most stable of them all. She can sing, rap and dance well. She’s the reason why wg are so different from other groups.

    So, if you’re truly a wondergirls fan you would know this. All five of them are important part of the group.
    Sunmi, Sunye, Yoobin, Yeeun and Sohee

  49. i miss Wunmi… when i first discovered WG (and kpop) she was my favorite. it’s disappointing that she wanted to leave the group.
    i know some might disagree with me but i really felt she gave up. is this the same girl on their documentary who cried and said ‘my wish is to be the best singer in the world’ and stayed up all night to practice her singing? sure she cried every night, but becoming a star- isn’t that what you signed up for? i guess wanting to be a normal kid again would be reasonable, but all together it doesnt make sense to me. maybe i’m just thinking this way because i miss her so much already…i’ll support her, WG, and now Lim.
    but my heart truly breaks for Sohee. i totally was a supporter of Sohee+Hyunah, and when Hyunah left- Sohee became distant and quiet, the Sohee we know now. but now Sunmi’s gone. i just hope things don’t get worse.

  50. Sad.Perhaps the new girl will be better than sunmi..
    But the wondergirls in my heart will always be SUNMI,SUNYE,SOHEE,YEEUN AND YOOBIN..

  51. whem i hear i was so sad.
    but i belive that is not end .
    she just only rest.
    i hope Sun Mi come back WG.
    i will miss Sun Mi

  52. @wg

    get out of here!
    you’re not a true wonderful if you think that way (and for your information here’s the classment of the most popular females idols in korea : 1_Taeyeon (SNSD) 2_ YoonAh (SNSD) 3_SO HEE (WONDER GIRLS) !!!!)
    what does that means? that means that So Hee is the one with the most fans in Wonder Girls!!!!! she is the wonder girl who has the biggest fanbase in korea!!! she has more fans than the others, just search her Daum and Naver fancafes! you’ll soon realize that if so hee leaves the WG the group wouldn’t stand a chance against girlgroups like SNSD, 2ne1….

    if So Hee wasn’t in WG the group wouldn’t be so popular! it’s only a fact! so stop bashing her if you don’t want her to really leave the WG!!
    plus she doesn’t have a bad voice, her voice is soft and cute. It’s thanks to her voice and her cute “omona” that “tell me” became such a hit and the WG became extremely popular! she’s an important part of the group whether you want it or not!

  53. As u can understand from my post if sohee and yoobin leaves the group ,there will be a few damage.
    But Sun mi is the person who will give the huge damage to group.

  54. I will describe the group as follows:

    Sun ye: Beatiful voice, and great dancer.

    Ye un: Beatiful voice, can perform without a group.

    Yubin: ….

    Sohee:bad voice, good look , fans aged 2-10 years old

    Sun Mi:good look,beatiful voice, so cute, most fans

  55. I am agree with ”always sun mi”.
    ”the heart and beauty of the group” that is exactly like my thought adding her beautiful voice.
    Every wg. fans like sun mi. but now they are without her.
    Their job is very diffucult now, in my opinion nothing will be the same.

  56. Sun Mi is the heart and beauty of the group. I think she has more fans than the others . I am also her fan too.
    I will always support her desicions.

    JYP has a big responsiblity about this situation. He did not give a support to Sun Mi. He thinks if Sun Mi leaves, he will find a better one.But this time wrong person jyp.

    I wont support wg, I will always support Sun Mi…

  57. Sun Mi is not selfish! She made a good decision i will miss her a lot but she needs to do something more important so she can have a better education and she is still taking dance and singing lessons so thats good. Well hope you come back!


  58. OMG… not again… I can’t imagine how Sohee feels… she must be sad. First Hyuna, now it’s Sunmi. I agree about the part that the idea of leaving the group if they’re still in Korea.

  59. Since i know Wonder Girls i share the dream with many to see them succesful in whatever they try, about US market i was hoping to see them reach a new level and some member to show their real skills, but now with Sunmi leaving, it just seems everything is broken.

    But i can’t deny that i don’t see this coming, there were many signs.

    I just can understand how koreans fans must feel, to see the korean little sisters broken appart because of JYP Ent greed for US market.

    First J Lim, G Soul, Min and now Sunmi, they all loose much to have tried.

  60. Pingback: Neko Studios Animation » Sun Mi, dejará Wonder Girls?!?

  61. whatever happens i will always be a WG supporter since their debut in 2007 i have stuck with them through the thick and thin. and i am not ready to give up on them. the girls saw this coming and are prepared and strong hearted. sunmi has a made decision that is best for her life. i think that is the best decision anyone can make. a hope for a better future.

    and i would hope that wonderfuls would learn a lesson from when hyunah left and yoobin came in. we need to be welcoming and pick at the flaws of haelim but be supportive just as the rest of the girls will be. that is the only way WG will continue to skyrocket high. don’t give up hope Wonderfuls. stay strong! WG for life.

  62. a rightfully deserved post.

    this news is MOST DEFINITELY devastating. when i read articles, my heart literally dropped. i feel so stupid for being completely oblivious to the fact that sunmi didnt have a wonderful time touring the states. she always had a smile on and rarely ever showed any signs of depression or hardship. being so young, she has much, much to learn and yet, she knows so much: to never let people worry or find her a burden. shes strong and incredibly willing.

    honestly, i do not believe sunmi is selfish. she had to endure adversity for a long time and it would’ve been selfish on the rest of the wondergirls and jyp management’s part if they continued to legally force her to do promotions. like i said earlier, she is a YOUNG girl. in the midst of her youth, she wants to do what many take for granted. she wants to live a normal life. of course, she knows what she is giving up – the life of luxury and fame is hard to come by. however, many artists from around the world stated they have always wanted to live a normal childhood. stars mentioned how they are the building blocks and if you lack such, the future, although may not seem bleak in turns of revenue and profit, will feel as if youre missing something exceptionally important (a common childhood).

    sigh, if only i knew… i would’ve worked extra hard on gifts for them and specifically her (post is about her) when i went to go see them personally. i only worked on a gift for one member due to time constraints… so stupid. if only ):

    more sigh. news hurts. i know it may sound lame or pathetic or even pitiful to seem as if the news of a group across the world affects me to new levels but i dont know. theres just something about them that touched me. anyways, i will support the wonder girls even more so now and will always cherish the memories sunmi, second youngest member of the (IMO) most dominant girl group in recent times, has made for me.

    i will support lim because i know shes filling in some REALLY big shoes. a crazy bittersweet moment for her. wonder girls, please accept her warmly but never forget your roots with sunmi and hyunAh.

    best of luck loveeeeees

  63. So Hee is young too but she stays strong and endures all the difficulties for us.

    I’ve always remained faithful to Wonder Girls! I didn’t care about all the other girls group because the Wonder Girls are different. They worked hard to become the best girl group in Korea, during Irony’s promotion they didn’t have many fans, during tell me promotion many korean citizens thought the girls couldn’t sing, that they weren’t pretty enough……It was hard for them but they proved all the antis wrong, they overcame the obstacles to become successful (unlike some other girlbands who became popular thanks to their very famous sunbaes!!)
    The WG are hardworking, brave and courageous that’s why I love them and that’s why I’m so disappointed by sun mi I understand that she wasn’t feeling well in america but still…she just gave up on her dream, on our dream and in WG’s dream

  64. @miso
    I felt betrayed by SunMi’s decision too.
    she’s so selfish leaving the group just for her personal issue.
    I worried more about other girls and Lim.
    how they can handle with this situation

    but soon I realised SunMi’s only young girl and need family by her side at this time.
    It’s not use to force her to pretend enjoy to the thing she do not like. I hope she will not regret her decision. good luck SunMi in everything she do

    all the best to SunMi, WG and Lim

  65. Will the album stay the same? Or are they going to drop it? Hope not! I’ve been waiting for it to hear new songs!

  66. I am still crying from the moment I read this news, there’s many what if, I also came to the point if They are not in America this wouldn’t be happening because Sunmi’s really missed Korea, for a girl of her age it must be hard. I dont have any idea how painful it is for Sohee, first was Hyun A, now its her Sunmi. Though I really support her for a tough decision, i can’t stop being sad. I dont want her to be replaced, i hope she come back soon…i hope she change her mind… I love you Sunmi!

  67. I don’t want her to leave!!! the WG will not be the WG anymore without her. They’re like a family, aren’t they?

    what’s going to happen to the WGs now? EVEN IF THEY DO SUCCESS IN AMERICA IT WILL STILL LOOK LIKE A FAILURE BECAUSE OF SUN MI’S ABSENCE AND WHEN THEY DO COMEBACK IN KOREA we can’t even imagine how korean wonderfuls will react to the new member! The other members will have to work even harder because of her decision. They will have to start everything from the beginning again!

    I’ve given up all hope of WG ever making a successful comeback in Korea now!
    as a wonderful I feel like sun mi betrayed my trust but I’ll definitely miss her….loye you sun mi

  68. sun mi just broke my heart! as a wonderful I did my best to support her since their debut so I’m really disappointed to see that she just gave up! because that’s what she is doing : giving up! she just wants to have a normal life I can understand that but that’s pretty selfish of her.

    “hey guys I wanted to be a world star but guess what? I changed my mind and now I just want to study so I’m going to leave the Wonder Girls but I might be back later. Thanks for everything!”

    WTF!!! imagine if tomorrow sunye,ye eun, so hee or yoobin decides to leave the WG too! we don’t have any say in the matter and I find that really unfair!

    I’m not blaming JYP because this is Sun Mi’s decision SHE DECIDED TO LEAVE THE WONDER GIRLS and that certainly is what shocked me the most!!!!

    I don’t hate hae lim because she doesn’t have anything to do with sun mi’s departure nor do I blame JYP whose the one who gave her a chance to be an artist I’m just very disappointed by sun mi because she threw everything we worked hard for away!

  69. ‘”I personally think its the companies fault, all they care about is how to make more profit and money and not thinking about their artist want.”
    lol @ SunMiForever
    if JYP think SunMi is a money maker,, do you think he just leave her to return korea just like that??? JYP can file lawsuit to SunMi for breaching the contract.

  70. Come on guys, for those that are blaming SunMi, it really aint her fault. She dont like being abroad, in the past she has been left feeling depressed when she ahd to stay abroad. Shes just a 17 year old girl, debuted so young with SoHee. I guess its what people say, she’s homesick. At such a young age your not with your family for a couple months. I agree with many, why is JYP focusing in breaking into the US now, why cant they just stay in Korea and no one would get upset. There are also news on allkpop that SoHee also isn’t feeling happy aswell. So please show all your support guys to Sun Mi, she will and forever be the original Wonder Girls. The fact that Wonder Girls want to break in to the American Industry is all JYP idea? The girls themself had no idea how long ti would be? then declaring that both Sun Mi and SoHee would drop out of their education.
    I personally think its the companies fault, all they care about is how to make more profit and money and not thinking about their artist want.
    This happen to Rain aswell, when they try breaking into the US. But alot of legal issue appear and they got sued.
    Now that Rain is no longer with JYP Entertainment, JYP is putting what he wanted with Rain on the Wonder Girls. I just feel sorry for them, what does this show you guys? come on, it shows you its just business and that they can just replace anyone they want.

  71. stupid haters. why dont you all just give Hae Lim a chance? clearly you all are just jealous but dont be hating on the new girl just coz your favourite girl chose to leave the group. give Hae Lim a chance to prove that she can do better and bring the Wondergirls to number 1!

  72. @ krysti we didn’t even get an official announcement when hyuna left . I still remember the reactions when it happened and everything was so uncertain. No one knew what was going to happen. I guess it’s kind of the same now except we know right away who the new member is. Unfortunately, I don’t think sunmi will be returning to the wonder girls. In two years time people will forget all this and sunmi with the wonder girls will just be a sweet memory =/

  73. OMG OMG OMG…..damn it hurts…like i know it doesn’t affect me directly..but like damn Sun Mi …going to miss you…damnn man

  74. How can you guys say that she’s selfish for leaving the group? Maybe she has her own reason and even if she’s a celebrity, she’s human. So I don’t think it’s fair for people to say that it’s selfish for her to leave. What if you were put in that situation and others talked about you. Even though I’m going to miss her, I respect her decision and how do you think SHE feels when she knew that JYP’s replacing her with another girl. Do you guys want her to stay in America and have her crying everyday, JUST so she can stay in Wonder Girls to perform for you guys?

  75. The timing could have been better, but it would make sense for SunMi to return in March when the Korean school year starts…

  76. estou muito triste pela saida da Mimi + irei apoiar a Lim
    como apoiei a Yoobin espero que a Mimi volte depois que terminar seus estudos

    Mimi ♥
    I ♥ Mimi

  77. I support Sun Mi, but I wish she hung on just a little more, considering they’re getting close in America. It feels like a betrayal to the Wonderfuls. It’s already sad that they’re not coming out with a Korean album while all these rookies and SNSD taking the Korean scene, but with this news, I don’t even know anymore. I agree with everyone else saying it’s not the issue that she’s leaving temporarily for studies because that’s good for her! But it’s the fact the JYP is replacing her. I don’t think people really have anything against Lim. It’s the fact that the spot she’s filling is supposedly Sun Mi’s temporarily. I don’t think JYP just wanted someone who’s fluent in English and Chinese. I think it’s more than that, and it’s really Sun Mi’s personal choice. I wish Wonder Girls just stayed in Korea…

  78. Speechless that’s all I can really say. Mimi my most favorite member gone.. I’m seriously starting to question and be suspicious about jype. Good luck on studying but having a new member is NOT working for me.

  79. My heart is aching so badly.
    I can’t seem to stop crying, I don’t know why.
    I am forever a Wonderful, but I am not strong enough at the moment to wish Sun Mi well, and to welcome this new girl.
    “Postpone”, I hope, isn’t a subtle was of saying “Quit”.

    I feel so torn apart.

  80. I’d be much more comforted in her leaving rather than have another suicide in the future because she was too depressed to take it all.

    Will be waiting when she comes back~

  81. This story is really sad, and i dont think its sad saying its only temporary, but the fact someone is replacing her, if you go to allkpop and check out the new member. She is just an ugly version of Sohee. They just think they can just replace anyone, at first it was Hyuna that wasn’t much JYP could do since her family thought it was best for her. But now another change. This wont be the same Wonder Girls. If this keeps happening then what is Wonder Girls? they can change anyone want whenever they want?
    Really sad that SunMi might have her place taken by some SoHee wannabe. Some people might not argue with what i’ve said. But its how i feel, well i will carry on supporting Wonder Girls, but i guess it wont be as much seeing how JYP can just replace anyone, but instead i’ll keep on supporting Sun Mi whatever she does. The name say’s it all SunMi Forever. I am her fan forever. Wish you luck in whatever you do SunMi and hope you’ll come back even more popular 😀

  82. I’m still not over this one. 😦 Sun Mi is my favorite Wondergirl, and so as So Hee. T.T I’m crying right now because of Sun Mi.

    // Sun Mi Unnie! Why do you have to leave? I’m going to Miss You! :(( //

  83. I knew you would post about this here….god I’m so shocked.

    I don’t know what to say. I like all of them. Sun Mi leaving feels like the girls are already incomplete. I mean it’s a different thing from Hyuna because she left after a couple of months. SunMi was a Wonder Girl for almost 3 years….

    Gaaaah….good luck Mimi….

  84. i only want you comeback because of DAEBAK news
    I dun wanna belive dun wanna you comeback dun wanna Sunmi will leave … nono

  85. this news came as a shock to most wonderfuls and especially sunmi’s wonderfuls. i wonder what JYPE say when hyuna left the group. was it the same wording too. leaving temporary and being replace by someone else? kinda sadden me that sunmi is leaving for her studies but some what kinda happy for her too. sohee; what’re u going to do now?

    i just realize that the video Lim and the other two trainee was dancing before was to promote Lim for Wonder Girls..,?

    this sucks. my lil’ 6 year niece will not understand if i tell her that her fav. wonder girl mimi will not return until later next year.., she would be asking for mimi.., sad..

  86. Stay strong is easier said than done. Phew. This is gonna be tough. I’m sure all of WG and Hyunah is thinking “no way not again.” Poor WG. I hope this makes them stronger but the reality is that fans won’t be so easily persuaded this time. Not with their fanbase 10x bigger than the first time.

    This coupled with 2PM’s Jaebum’s incident is really going to rock JYPE and their fans’ trust in them. I’m afraid of what will happen in the following weeks.

  87. its really sad to see sunmi leaving wonder girls )): she was one of my fav in the group… but I kinda feel that it was kinda selfish of her to do that..

    Then again… coming from JYP… so I kinda feel that he definitely have his reasons..

  88. As SunMi has always been my least favorite, I’m not that upset to see her go. I only hope that Lim can do a decent job replacing her. Having seen her dancing, she seems a little lethargic compared to the girls she was dancing with, but we can only wait and see. Will it even matter if the girls aren’t actually doing anything new?

  89. What a terrible thing to say, Kia.

    Sun Mi seemed very depressed (maybe she even had health issues), but we all know that she will be much happier back in Korea. This is for the best.

    I support Mimi. I support WG. I support Lim. I support JYP.

  90. Selfish human she is, eh? two years and this brat screws them over during the most intense period of their career?

    Selfish beyond belief.

    I only hope the rest of the members who can take it when things get rough aren’t made to re-record the rest of their album just because of the “new member”.

    SunMi is trash.

  91. omg i’m so sad right now T-T
    i’m going to miss sunmi.
    coolfmurf you are right, if they didnt came to the US this decision would never happened.

    i miss you too coolsmurf.

  92. “If maybe, if she was still in Korea now, and not in America, perhaps the decision to leave the Wonder Girls might never have cropped up in the first place.”

    I thought that same thing, but I didn’t think of the pain Sohee would feel…everything you do really affects the people around you. I’ll miss Sunmi, as I enjoyed her presence in the Wonder Girls, but everyone has to move on sooner or later I guess. :/

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