Wonder Girls @ Kim Jung Eun Chocolate 081105

The Wonder Girls showed an amazing performance this past Wednesday on Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate talkshow as they performed an english song Love You I do from the movie Dreamgirls and the Rainstone version of Nobody.

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Wonder Girls Alcoholic Outing with Park Jin Young Blown Out of Proportion

Some Korean netizens are apparently seeing red over the Wonder Girls talking and laughing during their interview recently on SBS Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate variety as they spoke about their alcoholic outing with Park Jin Young.

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Wonder Girls @ Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate 080709

The Wonder Girls who have been creating “So Hot” mania recently, went on a recording of SBS Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate show which was shown last night. The members’ frankness and humor bought much laughter to the show.

Their segment started with DJ Doc doing “Tell Me” complete with exact outfits as the Wonder Girls and singing it live. Gotta applaud their effort and daring to do this on tv! Wonder Girls stepped in midway through the “Tell Me” and finished off their excellent performance with “So Hot” remix before their interview.

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Sneak Preview of the Wonder Girls @ Kim Jung Eun Chocolate 080709

Official Kim Jung Eun Chocolate pictures which the Wonder Girls recorded last Saturday on 5th July. This episode will be broadcast over SBS television today, 9th July at the unearthly hours of 12.30am (KST).

From the preview pictures, we can assume that the Wonder Girls would be having an interview with the host, Kim Jung Eun and perform “Tell Me” and “So Hot” remix. The Wonder Girls will also teach Kim Jung Eun the V-Line dance.

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