2AM Jo Kwon, With “This Song,” he shows Sun Ye his thankfulness

JYP’s new boy band 2AM’s member, Jo Kwon confessed that he wanted to show his thankfulness towards Wonder Girls Sun Ye who had been with him through thick and thin for 6 years with 2AM’s title song, “This Song.”

Jo Kwon had trained for 7 years now and 6 of those years, he had spent it with Wonder Girls Sun Ye.

The two were recruited into JYP through 2001 Young Talent Program ‘99% Challenge,’ and starting from the moment they became trainees up to Sun Ye’s debut with Wonder Girls, they had spent a long six years together, dripping sweat for the same dream.

They are two friendly competitors and are friends that know each other better than anyone else but after Sun Ye had debuted last year as Wonder Girls’ leader and marked her spot in the Korean music industry as Korea’s top female group, Jo Kwon’s feeling of lonliness would be totally normal. But Jo Kwon did not drop but pulled himself through the end and finally, he was able to become 2AM’s member and have debut right in front of him.

2AM’s title song, “This Song,” is produced and written by Park Jin Young.

The modern and simple beat and mournful lyrics are the main points and the voices that seem to spit out at every word but still strong and soulful is very charming. Also, you could feel and listen to the members’ strong and talented voices, while feeling the long trainee years that they had went through.

2AM’s Jo Kwon replied, “I put all my effort and strenght during the 2567 days into the title song, “This Song.” During our trainee years, she was my one comeptitor and after her debut, she became the tree that I could lean on. I would like to show my thankfulness and my heart through “This Song.”

On the other hand, 2AM is planning on having their first debut stage on the 11th on KBS Music Bank.

credits: skye@soompi (translation)


18 thoughts on “2AM Jo Kwon, With “This Song,” he shows Sun Ye his thankfulness

  1. aww I love Jo Kwon <33 hehe.
    and I didn’t know he was close to SunYe till now.
    I love ‘this song’ it’s really beautiful
    thanks for the info

  2. omo so cute <3!! wish jo kwon all the best with his debut~~
    and i hope to see interactions between him and sun ye ~~ ^_^

  3. is coolsmurf jealous ? hehehe. ^^

    kwonaa and sun yee fighting. awesome determination from the two. =)

  4. I already fell in love with him since he’s really cute and talented (when I heard his performing). I think he will have a really bright future ahead! Fighting! I’m waiting for you!

    I wouldn’t mind a romance story between Jo Kwon and Sun Ye! Both have grown up together under JYP, facing all the hard training, having both the same dream. And both also have great talent! Ah, so sweet! I hope people doesn’t mind with it!


  5. now ill believe this one.. XD
    aww.. cute.
    i want to listen to this song..
    a JYP group. i wanna see them

  6. i think JYP makes their music/choreo image etc etc.
    and then cube created the CD and does the promotion??
    thats what finkl used to do with DSP & Yedang ent.
    so they’ll still be part ofthe JYP family <3333

  7. Aww!
    That’s so cute@!!
    Who doesn’t love our Leader Sun Ye?
    lol I see you took down the birthday post for SunYe coolsmurf
    Hey I have a question.
    Do the Wonder Girls celebrate their birthday’s on the day day and not by the lunar calender like normal Koreans?
    cause Sohee’s birthday was normal but then I thought about the others.
    cause my family goes by the lunar calender even though we live in Texas and I can never remember my moms lunar birthday.. xDD
    Well anyway good luck to Jo Kwon and I hope that maybe inthe future there will be a veryyy special stage between 2am and wondergirls! :DDD

  8. His confession sounds so meaningful and I really understand him. So great how they practically grew up together!

  9. ahha i still find it cute. I really wanna hear this so i can feel the JoSun LOVIN!!! ❤ ahha

    thanks coolsmurf

  10. they are under cube entertainment. however cube entertainment -> Hong Seung Song who used to be one of the chief members of JYPE. yet he left JYPE to create his own company, thus cube entertainment and JYPE are basically partners and they are working together. (credit to kris@soompi)

  11. ^ yeah im confused with that too…he’s from Cube right? but why is 2 AM still indicated ‘JYP new Boyband’ why is it still JYP? and JYP wrote their song too???

    anyays im happy becoz of the friendship that Sunye & Jo Kwon has! i love Jo Kwon! his voice is love ♥ hahahah! im excited for their debut!

  12. Could someone explain the relationship between JYP and Cube Entertainment? Why is long-time trainee Jo Kwon debuting with a different agency?

  13. wow finally a romance story for our sun ye! i hope they will perform together one day! it would be awesome!!

    btw : jo kwon is really cute^^

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