Wonder Girls @ Music Space 071225

The girls were on Music Space which was something like a mini music showcase, sort of like Yoon Do Hyun Love Letter, where you sing more than one song and also get interviewed. They wore the same clothes as their recent performance on Music Bank so it should be recorded on the same day.

Chain of Fools” Cover
Good showcase of their often under-rated powerful vocals. Sun Mi sang more than usual which was good while Ye Eun & Sun Ye finally brings their good vocals onto the screen. Ye Eun really let fly here, great soul!

Ee Babo performance
They are really comfortable with performing this now and yet another consistent performance. Just a shade less impressive if you compare it to the other song they performed on the program. 

Tell Me performance
Sun Mi sounded different in the beginning part. So Hee was kind of breathless but she got the biggest cheer from the crowd. Sun Ye, Ye Eun did well with their portions as did Yoo Bin. The crowd was undoubtedly happy with what they saw with a resounding applause at the end.

(Credit to monmonsnow2 & ~ cherrie ~ for youtube)

There’s the interview too on Youtube uploaded by binaa2 if you are interested
Part 1 | Part 2


6 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ Music Space 071225

  1. i can’t believe how amazing ye eun is… i wonder why she has such a hard time singing ‘tell me’ because you can tell she’s obviously talented after watching ‘chain of fools’


  2. I just love how they showcased their powerful vocals in “Chain of Fools”. All of them did a great job in this perf ^^ Btw, the contrast between their outfits and “Chain of Fools” performance was kind of weird lol, seeing their hip-hop ish outfits and hearing the song lol. It’s like “Don’t underrate me b/c of this outfit, you haven’t seen any yet” 😀

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