Wonder Girls @ KBS Music Festival 071230

Wonder Girls became “FinK.L” last night at the KBS Music Festival 2007 as they did a cute cover of their hit classic, “To my Boyfriend”.

The KBS Music Festival 2007 held last night at KBS Hall saw Wonder Girls doing a perfect rendition of Fink.L hit song, “To my Boyfriend.” The Wonder Girls who have created “Tell Me” mania this year has often been compared with Fin.K.L and deemed their successors due to their immense popularity.

Dream Girls segment with SeeYa & So Nyeo Shi Dae
SeeYa started the ball rolling with a “Do Somethin” performance which was followed by Wonder Girls performing “Don’t Cha” which was disappointing considering that this had been done before by them previously. Ye Eun was great however and the middle dance interlude was a good one. 

To my Boyfriend performance
This was nothing but a horror show despite looking cute especially seeing Sun Ye and Ye Eun in skirts. But all of them including Ye Eun herself cracked big time during the song and others singing out of tune. Certainly not something that we know they are capable of. I think that they aren’t suitable for such cute songs.

Tell Me performance (Battle with Super Junior)
This was a girls vs guys battle with Wonder Girls singing, “Tell Me” and Super Junior singing, “Don’t Don”, nothing really special because really been spoiled lately by all those special stages/collaborations. Just a normal song performance which they did well. They didn’t manage to win the sms voting of course losing by more than half of the percentage points. But Wonder Girls was top in the female category so that was great. And what was with the blinking lights in the background, it was so distracting and an eyesore!

But frankly, this KBS Music Festival concept is kind of unbalanced with this boys vs girls thing. Who in the right mind think that the girls would win the boys especially when it is decided by sms voting? Super Junior was even awarded a big glass award for winning the Wonder Girls, what’s the freaking point? There was a distinct lack of star power and thrills on the night. All in all, the KBS Music Festival paled in comparison to the wonderful SBS Gayo Daejun the day before. Bring on MBC Gayo Daejun tonight!


4 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ KBS Music Festival 071230

  1. The girl second to the left, not really sure who that is ..Sun mi?..anyways, she looks a lot like Seohyun from SNSD!
    same hair cut..and face shape..hm, maybe it’s just me. LOL

  2. defintely a bad follow-up to the sbs gayo daejun. kbs needs to get better, more creative people on their staff because this program was kinda boring.

    but ohmygosh the girls were so hott with their ‘dont cha’ perf! XD

  3. Com. plete. ly. Agree!

    KBS…not so hot. Mostly forgettable performances and nothing really noteworthy.

    Please let MBC end on a good note. :/

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