Preview of what will the Wonder Girls be doing @ MBC Gayo Daejun tonight

Their third festival in as many nights excluding extra performances outside of this. It has been an extra hectic week for them as we usher in 2008 tonight. Hope that they will give another good performance, stay healthy and don’t fall sick and then head for their well-deserved January break as reported earlier.

There are previews of tonight’s show on MBC’s Gayo Daejun website which Kris (has been a godsend thes past week) has translated and summarized what the Wonder Girls would be doing at tonight’s festival. To sum it up, we will have another Wonder Girls and Big Bang collaboration to end the year!

1) Wonder Girls + JYP: They are going to SING TELL ME TOGETHER ON ONE STAGE (we’re going to see a re-enactment of the tell me vid JYP did)! Park Jin Young is also reportedly prepared to rival So Hee’s Omona in a cute manner! This would be something new and worth anticipating for!

2) Big Bang: A PAPARAZZI HAS SURFACED. Big bang hangs up their job for wonder girls in a club. A cute and wonderful LOVE STORY. 2008 hot scandal will be revealed! They will perform together singing and dancing to the popular musical “Grease”. They will swing and dance to the jazz music. Another music drama which unlike SBS would be live? Interesting!

Wonder Girls will also be dancing to Park Ji Yoon’s, “Adult Ceremony”.

Some might be getting sick of these Wonder Girls & Big Bang pairings and feel like it’s been overdone. But how often do such collaborations happen and it’s nice to see it one more time again. Besides, both are hot and have chemistry with each other. Heard that Seung Ri, TOP and G-Dragon have fallen sick over the last couple of days due to injuries and fatique, hope that they will recover soon! Let’s see how MBC utilises this pairing tonight at 10pm (Korean time).

(credit to I.said.hi, ~ cherrie ~)


6 thoughts on “Preview of what will the Wonder Girls be doing @ MBC Gayo Daejun tonight

  1. c’est assez pour moi impossible à obtenir malades du Big Bang et les filles se demander liaison. i love it. Je me réjouis de leur collaboration chaque fois. sérieusement ils ont une bonne chimie. J’espère qu’ils ont autant de spéciales comme ils ont eu dans le passé de deux à trois mois. i sérieux ne peut obtenir assez.

  2. it’s pretty impossible for me to get sick of the big bang and wonder girls pairing. i love it. i look forward to their collaborations each and every single time. they seriously have good chemistry. i hope that they have just as many specials together as they’ve had in the past two-three months. i seriously can’t get enough.

    this collaboration was uberly cutee and had some pretty awesome dancing in it. too bad top was sickyy. yoobin and top are seriously hot together.

  3. i love the collabortions! their awesome! seriously i luv KBS music bank for doing special stages. now collaborations are happening on all stations. its just great!

  4. Suddenly after the disappointment of KBS…I’m all excited again for MBC. haha. Am I shallow?

    Anyhow, I totally agree with you are on the special stage thing. I look forward to it so much everytime…I can’t get sick because it’s not like it’s happening forever. These are special occassions only!

    Hopefully WG (and BB 🙂 put on another awesome performance though it’s completely understandable if it’s below par. (THIS WEEK MUST BE SOOOOO TIRING!) I’m tired just watching lol!

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