Wonder Girls & Big Bang – Tell me & Lie Special Stage @ Music Bank 071005

Great performance by two of the hottest groups in Korea now as they perform together,  Tell Me and then Lie yesterday on KBS Music Bank. Really infectious plus all of them were so adorable with their actions and reactions and the crowd was really into them. One of the best special stages I have seen.

Can’t get enough of just watching on YT, download it here


5 thoughts on “Wonder Girls & Big Bang – Tell me & Lie Special Stage @ Music Bank 071005

  1. They weren’t oh-so-perfect but that was an awesome performance, cute couples. Love TOP and YooBin’s part very cute. And SunYe and Taeyang. Cool performance.

  2. You keep amazing me coolsmurf. I just found your site and everything I’ve seen so far are becoming my favorites…
    And your comments are perfect too. =D

  3. i agree with coolsmurf….this was the best perf. period…as long as they had fun which they looked like they did. in my eyes all was perfect both groups and performances.

  4. …im srry but like as ‘great’ as the perf was..
    i have to say this:
    1/ the girls cant sing for shit ><
    2/ daesung looks gay in that shirt
    3/ not as cute as every1 makes it out to be.. the couplin thins were.. akward.. – – ;;

    but other than that..
    it wasnt horrible..
    but not horrible..

    hehe though big bang = great eye candy ^^

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