Sun Ye’s Best Friend, Park Tae Hwan Wins Men’s 400m Freestyle

Sun Ye’s best friend, Park Tae Hwan grabbed the first Olympic swimming gold for his country by finishing first in the men’s 400-meter freestyle competition of the Beijing Olympics Sunday. Park clocked 3:41.86. This also marks the first time that South Korea has ever won an Olympic medal in swimming.

I did that for you girl!

I did that for you girl!

He still has his pet 1,500m Freestyle event to come. So Nyeo Shi Dae “Girls Generation” was played in the background after he won his event. Although there were some complaints, but the song was also played at various times throughout the sessions, not just after his win, just for the record.

Congratulations to him!


Wonder Girls, Daesang winner for singer category @ 2007 Korean Parliamentary Awards

Talented Korean swimmer Park Tae Hwan and popular girl group won the Dae Sang for excellence in sports and popular song segment respectively at the 2007 Korean Parliamentary Awards held yesterday. The awards held annually started in 2000 and is judged by a panel of cultural and media research panel in parliament. Those who have shown excellence in culture or entertainment performance either in solo, group or work are all eligible for the award. In addition, movie, “Secret Sunshine” and television drama “Dae Jo Young” got the Dae Sang for their respective categories. The movie “D-war” got director Shim Hyung Rae a special award while donation king Kim Jang Hoon also got one.