Not Quite The Music Bank Christmas Stages Everyone Wanted

KBS Music Bank has finally announced the official lineup for their Music Bank Christmas Special on 26th December which will go live at 6.35pm (KST). Just not quite the lineup that everyone had expected and hoped for.

Nam Gyuri, Tae Yeon, Ga In, Sun Ye

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So Hot Is KTF Most Downloaded Song of 2008

KTF (Korea Telecom Freetel) released some figures this morning with regards to the best selling songs (most downloaded) on their mobile service, with the top 100 songs listed. The most downloaded song was So Hot by the Wonder Girls, which according to KTF, accounted for 14.4% of downloads in 2008.

Wonder Girls No.1 Most Downloaded on KTF

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Wonder Girls Set for 25th September Comeback

Male fans are going to be really happy this autumn for three pretty girl groups are making their comebacks with their new albums.

mark down 25th September

Wonder Girls 25th September Comeback

Continuing their big hits with “So Hot” this year following “Tell Me” last year, the Wonder Girls are set to release their new single album (not 2nd album? hmm) late next month. A JYP Entertainment spokesperson announced, “Around 25th September, they will release a song with a new style that is predicted to overwhelm the success of ‘So Hot’.” This single will also be produced by Park Jin Young who has dragged the Wonder Girls to a “big star” level.

SeeYa will also be making their comeback on the same day as the Wonder Girls with their new album. Often regarded as Wonder Girls rivals, So Nyeo Shi Dae who has been enduring lots of bad publicity this past few months will be releasing their new album in October with no specific date being mentioned.