Wonder Girls releases “Be My Baby” MV

JYP Entertainment has finally revealed the full music video for the Wonder Girls’ comeback title song, “Be My Baby” on November 7th.

“Be My Baby” is an easy to follow song with an upbeat tempo, and represents the rebirth of the Wonder Girls as they drew on their experiences in America this past 2 years for their dramatic transformation in their 2nd album, Wonder World.

Like it or not?


10 thoughts on “Wonder Girls releases “Be My Baby” MV

  1. I think the MV is OK, not my fav MV of WG but still OK. However, even if I’m not loving the MV that much, I really love the choreo and the song =) That’s why I enjoy the live performances more than the MV haha but the MV is still very good and it’ll reach 10millions views very soon (probably tomorrow) =D

  2. I didnt like it at all at first….but that’s bc I thought they were going for a rock feel…then I found out there will be two title tracks!! hahah i’ve had be my baby on repeat all day….actually their entire album…..I LOVE IT!

  3. i hated it at first but it really really grew on me. still think the chorus couldve been better ( less christmas-y sounding…)

    thank god ur back fyi

  4. just ok for me. But not good.
    But the other song is cool and whoaaww… be my baby is my bottom list favourite song of all track 😀 i like g.n.o., me in, girls girls, nu shoes hehehehehe
    i wonder why jyp pick this as they first comeback mv????? maybe this is the ost of their tv shows??

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