Wonderfuls laments poor photoshopping of Hyerim’s teaser photo

With the Wonder Girls’ comeback in sight after the release of teaser photos and videos in the past week, Wonderfuls have drawn attention to the poor photoshopping of member, Hyerim’s teaser photo.

Earlier today, there was a post by a Korean netizen who singled out Hyerim’s teaser photo released on the 28th of last month, for attention.

According to the netizen, a shadow of Hyerim’s body was cast upon the wall in the photo, but instead of showing the exact tummy silhouette, Hyerim’s tummy was flat and super straight. Thus, it was pointed out that photoshopping had been done and lamented that the shadow should have also been photoshopped.

Wonderfuls commented, “The editor probably didn’t realize that the shadow needed to be photoshopped as well,” “A regrettable mistake,” “Whoever spotted this is incredible,” etc reactions.


6 thoughts on “Wonderfuls laments poor photoshopping of Hyerim’s teaser photo

  1. I didn’t even notice it! Well, it’s really not that much difference. The dress is probably just too tight.

  2. Aww that’s terrible! Lol they should have just left her tummy alone, a pooch is normal and i wish these ent companies would stop propagating an unnatural & unattainable body type.

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