Wonder Girls reveals 1st comeback teaser video

Following two sets of teaser photos in the past week, the Wonder Girls have finally revealed their much anticipated 1st teaser video for their 2nd album comeback which is scheduled for release on November 7th.

Besides the constant muttering of “Right now“, the familiar slogan of “R U READY?” is once again emphasized in this edgy rocker-chic concept video.

The 2nd teaser video will arrive on November 3rd, so check back again!


11 thoughts on “Wonder Girls reveals 1st comeback teaser video

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  2. The teaser is amazing. I’m spazzing everywhere for more 5hours now!!! My fav part is definitely 0:07 SUNYE IS KILLING ME! She is just flawless. All the girls look flawless actually. They’re so charismatic… Just perfect *-* I’m a proud Wonderful right now!!! Our girls are back!!!

  3. This is incredible!
    WG is seriously stepping up their game. This is easily the best teaser I have seen this year… This far and beyond exceeded my expectations

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