Solo teaser photos for Wonder Girls’ comeback revealed!

After the announcement earlier in the week about the Wonder Girls’ making a comeback in November, JYP Entertainment has finally revealed the teaser photos and boy are they smoking hot as femme fatales!

All the girls with the exception of Hye Rim are seen holding guns posing for the camera while dressed in stunning black chic outfits that were made according to each member’s unique individual characteristics.

JYP Entertainment revealed, “The Wonder Girls will definitely astound with their transformation and display their intense charisma through their performances. We hope that everyone will anticipate their impending comeback.”

In addition, further release dates of their teasers for their much anticipated comeback have also been revealed:

R U Ready? teaser photos – October 31st, 1100hrs (KST)
R U Ready? teaser movie #1 – November 1st, 1100hrs (KST)
R U Ready? teaser movie #2 – November 3rd, 1100hrs (KST)
Album release – November 7th, 0000hrs (KST)

You can also download the HQ teaser photos from their official site now!


19 thoughts on “Solo teaser photos for Wonder Girls’ comeback revealed!

  1. hey, left alone yubin, she is the best known in America, and we all know that she is the most hot in the group….just enjoy the pictures

  2. @”yubin is overrated” – How is Yubin overrated? Just because more people like her pic doesn’t mean she’s overrated LOL. You speak as if Yubin is the most popular. She isn’t. Sohee and Sunye are… So what’s wrong if Yubin gets attention? She’s amazing, and so is Yeeun and all other members. You can praise Yeeun without b*tching about Yubin. You’re mad just because your opinion isn’t the majority… Grow up please =)

    WG & Wonderfuls are a family. There’s no “overrated” members in WG, they’re all loved OK? =)

  3. I really love all pics! They all look stunning! But since I had to vote ^^* I choosed Sohee! My fav pics are Sohee and Yubin actually. They look stunning, wow! Of course other members look amazing too, Sunye (my angel!!!) looks so beautiful and boyish, Yeeun looks classy and confident, and Hyerim looks mature but cute. I think they all look perfect *-*

    I’m also very happy that you’re back, coolsmurf! Finally =D Now it feels like a “real” WG comeback WOW! WG & Wonderfuls, ready for domination? hehe!

    WG JJANG!!! Go WG!!! + Sunmi (never forget our 4D =D).
    This comeback is gonna be daebak! like a bomb! =P

  4. Femme happy for the girls.i think everything starts to put back to in places now including one of the wonder girls coolest blog.this blog.

  5. Our girls so hot and sexy, i like this concept. if SunMi join will be best.

    PS : Hi coolsmurf, how are you? i just to know you back to open blog again.
    I will back to here often ^_^

  6. It is so nice to have you, Alvin, and this blog back in time for the Wonder Girls’ comeback. Thank you very much for your fast updates. 🙂

  7. Sohee’s my ultimate bias but Oh Man Yoobin is smoking in this one!! Her eyes are piercing right through me. Thanks coolsmurf so much for updating!!

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