Wonder Girls comeback schedule revealed

In addition to dates revealed through the Wonder Girls’ official site earlier today, more teaser release dates have been revealed via Naver Music.

Dates listed are subjected to change by JYPE and should not be taken for definite.

1st teaser photos – Friday, October 28th
▲ 2nd teaser photos – Monday, October 31st

▲ 1st teaser video – Tuesday, November 1st
▲ 2nd teaser video – Thursday, November 3rd

▲ Track listing release – Friday, November 4th

▲ Album and music video release – Monday, November 7th

Full-fledged domestic promotions are expected to begin with KBS Music Bank from November 11th and so on. This is to be confirmed as the date draws closer.


10 thoughts on “Wonder Girls comeback schedule revealed

  1. SAD….that u ONLY comeback when WG just do a comeback. i hope that u r around when WG not very active. i hope that u r always as wonderful not sone.

    HAPPY….i already waiting for u just too long ago. im happy

    keep it your good works alvin aka coolsmurf.

  2. The new header is pretty perfect I must say.
    Im sooo happy that there is a schedule now because these last weeks of not knowing was killing me!! haha. But now I am happy again. Cant wait for the next round of teasers

  3. I love the new header!!! and I’m glad this Blog is back to update us about WG activities, nice!!! Thanks for giving the schedule, now I can prepare to be here for the future pic/video teasers =)

    I’m so excited for our girls’ comeback! I waited for this for sooo long! *tears of joy*

  4. I Can’t believe this is happening!!!

    Thanks for updating wondergirls wordpress. I used to come back in 2008 and I am so happy that there are new posts!!!

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