Yubin casts her vote for Seoul’s mayoral election

Ahead of the Wonder Girls’ impending comeback next month, rapper Yubin has uploaded a certification shot of her going to the polls this afternoon.

At around 1pm on October 26th, Yubin tweeted the photo (left) and said, “I came to vote~”

Yubin is seen posing for the camera with a straight face, with minimal makeup on and sporting glasses.


6 thoughts on “Yubin casts her vote for Seoul’s mayoral election

  1. diligent Binnie.

    I`m sort of shoscked that she was able to keep up with the campaign etc. Must be a dutiful citizen.

  2. Love how my unni is doing something so meaningful. I think everyone should vote, I mean at the end of the day, you’re voting for a better future 🙂 . ~ thnks yubin unni for promoting the awareness to vote. I strongly am for it.

  3. Binnieee…. <3<3<3

    Goshhh~ i'm so happy to see that wonderland is active again… :))
    thanks a lot CooLsmurf…like @payyat from ur blog …i've learned a lot about d girls…when i'm still new as a Wonderful….

  4. I “stalk” yoobin thru my LCD screen so much that just by looking at the handle of her bag, I know which bag she’s taking. LOL. Her blue polkadot bag.

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