Wonder Girls @ MBC Gayo Daejun 081231

The long awaited collaboration between the two most popular boy and girl groups of 2008, Wonder Girls and Big Bang took place tonight at the MBC Gayo Daejun 2008. It certainly did not disappoint and will leave fans spazzing.

Wonder Girls and Big Bang Still Awesome As Always

Sun Ye and Tae Yang did Irony, Yoo Bin and Seung Ri did Lies, So Hee and G-Dragon did Tell Me, Ye Eun and Daesung did Haru Haru while Sun Mi did Nobody with T.O.P. It was not just some simple stage. They did variations to the lyrics to mesh with the style that they were presenting. AWESOME.






This was followed by a cross stage with Big Bang performing So Hot, guy version and then Wonder Girls finishing off with Last Farewell, girl version.




I could go on and write even more, but I am leaving it for your eyes plus I am not a fangirl. It had to be WonderBang and only them. I believe this will be much talked about in the aftermath. They just look so good and compatible with each other. Everything just turns to gold when they collaborate. This will perhaps stick in your head and you could just watch this forever and ever.

My favourite couple on the night goes to Ye Eun and Daesung. Forever paired together since their first performance. Their voices meshed well together. They look good together. What more can we ask for. Consider dating? LOL.

Oh besides that, the Wonder Girls had their solo Nobody stage. It was the disco remix version which was last heard at the 2008 MKMF in November.


As said earlier, this will be my last post.


328 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ MBC Gayo Daejun 081231

  1. i Love them so much, will they make collaboration again? When? Always hope and waiting,, succes 4 both.

  2. Wow…im really happy about this collab…
    I think yu bin is the hottest here..
    she is so strong and amazing…
    anyway….wonderbang rockzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Check out the new MV from the Wonder girls!!!

    The song’s called Now and is actually a remake…

    No, don’t thank me =)

  4. why dont you guys stop coming to this b*tches site? lol I mean honestly if he were a real wonder girls fan he would continue to update on ALL kpop news on his main blog instead of just updating about his precious snsd now, what a damn pedo.

  5. just popping in to see if he updated
    no new updates 😦
    i guess gone for good! almost 3 months..
    this is like my 5 or 4th time commenting again on this blog! (:

  6. alvin you changed the banner again!^_^ hahaha… i really miss this site.. for everyone who wants to find more WG news you should check out spectacle! its an amazing forum… please show your support and love!

  7. im happy to see that you are still coming to this web sometimes, coolsmurf! =]
    i can see that the banner up there is changed !!!
    and wg’s concert is coming upppppp=]
    the first ever oneeeee

  8. coolsmurf I’m still sad that the blog is over~~~ I felt stupid because I thought that you weren’t going away when you took down that one post, but anyway good luck on all your endeavors and like it says in your youtube profile “Once a Wonderful, Always a Wonderful”! thanks for all your hard work -sharon

  9. i hope you are doing well coolsmurf… are you going to their concert in Korea? I love the new banner… so cool!^_^


  10. WOOHOO! YOU UPDATED! Well, if only the banner, an update is an update. Haha. πŸ˜€

    Referring to “STFU”‘s comment…

    I hope we’re not bothering you commenting on these. @.@ We just love you so muchhhh! Hahahaha!

  11. Ye-eun and Daesung so OWNED that performance. πŸ˜€ Haha, they’re so friggin’ AMAZING together. They were the only couple I liked that stuck together. :/ My G-Ye and RiMi! D:

  12. the girls won a DAESANG at Seoul Music Awards this year!
    doesn’t this news at least deserve another post?? hehe πŸ˜›

    i miss your blogs!!!
    and the girls!….. πŸ˜₯

  13. ahhhhh so sad T_T

    what will i do without this site… i can’t read korean!! 😦

    good luck wiht everything and thank you for this.

  14. Now I know that you’ll not come back, since you will quit coolsmurf domain as well. that’s sad. but I understand that being a writer/partner in a bigger site is better and way more interesting for you πŸ˜‰

    So I just wanted to thank you for all the previous posts πŸ˜‰ you made me love a korean group for the very first time in my life haha <3<3 (I’m half korean but still… the only thing I thought before I came to this site was that korean music was bullshit. and it still is, for some groups x) I just can’t stand them, maybe because their songs still are a little bit different than american/european pop which I am used to =P)

    and I’ve never been THAT hooked on a group ever before either!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks and good luck to your new joblife in allkpop.com
    Honestly, never heard about it until today when I checked your other blog =P
    Well, I guess I should get going checking a new korean site yet again πŸ™‚ makes me practice my broken korean πŸ˜‰

  15. with all the shocking news aside regarding your transfer, i still BELIEVE THIS SITE IS THE BEST WITHOUT A DOUBT.



    “once a wonderful, always a wonderful”
    im sorry if its been there for some time but its a heavy phrase. it shuts all the nonbelievers! “oh, hes a snsd fan now” bu bu bu bulls*** . (:!

    your banner is lovely too! but from the other pictures and this one, sunye looks idk, strange ): boo

  17. i’m sad
    you were the only reliable source about wonder girls
    now it’s hard to find news about them
    wish you would update TT_TT

  18. we miss you coolsmurf!!! 😦
    please come back!!! we’re always going to be waiting!


  19. I’ve always been silent, but I want to comment!!

    Loving the new banner by the way!^^
    Personally I think everyone should chill and let Coolsmurf rest for awhile, I mean come on…the guy seems really busy, having to constantly translate and update the news about the WG for us and also updating his other site for none related WG news, plus he has his youtube account where he uploads and translate videos! That’s a LOT of stuff to do, so I think he deserves a rest! And plus the WG are on a break and over in the US so there’s not much we to know right now

    If anyone wants a site for some recent WG news, go to:

    FYI this site post news about all asian entertainment related news, I can usually find recent new on the WG there!

    And since Sun mi is my favorite WG I also go to:

    This site obviously news about Sun mi, but they also post news about WG!

    Thank you for all the hard work you have done Coolsmurf! Wonder Girls Wonderland will always be loved! ❀

  20. oh! the banner changed!!
    is this a sign????
    the girls are at an event with will.i.am!!!
    lolz at their american names!!

    sunye = SUN!! <<< taeyang connection there! kkkk!
    ye eun = yenny! <<< huh??? maydoni sister???
    sunmi = MIMI!! <<< wahahah! well that’s her nickname anyway!

    they were cute nonetheless!
    i kept laughing at sunmi’s face!
    she seemed like lost in space! as always! kkk!

  21. coolsmurf u are really quick on the updates abt the girls.. I spot the new wonder valentine banner.. ^^

  22. if he makes a site for snsd atleast we’ll know he’s just a comment wh*re lol, and lol he still deletes anything anti-sohee posted which is funny as hell.

  23. I love WONDERBANG!! I miss the RiMi couple and the TooBin couple. I love HeeDragon!!! But my favourite couple had to be YeEun and DaeSung.

  24. AAAAHHH!!!! COME BACK!!!! you’re the only WG fansite that I[and maybe others too] really trust!!!

    please come back!!!

  25. lol, i miss the WG so much.. and i visit this site like everyday! I still don’t think coolsmurf is going to make his comeback for this site… sadly… but if he does, i’ll be the happiest person on earth!^^ i miss this site… take care!

  26. ugh

    so tonight ive been browsing jyp’s and wondergirls channel.
    pretty nastolgic and it makes me sad. hahaha. after not having listened to “nobody” for a while, it makes me realize what an addicting song it once was and can still be for some. (i listened to the song too many times during its prime so i found it sorta eh when they kept promoting it; thats just my fault because i listened to it so many times on my own). but yeah, its pretty relevant now how much i miss the wonder girls. and this blog (: hah

    greetings coolsmurf

  27. Ah I miss this place.

    I also noticed that the banner has changed. I hope that means something.

    Come Back, Alvin!

  28. its okay if alvin makes a site for snsd.
    because they are really active right now.
    and WGs are on a break.
    so let’s just hope that.. alvin.. is on
    a break too?? he will be back? >___<

    ( we should have a petition! X] )

  29. If he hasn’t updated this blog in a while
    that DOES mean he might not come back.
    We all like this blog of course. But let’s
    just respect Alvin’s choices and

  30. hahha of course the banner must change!
    it wouldnt be right if lets say a year from now, the wonder girls look completely different but none the less still asdkljasd gorgeous but coolsmurf has a year old non-updated picture.

    hope youre done well alvin. it must be a burden knowing you had to dump something so precious like wonderland AND having so many people asking for your return.

  31. be a little realistic. changing the banner doesn’t mean beginning updating again. if he wants to take a break, let him do it already. and if he comes back…well, I guess I’ll be glad πŸ˜€

  32. hi coolsmurf, you’re still a wonderful, right? we really miss your updates on the girls. i think i’m sorta jealous that you update and translate news about other groups but not the wonder girls. oh well. i’m still not losing hope that you’ll start writing again about the girls! hopefully, we’ll see you soon! thanks for making me a fan of wonder girls through your blog! πŸ˜€

  33. i’m SO sad… alvin PLEASE comeback!!!!!………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… wonderfuls need you……………

  34. omg i didnt knw it was ur last post…
    im sad to see you go

    yet we still have the coolsmurf blog (which is like the firs thing i check on the computer, korean stuff has me hooked)

    this was an amazing perf, i saw it from new york
    happy new year and bye

  35. wonder girls have a youtube account!
    and for the die-hard fans like me there’s a contest!!
    yeah I know I shouldn’t say this – for my owm sake – but I just wanted to INFORM ALL OF YOU ^^

  36. Rain is the new banner for Alvin.
    What are you guys gonna say now?
    Hes over SNSD and is gonna start a blog for him?


    Everyone needs to just stop hating on WG.
    Alvin changes his banner all the time.

  37. i don’t like popseoul… and i hope for wonderfuls to be strong reading all those comments there, or not visit it at all… my gosh, so many haters these days…. stay strong guys! we’ll prove them how great WG’s are! FIGHTING!!!

  38. man so many people want you back alvin. haha… yeah its sad that this is shut down and i will admit that i check this site daily (maybe more like 8 times a day -_-). i respect your decision though.

    @ certain people
    some of you guys are being very childish. just because he has a freaking SNSD banner on does not mean he has abandoned WG. its not freaking impossible to like both groups. grow up and get over yourselves. and if alvin is making a SNSD blog, then so be it, don’t visit it and get on with your lives.

  39. no offence, but wonder girls can’t sing live…. i think alot of people like them once they hear their songs, but live…. very bad… i’m a fan, so don’t get me wrong… i just think, as singers they need to show more vocals and improve on their live perfs…. i mean, people are hating them because of their live perfs, but once they have improve people will be more attracted to them… please don’t bash me, i love the wonder girls!^^ i don’t want them to be known beacause of their catchy songs…. they are talented and hard working, i want JYP to show that more, so that people can finally see how great the Wonder Girls are….


  40. lol alvin left and we’re still commenting!
    i check back on this website often if he’s back, but he’s not =(

  41. seriously, without u updating the site, Wonder girls for sure lost a lot of fans! – –
    honestly… im not trying to blame u but…
    there’re fans out there that want to know about the girls and at the same time they donno korean (like me… )

    i mean.. if people just like bashing about the girls…
    it does not matter… because u and me and a lot of others are loving them, we clearly know that the girls deserve what they got and everything~ why would we bother to get mad at those anti’s or wutever?…

    we love the wonder girls, and that makes it enough to carry on with the site, right??

    i know this is selffish but… please consider coming back
    wonder girls is losing their fans… T^T

  42. Haha yeah, he had a YSMM picture with Nickun (sp?) from 2PM and a couple of 1N2D members before the SNSD picture. I dont think he put SNSD there cause he likes them MORE but because they just had a comeback. Chill out people..

  43. @ratio i think you are damn right..
    i think that’s reality now guys..
    you can visit his blog and he has SNSD picture on it.. so..

  44. Ohhh Alvin Alvin Alvin…where for art thou?

    “Theres many other sources for WG news”
    Yeah yeah yeah, no one cares about those.
    We all only care about you Alvin :[ HAHA

    No seriously, ive tried other places and blehhh.

    I think we all secretly check here knowing itll never change.
    And we all secretly pray that Alvin will come back somehow.

    You seriously were the best news source for Wonder Girls.
    And for some of us…you have a bit of a Wonderbang bias ;D

  45. alvin in chillin` over at coolsmurf’s domain. [coolsmurf.wordpress.com]

    and uh, @ratio… thats an incredibly lame joke

  46. Uh, guys Coolsmurf likes SNSD more now.. he will be making a blog dedicated to SNSD in February.
    Get over it. He likes SNSD now.

  47. Alvin…

    I’m still praying that his is a short hiatus for you and that you’ll come back.

    Lack of news on the girls is torture. I do agree that I love WW (Wondergirls Wonderland) most cause there isn’t much spazzing going on and it really is easy to navigate.

    Where in the world is Alvin, our smurf?

  48. why, oh, why, we all miss you, alvin! and we all miss the frequent updates. agree with Joy on this site. hope it’ll be up again…soon, but if not, will certainly miss it. T^T

    for those of you looking for updates at the meantime, just chceck the wonder links on the right. πŸ˜€

    although i doubt, there won’t be as much updates, but still updates. πŸ˜€

    *trying to look on the bright side of things.*

  49. the reasons why i love your site the most is because you write so well and your posts are non-fangirly. it kind of make stuff hard to read when posts are cluttered with all the emoticons and random exaggerated spazzing and the endless capslock.

    sigh, as much as i wish you’d come back, good luck with everything coolsmurf. definitely miss you.

  50. You certainly are cheating on WG… SNSD…. you abandoned WG??

    Please come back, Alvin!!
    I’ll continue to visit this site even though you’ve already said you’re through with it…

  51. i don’t like websites like allkpop.com or soompi too… there are so many haters and alot of bashing… although this site is closed, it will always be no.1 for wonderfuls!^^


    1.Simple layout, easy to navigate
    2.straight-forward news. Well-written.
    3. updated frequently.

    Other WG websites lack of these things.
    i dont like soompi, people there can be very childish and overreacted on little things.

    I LOVE WG Wonderland the most. Although it is dead now, i still love it. Thanks for all the news, coolsmurf =)

  53. I came by a “remix” of Nobody on youtube…

    It’s called – wonder girls-nobody ukelele version, and it’s HILARIOUS!! Made by some Irish people in fact xD

  54. @ anonymouss leave them alone.

    Coolsmurf will NOT come back.
    If you’re looking for a site to keep update then here are the sites you need to have a 100% overview of whats happening.

    And Wonder Girls Soompi.

  55. i never knew how important this site was to me… i have no idea what the girls are doing ever since you stopped the site.ive totally lost touch with them. please consider coming back…

  56. coolsmurf … come back … i feel like i didn’t have any news from the wonder girls since forever, even though they’re on their break now … but still , i don’t know where else to go. wgjjang blocked her website so …

  57. check out this cool boy band from los angeles

    the lyric of this song remind me so hot & nobody song..
    it must be coincidence & no way they know each other..
    if they debut in korea.. no other kpop group can challenge them in terms of singing & dancing

  58. people who post comments here asking for “other” sources of wondergirls information are so dumb.
    i understand that you want to keep updated and all, but cant you just simply look for sites on your own w/o using the comment section to spam? its sorta like disrespectful to coolsmurf in my opinion. have you no loyalty to coolsmurf alvin?

    sorry if i sound like a douche. i just think its pretty disrespectful even if your intentions arent so.

  59. @ MkY
    me too 😦
    i check here in hopes that coolsmurf has suddenly decided to start posting again
    7 days and no luck T_T

  60. Haha…i watched already the performance…personally i love Yoo Bin and Seung Ri then Ye Eun and Dae Sung…
    I go a little bit crazy when Yoo Bin touched Seung Ri face…haha…
    Its seem that Yoo Bin and Sunmi partner changed but then its ok…
    Love T.O.P there….absolutely handsome…haha…
    Also love Ye Eun and Dae Sung voices…^^

  61. O_O sunye worst korean singer? he/she must be kidding me. she’s so talented, but then again, antis will always be antis. heh.

  62. sunmi is my favorite πŸ™‚
    i love her to death.

    aww coolsmurf i wish you would continue to post more wonder girls stuff 😦
    i always came to your site and looked at everything here.
    i hope you start again real soon ❀

  63. Happy New Year 2009 and goodbye Wonderland. Thank you very much, Coolsmurf (Alvin), for everything.. I’ll never forget you and your blog.. Good Luck!!

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  65. happy new year coolsmurf! thank u so much for your hard work. it’s just so bad that this is your last WG wonderland post. my 2009 will not be the same w/o your articles. take care!

  66. why are u leaving so quietly? did u not understand any of the comments we posted on your article before?

  67. antis need to stop! and i think wonderfuls who are antis themselves should stop… wonder girls are gaining more hate because, some wonderfuls have been very mean to some idol groups… i think why coolsmurf ended this site is because of disrespectful wonderfuls who have gone over the top… please think more maturely, what happend to the mannerful wonderfuls?

    I have been reading alot of hatefull comments lately, and its no surprising anymore that some of them are wondefuls… I’m not saying wonderfuls are bad, i just don’t want Wonder Girls and wonderfuls to be most hated… Antis will remain as antis, i don’t think they will ever change, but please… wonderfuls, why must we be like that? we love all share the same love for Wonder Girls… thats why we are named the wonderfuls…

    please, i can’t bare to see Wonder Girls gaining antis because of wonderfuls who are being immature… I hope we all can stay strong give our support and love to the Wonder Girls!


  68. Antis… I still don’t understand how that guy could think up those names for them… They aren’t bitches and like wrongdoers like them.. They’re just girls who got founded and famed… They didn’t become conceited after, they’re still our Wondergirls… I hate it when WG Antis call them no talent sluts. Sluts? Lol… More talent then you’ll ever have. They even tried out alot of genres… They have TRUE talent for young girls, unlike Miley Cyrus lol.

  69. this is what someone said on youtube o_O

    KCDK95 (1 hour ago) Show Hide
    0 Poor comment Good comment
    Marked as spam
    Reply Marked as spam
    Wonder Girls
    -Britney Spears (Ye Eun)
    -Jamie Spears (Sun Mi)
    -Lindsay Lohan (So Hee)
    -Leona Lewis (Yu Bin)
    – Worse Korean singer (Sun Ye)

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  71. I find it pretty awesome how the very first post in here was the WonderBang Special Stage and almost a year later you end it all with a post about another WonderBang special stage. πŸ™‚ The Stage that started this all and the Stage that ended this πŸ™‚

  72. that camera necklace belongs to Seungri,he let So hee borrow it and then he gave it to one of the mini Big Bang boys to wear it.

  73. @RAWR!

    oh yeah sohee wore the same nechlace but GD wore a difference thing ?? oh its cool πŸ™‚ but they alway wore the same thing like necklace, a style of clothes ect.. many thing they have a same thing … anyway

  74. ye euns voice fitted so much better with haru haru than hyori…it was like they were singing entirely different songs

  75. Omg, i’m going to miss them. Without the Wonder Girls and Big Bang, 2008 would have been a sad, boring year. I love the Wonder Girls to death. I admit, I use to be a hater until I slowly got into their catchy songs, personalities and their good attitudes that everything in which comes their way. They’re amazing, and I can’t wait to hear more from them in 2009 and years to come.

  76. yes…the yg girl group..that has yet to be named..and has yet to come out with a single..that has yet to make an announcement of their debut..yes…instead of SNSD who’s fans have been eagerly waiting their return…yes….mmhmmm yg indeed..

  77. ^no, its not true. if it does air it’ll probably be on some small korean channel only accessible by satellite. possibly the AZN channel IF their english is good enough. but unfortunately it isnt. US mainstream channels don’t air shows/dramas involving people not speaking english properly. and, unfortunately, they don’t air much/if at all any dramas that are dominating in asians. the only asians that you see in dramas/shows make up a small % of the show like in heroes or greys. majority of actors are all white or black. rarely will you see a mainstream drama full of asians. thats the sad truth. so most likely their show will not air. if it does it wont be widely broadcasted. :/

  78. ^sorry for the crappy english.. i meant – i heard that the wondergirls are going to do a show/drama and that’s going to air in the US? is it true?

  79. i heard there’s going the wondergirls are going to do a show/drama? and it’s going to air in the US? is it true?

  80. Well I guess it is time to goodbye to our Coolsmurf, it has been a fun time growing to love Wonder Girls dearly through your posts.
    I find it so ironic that your last post is about Wonderbang because you’ve grown to love Wonder Girls again at the first Wonderbang collaboration.
    Hopefully, it will be another Wonderful year for Wonder Girls and Big Bang.
    Thanks for everything, Coolsmurf. Best of luck to you and Happy New Year.

  81. did anyone realise so hee wore the camera necklace? it’s like something g dragon used to wear! he wore a phone before.. lol.. cute… and i’m a toobin fan too… i hope there will be another collaboration and there’ll be toobin!

  82. Aww yeah I agree, Ye Eun and Daesungs voices definitely harmonized well [or however you say it] they should sing more duets together and sell singles _< oh well =/

    i love how they rewrote all the songs =D

    i thought so hot was gona sound really off as a boy ver but they def pulled it off with new lyrics and rap =D cool!! =]

  83. So people are saying TOP and Yoobin would not have worked well together bc they are both rappers.
    But didn’t Daesung and Yeeun, who are both singers, perform well together?
    TOP could have re-written the lyrics to a WG song, like he did for Nobody.
    There was no legit reason for Toobin NOT to perform so that’s why I and the other Toobin fans are a little upset.

    On the bright side, at least WonderBang got to work together at least once this year.
    I hope next year will be even more successful and prosperous for both groups.

  84. i shall leave one comment on this msg a day till you return!

    haahh ^Anna, i dont think theyre together… i have no proof but it just seems so farfetched

  85. if somebody have some info about them [they are real couple]can you just send me on this page plz πŸ˜€

  86. I heard that Sohee and G-dragon are together least november 2008.. but i dont know if its true:s i hope its true cuz i like so much them and i hope too they are together in future if they have time to be together πŸ˜€

    And they are so much GOOD COUPLE AND CUTER πŸ˜€ Am i right or not? πŸ˜€

  87. if you gonna miss the fansite won’t you stay :3
    haha i can’t hold you back but maybe when the girls return from america? wg’s wonderland will also return haha
    oh well i’ll keep on vistin your other blog πŸ˜€

    btw the special stage was so sick
    sexy sunmi and top were so good together
    but i still love my yoobinne and top together haha
    ye eun and daesung of course were the best in my eyes
    everything was flawless, seriously ye eun has such excellent control of her voice now, better then in her debut irony days ^^

    gd and so hee looked so cute together, and so hee looked like she was having so much fun.
    yoobin and seung ri were sooo awesome, especially her rap it was much better then their stage last year.

    sunye looked soo sexy! and taeyang was just so fine, specially loved his take on the chorus for so hot BB style haha

    blah rant rant rant loovveee wonderbang spazzz haha xD

    It was a great collaboration and can you even imagine if they do another, it’s going to be BETTER!

    So your last post was THE BEST ONE EVER and we’re all going to miss you. Take care and we hope you come back.

    coolsmurf FIGHTING!

    I do have to say that YeEun and DaeSung were the BEST!

    WonderBang FIGHTING!


  89. i miss site so much… i can’t believe that you are not going to continue this amazing site! it was so weird yesterday, i usually check out your site, and now its over… although i respect your desicion, i hope someday you will continue spreading your love for WONDER GIRLS…

    are you still a wonderful? please answer my question… wonderfuls need you…

  90. heedragon was the best<3
    they were so frggn adorable!
    and then next id have to say would be yeeun and daesung

  91. Wonderbang was really the best collab ever~!

    ^^Thankyou so much Alvin for hardwork and dedication<33
    We’re all missing you already T.T

  92. before anything
    i just want to say
    wonderland was really special this year to me
    I’m going to miss this page just like I will miss the girls when they will be in america
    I love wonderbang starting the new year(in korea)
    that was beautiful
    you know they say what you in the begining of the year you will be doing all year long LOL
    DaeEun was the best
    so much chemistry
    SunTae was the second best
    they are both great performers

    goodbye wonderland

  93. These performances were wonderful =D

    I went everyday to Wonder Girls Wonderland, sad it’s ending but thanks for all the news, videos and infos you brought to us !

  94. @ lilmissfatty90

    i also thought that taeyang said sunye’s name! i was like screaming! did he just say oh sunye be my lady?! but when i read the screen (using my limited korean skills), i think he said chunye..

  95. the last picture of sun mi and top is WOW!!…i have watched the wonderbang performance so many times now and it still Awesome!
    Anyway do anybody know other website that i can find new on Wonder Girls…im dying for some WG news here!!

  96. this collab will make me giddy for years. THE BEST.

    thank you coolsmurf for sharing everything Wondergirls related to us for so long, your work will be missed.

    Glad to see your last post being on my forever obsession:P
    Thank you again for your continued hard work!

    I’ll be cheering on you on your coolsmurf blog.

    Happy new year!!

  97. i forgot to mention how much i loved how they made their own versions of the songs. again, wonderbang seriously equals love.

  98. OMG!! I LOVED IT!!!!! i feel like spazzing is NOT strong enough to express how i reacted. it wasn’t perfect, but gawd, it was AWESOMEEEEE.

    AHHHHHHH!!!! i watched each part multiple times…i seriously love wonderbang. it’s just so great when they come together for a collaboration ❀

  99. OMG! WONDERBANG!!!!….i mean every couple was Awesome….and did tea yang said sun ye’s name?? hahaaha…..i think sun mi and top look hot together…hehe…so hee & g-dragon= CUTE :)….ye eun & dae sung, nice vocals…yoo bin & seung ri, gangstar!!…im so gonna miss WG after this…cant wait for their comeback and coolsmurf too…but yeah…this performance is a classic…they are a True performer!!!:D

    the Nobody performance was amahzng too…eventhough they were tired their vocals were Good….love it!

  100. thnkx coolsmurf now its 2009 gonna miss ur updates ;n; i hope u culd continue but i know dat wont happen

  101. WonderBang was great stuff throughout … very entertaining! A great ending to a Wonderful year!

    Thanks for everything, coolsmurf. You will be greatly missed.

  102. This is like your grand finale of posts.
    Im watching the re-run on tv right now,
    im going to miss your lightening speed posts
    thanks for everything
    it has been much appreciated

  103. you’re right, coolsmurf, i will remember this perf forever in my live…

    and you too…

    this is also my last comment ^O^

    all best wishes for you, coolsmurf! i’ll miss you!

    many thanks ^.^

    [ Wonderful forever… ever … ever … after …]

  104. the whole show was great..especially the wondergirls perf..haha.watched it live.yoo bin was really great.. oh and sun ye and tae yang doing irony.:p

  105. DAEEUN LOOKED FIERCE!! gorgeous, and lol alvin..hmm is it asking too much for them too be dating? oh i kid i kid but these groups/friends have truly done their job as performers and gave the fans an unforgettable show.

  106. happy new year!
    thank you for everything =))
    you’ve been amazing to all your readers.
    we’ll miss you so much!

  107. they all look lovely.

    sunye and teayang really look and sound good together.
    so does yeeun and daesung… πŸ˜€

    thanks wondersmurf for whatever you’ve done. πŸ™‚

    Wonder Love~

  108. @ blah

    very well said. i would have said the same πŸ™‚

    as for the wonderbang stage, omg it’s their best stage they’ve ever had. i’m loading it right now and it’s gonna be the 7th time i’m watching it.

    goodbye coolsmurf, well actually goodbye HERE. cuz you’re still contuing your other blog no? but anyway, thank you for all the wg info you have provided us. thank you.

  109. AWESOME way to welcome the New Year:3 may I please ask for a download link for my ipod^^ coolsmurf jjang vids~

  110. Let’s put if this way if TOP and Yoobin was together…would who would sing and who would rap…yoobin excel at rapping not singing…it was supposed 2 b this way AND IF PEOPLE CALL HER SLUTS AND WHORES? WAT R THOSE PUSSYCAT DOLLS GIRLS CALLED? wat sunmi did is nothin compared 2 what the American singers did i’m not saying every single American singer is like dat but a lot r more slutier if u called Sunmi a slut…i’m a really big fan of sunmi….in fact i love sunmi and just by hearing people calling her dat it hurts me….cuz i’m a fan…

  111. OMG! i watched their performance like three or four times and im still loving it <333 gosh my favorite have got to be Bae & Sunye then Jiyongie & Sohee so effin cute hehe then i just love <333 what they did to the song ‘So Hot’ haha so freaking adorable lyrics love it….

  112. i love Sunmi to death and it hurts me to see her getting bashed. people call her “slut” and “child prostitute” just from a simple sitting on a lap. it wasn’t even as if she was gyrating off TOP.

    but i like this to be a lesson for Wonderfuls to remember to not treat others the way you don’t want to be treated.

    for those who had previously hated on the other girl groups (Kara, SNSD) and did some nasty name calling, i would like you to know now how it feels to be a fan of your artists and see them being thrown crude words at.

    take it as a lesson and change for the better in this new year.

    lastly, i hope Sunmi is okay. 😦

  113. Take care ;D And thanks for contributing so much to our Wonder Worlds ^^

    Indeed WonderBang owned ! ;D I was so impressed with their stage and like what you said , they’re just too compatible ❀

    Once again , thank you very much ! May 2009 be a Wonderful year for you too as well as for everyone else ;D


  114. omo, i still cant get over wonderbang!!

    haha but i just wanted to thank you for setting up this website and sharing all the news about our girls!
    I really do appreciate your patience and hard work.
    Thank you so much, and Happy New Year Alvin!
    Happy New Year Wonderfuls & VIPS!

  115. I saw it.
    IT WAS SO FREAKING AMAZING, I cannot put it into words.
    It was just phenomenal, I loved it! + thank you for posting!
    Happy New Year to all πŸ™‚

  116. My interest in the Wonder Girls started with Irony, so I was really happy to see their growth through your blogging.

    Thank you, Alvin.

  117. That was a great way to start/end the year!! The performance was sooo good, especially Ye Eun and Daesangs.
    Yoo bin definitely rapped well. And how Sun Mi danced was O_O. So Hee’s performance was really cute, hehe. Sun Ye’s performance was breath taking.

    Take a good long rest wonder girls, you definitely deserve it ❀

    Aww your last post D: We’ll miss you Alvin =[ a big thank you for what you’ve done !

  118. this performance definitley did not dissapoint me!
    i loved it!!!!

    omg, the couples were excellent, the songs were great.
    so much chemistry on stage!
    my two favorite groups together again!!

    forever wonderbang! haha
    only con, i wish it was longer!! πŸ˜€

  119. really no bianess,I liked dae eun perf the most after watching the perf endless times.Their chemistry,passion on stage really drive me crazy!The harmoniness of their voices WAS ALL.Agree with coolsmurf,why don’t just date,LOL.

  120. I really wanted to see a Toobin perf, but Seungbin/Yoori was very cute too.
    Yoobin killed it with the rap and I think she looked so beautiful.
    I hope they get a looooong rest for their hard work.
    I’ll miss them dearly.
    You too Alvin 😦

  121. I loved their performance from begining to end! Every last couple was on fire!

    SunTae-Hot Hot Hot! They move perfectly together!
    YooGri-simply adorable! hehehehe Yoobin sounded really good rapping and Seungri looked sexy!
    HeeDragon-toooo cute! seriously they looked hella adorable I just wanted to pick them up and put them both in my pocket!
    YeSung-Wow their voices sound soooo good together! I wish they would sing together! Oh imagine if they sang Saying I love you together???
    MiTop-WHOA lil SunMi looked like she was going to devour him! hehehehehe….T.O.P has been getting lots of skinships with some top female entertainers lately..hehehehe

    WonderBang Fighting!!!

    Thanks coolsmurf!

  122. i loved it. suntae had to be my favorite. but all couples did good and it was a good way to end wg’s and bb’s activities for the time being.

    THANKS COOLSMURF. I got to know wondergirls through you and i got to like them through you too. although its my own greed that you dont quit, i hope you come back one day….thanks. have a nice year 2009:)

  123. Thank you so much coolsmurf T.T
    Thank you for keeping us wonderfuls up to date of what’s been going on to the WonderGirls!
    Sad that you will end this site but thank you for all you have done for us.

    SUNYE! OMG SO COOL with Taeyang! i also liked big bang’s so hot haha.

  124. Thank you for always keeping us updated with all the Wonder news. It’s sad to see you end the site, but I hope you have a happy new year.


  125. I thought that the WonderBang performances were SO D.AMN HOT! Honestly, people should stop bashing about them. Every single couple I believe, did their very best on stage already. && About the pairings, in my opinion there weren’t any problem with that. They had great chemistry with each other, mostly the TOPMI couple! πŸ™‚ It was sexy (I’m so biased haha). YooRi couple was very fun to watch also, I liked it! DaeEun couple, hands down for them :] SunTae hot hot hot! HeeDragon, cute ❀ Hopefully in the future, there would be more WonderBang :] Lol. WonderBang did not disappointment me either! !

    Thanks coolsmurf for every single effort you put into this site for the Wonderfuls. I’m for sure that many of us are going to miss you a lot. Come back soon! :] I’ll be waiting.

    I LOVED IT!!!
    Thank you so much Alvin for all that you’ve done~! <333
    We’ll miss you. :3

  127. i’m a big rimi fan so i was disappointed that they wouldn’t be performing together, but i was still pleased with at least a fantastic WONDERBANG performance that just left me in awe. my fav was DAEEUN too… their voices meshed so well together and their performance was absolutely spazz worthy 8D they’re going higher on my favorite wonderbang couple for sure!

    and oh no i’m so sad that this will be your last post. but i’ve gotta say that i’m very happy that wonderbang would be your last news here 8] it started with them and now it ends with them. wonderful x]~! thank you so much for all of the news! i always appreciated it and i give you my eternal thanks ^^ happy new year coolsmurf!!

  128. ^ most of those people that are “bashing” sunmi are people that visit gossip blogs. Honestly, don’t listen to them. They’re just bored with life.

    In Korea, I don’t believe anyone is getting bashed.

  129. is Sunmi really getting bashed?… i thought it was a great performance! does it really matter that much that she sat on TOP’s lap… i’m a fan of TOP, and i found it very sexy… hope Sunmi don’t get antis… she is still the dorky, cute Sunmi… hope the comments won’t be too harsh on her…

  130. I disagree with most of you
    I think Yoobin and Seungri were most compatible.
    YooBin delivered really good rapping and
    Seungri with his good singing.
    Its the opposite of what most people would want…
    a girl singer and a guy rapper
    so I thought it was fresh and something new
    their chemistry was hot and they had the best performance to me

  131. Thank you for all your hard work and updates, Coolsmurf. You have turned me into an avid WG fans and I believe you did your mission into turning k-pop fans to WG lovers.

    I wish you a successful year and hope that one day you might consider blogging about another group. ^^

    -Andi ❀

  132. Thanks for all the updates, coolsmurf.

    T_T I’m a bit sad there’s no SunMi soloshot from the last Nobody Remix.

  133. you are right. i am wanting more. thanks again for introducing me to wonder girls. its too bad you cant continue but thank you. best of luck with whatever you do!

  134. it’s undeniable, the sunmi+top pair was FREAKIN HOT!!!!!


    thanks for everything alvin!

  135. i can’t wait to watch it!! thanks for all of your hard work and dedication to making this blog an awesome one! this is one of the first sites i go to whenever i’m online .. im going to be super sad when there will be no more updates 😦

    i hope you come back soon!! have a wonderful new year!



  137. im gonna goo see the vid now. thnx wondersmurf and ur hard work this year! Happy New year to you.. andd if as i said earlier… ill always come on this website every single morning just to see if u change ur mind one day ^^ πŸ™‚
    not kidding. serious. πŸ˜€


    Ohmygooooosh! MiTOP WAS SO HOT! You just can’t deny how sexy that was. Little Sun Mi looking like a little seductress with TOP, being the sexy, cool guy just chillen’. @o@ I KNEW that there was a possibility there. I’ve definitely been one of those who’ve been considering the MiTOP since the beginning.

    I couldn’t feel the chemistry much between SeungBin/YooRi couple though. =[ So sad. I didn’t expect much from them, but I was slightly hoping they’d prove the people wrong that doubted them.

    HeeDragon was freaken’ CUTE! UGH! I just can’t say how much they are so adorable. ^^

    The harmonization between DaeEun was just amazing. It was a beautiful performance, and if I weren’t gushing on MiTOP, I’d say their performance together was the best out of the five.

    I already knew SunTae’s would be good, and they definitely did not disappoint.

    So favorite coupling of the five? MiTOP
    Favorite performance? DaeEun
    Least favorite? I’m sad to say SeungBin/YooRi. =[

  139. Happy New Year to you coolsmurf!

    I wish you really didn’t quit…

    …thanks for everything!

    *Anyone can tell me a good Wondergirls site to feed?

  140. ROFL, it seems like yesterday they just released tell me πŸ™‚
    i hope they do well in america, i’m gonna buy their album like x937528 when it comes out πŸ™‚
    WG forever πŸ˜€

  141. HEEDRAGON<3
    yea. sunmi and TOPs performance was…shocking.
    but they all did well.
    this will be ure last post? awwww please continue posting, i come to read ure posts everyday!

  142. loved every minute of WONDERBANG!
    treasure this year-end forever…
    thank you coolsmurf for being with the journey!
    but please stay for more!
    thank you…

  143. coolsmurf….don’t end this please….

    guess if you still want to end this, thank you sooo much…
    you did the nicest thing for us wonderfuls…thank you.

  144. i dunno about you guys but i think so hee was kinda stiff. sun ye and taeyeang was perfect, and ye eun too.yu bin was very strong!!as for the rest…nah, kinda disappointing.

    I WISH THEY DID THE NOBODY TANGO!!that would’ve been awesome and hot!!!

  145. ONLYYY ASSUMING YOU’LL BE WATCHING IT. please dont feel obligated to but i’m just being silly.

    anyways, i wish you the best of luck forever and ever! don’t stay on hiatus for too long now okay? it’d be a really nice treat to drop in several times and update your wordpress and youtube channel from time to time just so that we know youre alive and kickin` (= (doing well)

  146. OMG the nobody-remix performance, they did it without lypsinching, and it was FAR better than when they DID lypsinch at the MKMF =O I think I liked it better than the WonderBang performance, cuz it was too short πŸ˜›

  147. I didn’t get a chance to watch it live, but it looks dazzling/amazing/sexy/hot/awesome *__* We’ll miss you Wonder Girls! Come back soon!

    … I can practically hear “Officially Missing You” playing in the background. 😦 Farewell, coolsmurf. Hope it’s just for the moment and not forever. Thanks again, with all my heart. Hope 2009 is Wonderful for you!

    what a way to go out with a bang, a wonderbang that is.
    the performances were most definitely the epitome of entertainment.

    we’re all going to miss you coolsmurf!

    are you still going to blog on coolsmurf’s wordpress?
    because i’ll be coming to you for your feedback when full house 2 hits the shelves!


    all the performances were awesome but i loved how cute sohee and g-dragon looked together :]

    I will miss getting my daily dose of wonder girls love here at wonderland. Thank you for everything Alvin.
    you will be missed ❀

  150. eum…we will miss you..^^
    we swear we will..
    kindly give us another wonder girls website that informs us about wonder girls..
    in english as well..cause this website is all i know about Wonder Girls..

    please send it here.




  151. i voted for ye eun and daesung because they had chemistry!! they two are forever my favorites and favorite couple!! ye eun looked beautiful to night!

    to Alvin:
    happy new year and thank you for all for your hard work. you will be missed!! wonder girls wonderland<3333

  152. OMG it’s the return of the sexy Sun Mi from HBD,Ok. She looks good well actually EVERYONE looks good. Gosh looking at the pictures making me excited to watch. Sun Mi looks hot with TOP..lol
    Off to go watch…must find the performances, i should be back to spazz w/ everyone after watching it πŸ˜€

  153. this is the last post? well i should comment it then 😦

    it looks amazing! and im so excited to watch! the wonder girls are an awesome group with their cool performances!

    top is also like a korean edward cullen. lol.

  154. sunmi wear the same dress when shes performe one more time ok so its no a different dress that she wear….

  155. suntae was SOO GOOD.
    like they were so in sync,
    dammit ! πŸ˜€

    DAEEUN man, i seriously love the way yeeun always harmonizes. its beautiful

    I LOVE THEIR OMONA, and sohees smile πŸ˜€

    what can i say for toori lol.
    i know i like toobin and rimi seperate
    but toori was pretty hot too, when yoobin touched seungris face XD

    but.. i think topmi wasnt much.
    they barely did anything.
    cept for sunmi sitting on tops lap >.>

  156. Now that’s how to end 2008!!!! Wow!!!

    Continued success to both groups in 2009!

    Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

    WG FIGHTING in 2009!!!

  157. totally AWESOME!!!! still spazzing! xD! hope to see more from WonderBang in the future.
    thanks so much for Wonder Girls Wonderland!! πŸ™‚ will miss your blog and presence very much.

  158. i think the reason why fans all over the world is infatuated with these two groups together is because of their chemistry and respect for one another. the fact that they added their own taste and twists to each others songs was smart and commendable. certainly, not only do the groups have respect for each other but i believe YG and JYP do so as well. =)

  159. im totaly into deep shit with this collaboration!!! after watching this i cant think straight…waaaaaahhhh I want more wonderbang…..waaaaahhh..they really look good together!!
    so much chemistry…whew!!HOT~HOT…~~~

  160. i liked all of their performance… it was fantastic! but the best was suntae and daeeun! Sunmi and Top was so hot! but she looked uncomfortable… G-hee was very cute! loved Seungri and Yoobin! overall, it was a night to remember! i just hope Sunmi doesn’t get bashed for sitting on TOP’s lap… WONDER BANG HWAITING!!!

    thanks coolsmurf, i hope you change your mind in the future… we wonderfuls are always waiting for your comeback! THANK YOU!!! REMEMBER, ONCE A WONDERFUL ALWAYS A WONDERFUL!!!

  161. goodbye coolsmurf
    thanks for everything
    i’m enjoyed their performance
    but i afraid SunMi will get bashing from netizens
    Please don’t bash her
    she’s followed instruction from pd director only

  162. OH MI GOSH! I love you so much! Ah, the long awaited WonderBang collaboration. But I was a bit disappointed. D: Oh well, it was great, but I didn’t like the pairings but they all did extremely well.

  163. i was surprised/disturbed by top and sunmi’s perf! though daeeun has the best perf among them suntae was still my fav. i didn’t really like seungri and yoobin’s perf. it was kind of weak for me… all of the couples looked so hot together! the best ever!

  164. I was like “OH MY GOD!!” when Sunmi was sitting on TOP’s lap. I was damn shocked. Totally speechless. That was by far the best WonderBang perf I’ve ever seen(it could’ve been better if it’s G-YeXP). DaeEun is by far the most loyal couple(well, that’s cos their love is true LOL)

  165. i actually liked the pairing! seungri and yoobin was HOT.
    TOP and sunmi had suchhhhh good chemistry!
    wonderbang rules the nightt ❀

    coolsmurf, THANK YOU for all your hard work, you truly are Wonderful. i heart this site πŸ˜€

  166. ye eun & dae sung is my fave couple for tonite… their harmonization is great…

    btw alvin thanks for everything…. i guess i’m gonna miss this blog a lot.. once again thank you for everything… :standing ovation:

  167. @Lami,yes thats Seungri’s camera that he carries around.lol,I guess he gave it to her since he was going for the sexy image.BEST WONDERBANG COLLAB EVER!

  168. thank you coolsmurf for everything…and you’re right i’ll probably watch this vid forever and ever.. Good bye and Happy New year to you!

  169. awww. alvin!! is this REALLY gonna be your last post?
    why do you have to stop anyways?!?
    you’re doing a great job…
    and nobody can even compare on how they do wg updates~~
    do you really have to leave?
    you should think it over again!:D
    your fans love you, you know.
    so don’t gooo~~

  170. omg wonderbang is undoubtly the awesomest, i absolutely love the so hot and last farewell remix, they were the bomb!

    as for the couple stages…..Daeeun was the best for me, seriously you can see sparks flying between them, their voices blended well together, the whole performance was well delivered, it was really nice watching them. i think they are the most destined couple in wonderbang (besides G-ye)

    Sunye and Youngbae: they were hot as fire, too bad Youngbae was short compared to sunye in heels….

    Yoobin and Seungri: vocally(verbally(?))-brilliant, though i couldn’t feel the chemistry btw the two.

    Sohee and Jiyong: jiyong looked a lil awkward but overall, very cute.

    Top and Sunmi…WHY???it was a nice performance, but seriously, it was kinda shocking, the whole picture just didn’t seem right…..

    they all derserve a big pat on the back, i really appreciated all their hard work for creating this performance, i hope there will be more wonderbang collabs in the future.

  171. I’m a huge wb fan and your last paragraph about them really made a point. i loved the whole perf!

    now, i’m going to miss you and your blog alvin.
    thanks for everything!

  172. did anybody notice so hees little cam lol
    that was so cute
    really liked heedragon :):)

    suntae really hot
    yoobin and seung ri cool

    daeeun hot hot
    and sun mi top damn πŸ™‚

  173. It was AWESOME!
    YG & JYP please release these songs in mp3 RIGHT AWAY!
    It was SO GOOD but my favorite has to be DaeEun ‘Haru Haru’ ❀


  174. LOVED IT! Best way to kick off 2009!!!

    TOPMi was a shocker! I like it, but a lot of other people don’t seem to be taking it very well.

    Coolsmurf, good luck to ya man =D Hope to see ya around Spectacle or the soompi thread in the future! TAKE CARE ❀

  175. Did anybody notice that every one wearing heels and only So Hee didn’t Lol
    The performance was great but i think it was too short!!! I want moreeee!!!
    Anyway WonderBang hwaiting!!!

  176. I freaking loved it!!!!
    especially SunYe and Taeyang
    DAMN those two.
    perfect, in every aspect.

    YooBin and SeungRi is a bit awkward haha but the part where she touched his face was SEXY~

    then the cute couple, SoHee and GD
    their OMONA is just ❀

    YeEun and DaeSung, the beautiful voice couple
    couldn’t find anything better.

    TOP and SunMi’s part…that was my shocking moment for the night
    I never expect that.

    SO HOT Big Bang version was love haha
    then WG’s “I don’t wanna be without you BOY~”


  177. i cant believe the choreographer(or whoever was responsible) would do that(not going to include spoilers) to TOP and Sun mi @_@

    Wasn’t a big deal personally and I enjoyed the whole performance including their segment, but the reality is there’s going to be backlash so I hope Sun mi will be alright.

    All of them worked hard and put on a good show. ❀

  178. i cant believe sun mi sat on TOP’s lap. i was like wowwwwwww. suntae performance was hot they looked really cute together. yoobin and seung ri i thought were cute together too i liked her outfit. when ye eun at the end touched dae sung by the lips i was like =O so smhexy lol. but my favorite would have to be heedragon’s performance it was so cute! the cute outfits and the dance moves! but i so wanted toobin and rimi. so when i saw TOP and Sun Mi’s performance i was just like :|. but oh well at least i was happy with the other couplings and it was a wonderbang stage.


    it was better than i had ever dreamed!!!
    best collab ever!!!

    WG & BB FTW~~~~<3


    have a happy new year everyone! ^^


  180. Sorry for c/p-ing but I realized I posted on the wrong post… :3

    That was BEAUTIFUL! :3 They worked so hard, and it paid off; the fatigue didn’t show. I really hope they get more sleep after this though. β™₯

    Everyone had their doubts about the couples… but quite honestly, Seungbin & TOPmi looked GOOD. The performance blew my mind; the fact that they performed SO many songs together shows that JYP & YG recognize that WG is for BB and vice versa. LOL :X I was contemplating what songs they’d perform, and had ruled out some of the songs (ie So Hot) because they’d be WAY to girly for BB, but the fact that they remixed the songs & rewrote lyrics just made it soo… epic. And it WORKED :]

    I absolutely love WB, and I really hope we see more of them together in the future! Who CAN’T love it?

    WONDERBANG FIGHTING! β™₯ β™₯ β™₯

  181. omg! i never thought i would see sun mi in that dress again! awesome!

    thanks for everything coolsmurf. so long & happy new year!

  182. *oops. “for seeing” I meant πŸ˜›

    by the way, since it’s your last day with wonderland, do you think you can you put a shoutbox here so fans can put comments and chat?

    just a thought!

    happy new year btw πŸ™‚

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