Wonder Girls @ KBS Gayo Daechuk 081230

And once again for the second year running, I find KBS Gayo Daechuk rather dull. Too many trot stages and old school stuff like what wonderkid said. Many of the singers appeared like more than twice for different items. The Wonder Girls appeared for close to 5 times on the night. But for Wonderfuls, it was great to see the Wonder Girls appear so many times though. Hopefully, all of them ended the night without any health issues. 1 more day to the end of 2008.

Thanks for those who pointed out. Pictures are from rehearsals. There’s ABSOLUTELY no way Sun Ye is going to appear like that without makeup.


Opening cane dance.


Wonder Girls performing Survivor (Destiny’s Childs).


Opening cane dance with Big Bang + Survivor.

Yet another never-ending remix of Nobody.


Ye Eun and Sun Ye singing for Mamma Mia musical performance.


Wonder Girls performs with Park Jung Ah. They then join in together with Lee Moon Sae and Big Bang, singing Sunset Glow to close out the evening.


Less than a day to WonderBang and the end of everything!


60 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ KBS Gayo Daechuk 081230

  1. I like sun ye! ^_^
    but still love each member of the other wonder girls!!!
    “wonder girls is the best”
    “” sun ye hwating spirit””

  2. Umm….. I love wonder girls
    They are very cool!!!!!!!
    Wonder girls are good at dancing and sing a song!!!!

  3. #
    Nina Vo

    No make up ? 😦 So what !? 😀 They are perfect anyway!
    But … Sun ye looks a bit tierd …

    on February 13, 2009 at 1:28 pm Rae Jae

    For me….Sunmi and YeEun look pretty even without make up…
    SoHee,YooBIn and SunYe look pale without make up but then still look cute…>w<

    on February 25, 2009 at 5:56 pm williams meesit

    hi you welcome

    on March 4, 2009 at 10:35 pm knack


    Wonderful! Help!
    please! Vote for Nobody

    Click on the Purple button. You can vote for every 10 seconds

    show Power’s WDF!!

    WDF Fighting !!!!

    on March 25, 2009 at 4:08 pm lhasha

    Cute expressions from Sun Ye and Ye Eun in their Mamma Mia practice/performance XD

  4. For me….Sunmi and YeEun look pretty even without make up…
    SoHee,YooBIn and SunYe look pale without make up but then still look cute…>w<

  5. I watched this show…luckily in show on KBS…haha..
    I went totally crazy with the Wonder Girls and Son Dambi…
    Love the dance battle..
    And when YeEun and SunYe sang honey honey…they so like totally cute…
    Love YeEun’s dress…haha…
    YooBin..erm…no need to said…she is always hot and sexy…haha..
    But then have a little boring…especially at the drama part…
    Overall…the show is good…haha

  6. Poor things…they all look so tired! Their performances were great but it would have been better if they didn’t have to suffer so much because of the close timing of the performances.

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  8. Ahhh
    I saw the club remix for Nobody again.
    And noticed how extremely tired Sunye sounded and looked. :((
    I truly hope our leader Min doesn’t get sick like Hyori or HongKi..
    After the girls went out to the audience to touch the hands of fans (SO JEALOUS), and it was time for Sunye to sing her part she coughed out her words.. ;(
    and at the very end of that perf she stumbled a bit on the stance so she broke the position faster than the others.
    I hope she doesn’t beat herself up for it.
    I’m really worried for them now. 😦

  9. i’ve watched it 2 times! hahahha!

    last night and this morning! on kbs world!


    i love it!

    but they look tired in rehearsal pics, poor them… hix hix…

    because of my enjoyed times, they have to work a lot…

    thank you wonder girls!

    i love you! muah!

  10. I think there’s a small mass of SunTOP shippers there, and I’m sure those pictures will be something worth spazzing out for. Hahaha! ^^ TOP looks creepy with his trench coat and shades though. Hahaha! Looks sketchy. XD

    Sun Mi and Ye Eun look best without make-up in my opinion, and I think that Sun Ye looks fine as she is. Sohee looks cute no matter what. It’s Yoobin that really looks the most different. They weren’t kidding when they said she looks the most different without when WG were on SGB.

    I love Sun Mi’s look the best for the Nobody remix performance. Hohohoho! She looks so pretty. I love her hair and her Madonna look. ^^

    Sun Ye’s dress is also adorabl during the Mamma Mia performance. She looks adorable.

    And finally, I agree. KBS Gayo Daechuks seem to be the most boring for me every year. SBS and MBC are best when it comes to these!!

  11. aww! i absolutely ADORE the pictures of top and sunye together ! they are so cute. it shows how close theyve gotten and how close they are. im happy ^_^ hahaha i think its so cute to see them together joking like that. its absolutely love<3 hahaha

  12. i actually stumbled onto the show last night.hahaha!i didn’t see the cane dance, when was it?
    in the survivor perf, sun ye’s mic thing at the back fell off, she had to hold it later, same thing happened to Rain.

    Ye Eun looked gorgeous in the Nobody perf.so sexy!!!!the girls looked nice in their white dresses.

    but yeah, the entire show was not that spectacular, though i got to see big bang and WG. XD

  13. Oddly enough neither kbs nor sbs released any pics from their gayo shows or at least I haven’t found any. It’d be nice to find some pics from the actual performances.

  14. i didn’t realise they didn’t have their makeup on, lol. i watched this yesterday night and thought they looked gorgeous in their leather outfits. totally didn’t realize that they didnt wear any makeup. our girls are natural beauties :3

  15. Most of these are rehearsal pics LOL
    But man, the girls were so tired. It was so obvious.
    Yet the girls performed well despite the fact ^__^

  16. Sun ye and Ye eun look like cute little girls!! 😀
    I love So hee and Sun mi’s outfit in the red and black :3
    I don’t know what the deal is though with the no make-up.. but oh well, they still look pretty :3

  17. WG without makeup? woah.. look so diff but surprisingly…without makeup just didnt thought of that.. but at least they dont look bad 😀

  18. thank KBS
    i appreciated every single performances from the girls
    i’m still happy watching them but bit of sad too
    Tonight the last performance before they
    long hiatus in kpop..
    this blog also end too
    2008 left joy & nice memorial
    to wonderful

  19. Yup they all look pretty in actual performance
    i love sun mi voice in survivor performance..
    and leader & park oppa voice blend so well too..
    tonight wonder bang.. can’t wait

  20. yeah i agree too many old people. but it was good seeing wonder girls so many times :). i cant believe you really gonna end this…:(… DONT do it Coolsmurf!!…but thank you again for all the latest and pictures and infos on the wonderful wonder girls…im so sad..

  21. These are rehearsal pics, The girls looked completely different in the actual performance!

    In the 2YE performance, Ye Eun’s hair was tied to the side, and Sun Ye had her hair in pig tails.

    In the Nobody remix, Yoobin’s hair at the top was pulled back into a half ponytail, Ye Eun’s hair was tied up.

    In the Survivor, Ye Eun had a flower on the right side of her head. Sun Mi’s bangs were nicely arranged too.

    In the cane dance all the girls had their hair done in semi waves.

    The pics that Alvin is using are from rehearsal. I would know I stayed up to watch it live and thought these pics were from the performance but they weren’t. You can tell the differences.

  22. I saw the opening cane dance of wonderbang & i thought it was the special stage til i came back here to re read & remember it’s MBC that’s having the WonderBang special stage I just got too excited for it…lol

    I’m with you KBS Gayo Daejun was VERY dull. I searched for WGs clips of it & After School’s dance w/ Son Dam Bi. Everything else i just ignored because it just looks too boring. All that’s left now is MBC, hopefully it would be better & gosh I hope After School appears again & 2PM performs.

  23. Without the make-up SunYe looks really tired. SoHee looks the same. SunMi gets cuter. I like SunMi without make-up. YooBin’s skin color is lighter. YeEun features aren’t shown as much but she looks the same.

    I don’t really understand the no make-up concept. Maybe it was because there artist was on vacation, but then I think that they can do there own make-up. Then I figured that since they did so many dances and outfit changes, it wouldn’t make sense to always have to change the make-up. It’s really a waste.

    Thanks coolsmurf. I’m gonna miss this.


    Note: I love saying that.

  24. naw,those are pix from the performance or if it was rehearsal why would they fix hair but not make up…

    sunye..looks very tired …

  25. dkjasdkasj oh the anticipation!!! … but it’s also bittersweet, because they’ll be gone for awhile and you’ll be gone too. T__T Wonder Girls fighting! Wonderfuls fighting! coolsmurf fighting!

  26. Coolsmurf, I think you posted some rehearsal pics coz I watched the show and all of them had make-up and T.O.P didnt wear like that in the opening

  27. wow was their makeup artist on vacation? i dont mind though. they are still so pretty. i actually didnt like the kbs gayo daejun. it seems so randomly put together. they did better yest for interest level. today didnt do it. i hope tm would be better.

  28. Oh! I really like the salsa dresses in survivor performance. 🙂
    Ye Eun looked majorly gorgeous! I’m so jealous! haha. 😀
    Anyway, I can’t wait to watch the Nobody Remix & Honey Honey performance!

  29. I think Ye Eun & Sun Mi look the best without make-up. 😉
    But, ALL of them look gorgeous either way!
    I really like the salsa twirl dresses they reminded me of home!(Mexico) 😀

  30. Ye Eun looked so good in every outfit and every picture, and goshhh sunmi finally looks like she’s putting on a little weight xD I havn’t seen the nobody remix or the mama mia perf. yet but the survivor performance was really cool =D

  31. Woah.
    I totally missed this on account of there was no way I could stay up but..
    At least our girls came on so many times! lol
    I have to say (and it’s probably biased thinking again) but MiSo looks the best without makeup probably cause they’re the youngest.
    SunMi still looks gorgeous. Sohee still looks as cute as ever.
    And then for me Yoobin looks the most different
    And SunYe looks so tired.. 😦
    Yeeun doesn’t need makeup! She’s soooooooooooooo pretty!!!!!!!!!
    Can’t wait to watch the perfs…
    So many remixes of Nobody..

    thanks coolsmurf

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