The Hard Work That Wonder Girls Are Putting In for Year-End Gayo Festivals

The year-end gayo festivals organized by the 3 main Korean tv broadcasters SBS, KBS and MBC in the final 3 days of each year have always been a treat for us fans especially as we end the year on a high note (hopefully for all).


But as some of us are enjoying while others go to great lengths to bash them, they don’t quite understand the stress and hard work that all the artistes have put in for their back-to-back stages over the course of 3 consecutive days. As you can see, it’s almost the same lineup for each gayo festival which includes Jewelry, Rain, MC Mong, Wonder Girls, Big Bang, Kim Jong Kook, etc.

Take the Wonder Girls for example. They had to re-create 3 different versions of Nobody for each gayo festival. This is in addition to the extra stages that they have to perform. For the KBS Gayo Daechuk last night, WonderBang cane dance, Sun Ye and Ye Eun was in the Mamma Mia stage, the Survivor stage, stage with Park Jung Ah and then Lee Moon Sae. Sun Ye had an additional Stand Up For Love stage at the SBS Gayo Daejun. Then the Wonder Girls will have a special collaboration with Big Bang for tonight’s MBC Gayo Daejun.

The Wonder Girls manager expressed, “After ending their (Wonder Girls) performances at 12am, they have to head straight for rehearsals with Big Bang for tonight’s (MBC Gayo Daejun) performance until 5 in the morning. Then they have minimal sleep before heading to MBC at 9am for rehearsals.

So before you bash someone, try to understand their hard work and effort. Granted that they don’t need to do these, they are just trying their best to give a good show. Lee Hyori and Lee Hong Ki (F.T. Island) have already been hospitalized due to fatique and I hope that’s it for this year. Wishing them all good health for the last day of 2008 and a good WonderBang performance.

credit: skye@soompi/Ariel (translation)


61 thoughts on “The Hard Work That Wonder Girls Are Putting In for Year-End Gayo Festivals

  1. Oh gosh, thank goodness they’re traveling and doing their concerts now. It seems like they’re resting more and having a lot of fun with their friends in the States this year =]

  2. WHAT’S UP WONDER BOYS??? what the hell u saying that…
    BIGBANG is the greatest boyband whole korea….
    they never do miming in they’re perfrmance…
    they are the best …so they are really suit WG…
    instead the WONDER BOYS u mention in philips…???
    who are they???we don’t even know them….iuu…
    so chill man…..

  3. hope that WG will always be the best all-girls group….
    frankly,they are better than other Hollywood all-girls group out there..lololol….
    so wish them for the best in life n carreer….

  4. Nossa, eu acho massa as Wonder Girls e junto com Bing Bang vão dar show……. Lindos

    Beijinhos pra todos………………….

  5. how can u say big bang is dirty and ugly?? they are hot and handsome they got alot award too ….
    u must be crazy
    for me wonderbang is the best

  6. wonder girls is not for big bang..
    big bang is dirty,they are all ugly..
    wonder girls is for wonder boys in phillippines,carlatan San fernando city, La union..

  7. I’m sad that they’ll stop promoting for awhile..but it’s a good news that they will stop for a that they can rest and for the next promotion they will be smoking again on stage..!!!

    how stressful..!Wondergirls will be so tired..!

    after perf- rehearsal until 5AM..???!
    minimal sleep???!
    then going to MBC for another rehearsal in 9AM???!

    don’t make them so exhausted..!!!I pray for them a good health..GODBLESS you Wondergirls on your career..!!!

  8. MYGOSH 😦 .
    it`s so cool. you can feel the love of Wonder Girls for their fans [us] , they`re really working hard. And their sleep, it`s not even a sleep. >___< Maybe some kind of long nap.
    And Big Bang too, aww.

    WonderBang FIGHTING !! ❤

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  10. i know… all of the artist have tried their very best! and i hate in when some people don’t appreciate the work they put in… especially the antis, they are human too… just because their performance was not perfect, at least they had the effort to do their best! i hope they all have a good rest… DBSK really need some rest they are working all the time!

  11. i feel bad for the celebs and we all think they have it so easy . dbsk had it worst after they performed something they had to go to japan and back . i think 08 was a good year for fans but tiring for celebs

  12. omg! I don’t get why anyone would bash on those hard working performers!
    I hope the girls are well and healthy to start off the new year! ^_^

  13. @ beyza

    it was a handful to even deal with people bashing wonder girls on his blog but another thing to take his whole life away. he updates this blog constantly not to mention that he’s super fast. he’s not a robot and therefore, he is taking his own time to give information to fans like you. he needs to take a breath too. he has a life and i’m sure that he’ll keep supporting wonder girls in the future. let’s not be a burden for him.

    wonder girls HAS been hospitalized in the past but personal fans really don’t care if they are in a bad condition to perform. nothing satisfies them enough.

  14. ohmy.. i hope no any artists will be hospitalize or sth esp for the WG!!! They seem to have more perfs and works than the other artsits!! For Sunye!! i hope ALL artists will remain healthy and thnx for the hardworks!! We enjoyed it 🙂

  15. i totally agree with this post.
    these ppl who just bash and don’t know what’s the girls and all the other stars really doing – for make the amazing festivals, gayos and all the shows for us – these bashers i hope someday they’ll live through what the girls live.. and then they can meet with all the hard feelings what these stars always feel when they get those bad comments.
    i also dunno what they are going through but i can imagine and i can respect them about that. i really hope Hyori and HongKi will get well soon and other artist won’t hospitalized.
    Fighting all Kpop artists~~!

    this picture is from last years music bank. you can see in the up right corner ,,music bank 2007″. i think it’ll be Sunmi+Top and Seungri+Yoobin again just like yesterday.

  16. “After ending their (Wonder Girls) performances at 12am, they have to head straight for rehearsals with Big Bang for tonight’s (MBC Gayo Daejun) performance until 5 in the morning. Then they have minimal sleep before heading to MBC at 9am for rehearsals.”

    Whoa, I would die with that kind of schedule. They REALLY deserve a break.

  17. Hi Coolsmurf.
    I just wanted to tell you something, I hope you will read this (there are so much comments).
    I really think you make a mistake if you close Wonder Girls Wonderland.
    You said that there are other english sources – but there aren’t! Spectacle is just a fansit – sorry, it’s a beautyful fansite 😉 – but there are no updates, no news. And Soompi is a chaotic forum.
    You’re site is the best. If I write “Wonder Girls” in Google, your site is number 2/3!
    I love your site! It’s so sad that you don’t continue because of such a banal reason (in my opinion it is a banal reason)!
    Without your site I won’t get news from the Wonder Girls which is just Shit.
    And I am from Germany, which, I think, is far away from Korea.
    Good Bye. 😦

  18. I can’t believe this will be the last day of your post…I really tune in to you for WG news and updates…dunno where to go now…

    Hope you’ll do a comeback too. =(

    For WG and BB, hwaiting!!!

  19. i really hope that after all of this performance s they will have some really good & more than enough of sleep ^_^ please do rest well Wonder Girls & come back with a BANG! lol haha….i am so gonna miss this site alvin T_T

    i really hope you will also make a comeback just like WG lol….i am hoping for it….

  20. Before bashing ask yourself if you can do better than them.If you can’t then just stfu.Bashers are just retards hiding behind screens.

  21. gosh..this haters need to get a life..
    poor our girls..they put out so many effort but then people are not grateful with it..
    n yeah..i glad they will stop promoting after this..they need a long rest..

    wondergirls hwaiting!!!
    hope hyori unnie n hong ki oppa get better soon…

  22. I agree 100% with your post. it is hard to do what they are doing. It is actually amazing to come out with a semi flawless performance after just a day of rehearsal. people should understand. bashers and antis are so narrow minded

    btw…in the picture it’s RiMi and TooBin…so that’s the final pairing?

  23. Thank you stars who have been working so hard the past couple days. I hope Hyori and FT Island get better soon. I can’t wait to watch the thing live later this morning (EST)

  24. but i don’t think KBS Gayo daejun is dull! ^^

    i think sbs is more boring ^O^

    ( because less WG perf.! hahahhah!)

  25. kbs goyo daejun last night was amazing!

    many wonder girls! hahahah!

    sun ye was the busiest, i guess… she appeared alot!

    every their performance was wonderful!

    sure that they must practiced alot!

    and more important is that: they always be freshing in front

    of audience!

  26. wow, what they’re doing is awesome, considered many people bash them D:
    but many people also support them~
    thank youuu artists!~
    hope Lee Hyori & Lee Hong Ki get better :]

  27. Coolsmurf,
    please don’t stop.
    This was a heart touching post.
    We all know your love for the Wonder Girls.

  28. i hope NO wonderbang members are fainted and hospitalized….

    wonder girls…


  29. oh gosh! reading this makes me feel sooooo bad for them.. and yeah,a lot of haters really don’t know what these artists go through and yet they keep on throwing hurtful words as if they’re all that. Hopefully, they all get to REEEEEEST after this! Hope Hyori gets better!

    WONDERBANG hwaitiiiiiing!!!

  30. I’m really glad that you posted this coolsmurf.
    Since I’ve heard lots of bashing about our girls
    a lot lately. Honestly, it needs to stop for I know
    that they took lots of practices to be able to
    give us all these great performances. It takes
    lots of effort and others need to know that.
    Wow, 5 AM in the morning? Which means from
    5am -9am around 4 hours of sleeping time!
    That’s so crazy. Our girls needs lots of rest!
    I’m glad that they’re going to take some a break,
    because their health is important too.
    Wonder Girls Hwaiting! & Big Bang oppas too!
    Can’t wait to watch the performances, the
    last one too… sadly enough 😦
    WonderBang ❤

  31. Wow. I hope they all at least get to go home to their families to spend New Years with them since they’ve worked so hard this year T__T

    They deserve a HUGE break.
    I hope JYP realizes that.. >_<

    Hang in there WG<3
    Just one more night~

  32. yeah i feel bad for them also…those people in popseoul and allkpop are annoying they never said anything nice about our girls. and always bashing..other artists too…so i quit going to their website cuz it’s freaking annoying and they just ignorant people. anyway..i hope everyone have a goood rest and healthy also..thanks coolsmurf for this post.

  33. Wow! It’s good that today will be the last day and than they can have a really well deserved rest =D And more sleep too lolz.

    Ah I hope that they are still in good health after all this =D

    WonderGirls Hwaiting! Coolsmurf Hwaiting!

  34. Just one more night for all of these artists & then they can rest for awhile. Hopefully their agencies will let them rest for awhile.

    I wish WG will perform So Hot as well but doesn’t look like it. I’m just looking forward to all the performances again see what everyone has planned. Different from the others.

    To all artists, wish you all the best of luck & hope everyone gets the well deserved rest after this.

  35. I really agree with you.
    I hope after these performances, the wonder girls get to have a good rest.

    Anywayz, just wondering, how they get clear skin when they’re that stressed and they don’t even get 8 hours of sleep???

  36. i hope our girls can endure their tiredness till tonight…
    don’t get sick gals.
    they will also perform another nobody remix
    i hope ye eun Rnb remix

  37. oh my goodness.. i hope they got enought rest.. i cant imagine all the hard work they’ve been through… T___T
    i hope lee hyori will get well soon…
    come on stop the bashing and everything…

  38. omg poor wg. imagine performing and then heading to rehearsal at 12 am till 5 am. omg!:(

    i’m glad you pointed this out coolsmurf, hopefully haters can stop bashing. especially here on your blog.

  39. i can really feel how immensely big bang and wonder girls’ efforts were in these festivals… they did an awesome job and i cannot wait until tomorrow so they can finally finished everything off with a bang and get their well deserved rest! wonderbang fighting!!!!

    After ending their performances at 12am, they had to head straight for rehearsals with Big Bang for tonight’s performance until 5 in the morning. Then they have minimal sleep before heading to MBC at 9am for rehearsals.
    @_@ omg~~
    Go WonderGirls!!!!! You can do it!! Fighting!!

  41. damn straight…. nobody nobody but nobody should bash on wondergirls for they ALWAYS try their best to put up a good performance. every performance they do they do their best! even when “WE” clearly see them tired in their performance they deserve the best of the best support from Wonderful fans.

    For these past 2 gayo performances they put up the best performances ever!! gotta love the Wondergirls for making their fans so happy!

    WG ❤ 4Ever

    P.S. I will miss this site Wonderland… had this my homepage too ^^

  42. WHAT!?
    Who in the world is bashing our girls?
    I haven’t heard of anything but then again I’ve been a bit busy I haven’t even been able to watch the shows live.
    I heard about Hyori and HongKi and I hope they’re doing ok.. 😦
    Oh my god I hope our girls are ok that’s insane!
    Much strength to them and I can’t wait until they get to officially rest even though that would mean the end of their promotions.
    I think it would be worth it to know that they could get more than 4 hours of sleep.
    Well anyway I cannot WAAAAIT until the WonderBang perf and whether it wasn’t up to expectations I know I will LOVE it. One of the many reasons being that they worked so hard for it.
    Thanks for showing your support throughout the end coolsmurf.
    I’ll miss you :(.

  43. Thank you for this. Those words you say, is how I am feeling. People need to understand the hard work, effort and dedication all the artistes are making to put on the best show for us -not just the wonder girls. People need to just sit back and enjoy the show.

    BTW, is it inevitable that you are leaving? Is this a LONG hiatus like the WGs or is this for permanent? (please say LONG hiatus…)

  44. aish, honestly, I’m really glad that the girls are gonna stop promotions. Yes, I’ll be sad that I won’t get to see em as often, but I don’t want them passing out on me X__X

    I really hope the girls get a good rest and stay healthy, especially during their performances

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