Wonder Girls Will Stop Promotions After 31st December 2008

Mark the date, 31st December 2008. That will be the day when the Wonder Girls stop promoting (and also Wonderland, pure coincidence).

Wonder Girls @ 2008 SBS Gayo Daejun

JYP Entertainment expressed in an interview, “There will some big breakthroughs (performances) in the year-end Gayo Daejuns. At the same time, promotion plans for the Wonder Girls in 2009 haven’t been set yet.

After their success this year with So Hot and Nobody, the Wonder Girls will be taking a break in the New Year and after before setting out again. Plans for an album release in mid 2009 are in the planning stages right now.

According to the JYP representative, “We haven’t set on a concept yet as the Wonder Girls are now focusing all their energies for their thrilling performances at the year-end festivals, so please wait in anticipation.”


29 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Will Stop Promotions After 31st December 2008

  1. AWWWW!!!
    so sad wonder girls has to leave
    but im ssssssssooooooo excited that they will come becuz u know and i know that they r the best
    plus no offenses to snsd but critics are saying that wonder girls wanna give other groups a chance to strut wat they’ve got
    agen no offense to snsd but watch out gurls cuz wg is comin back n they are bigger than ever……………..
    n as always they will hit the stage as korea’s ultimate group!!!WG HWAITING!!!!!!!!!!!

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    This is difficult to say, but I think I’ll miss Wonderland more than Wonder Girls because I know we’ll see more of Wonder Girls in the future but not HERE!!! =[

  4. Goodbye Wonder Girls please rest some and come back with an even brighter fire in 2009!!

    Coolsmurf wish you well in whatever you do! Thanks for helping 2008 a year full of WONDER!!! Have a great new year!!!!

    Wonder Girls and CoolSmurf fighting!!!!

  5. Wow,
    I actually can’t believe you’re leaving.
    It just doesn’t make sense to me at all.
    I guess you just don’t feel like it anymore.
    Which isn’t an amazing excuse but oh well.
    I don’t know what to say
    because this really does kill me.
    I still have hope you will maybe change your mind.
    But I guess that hope doesn’t help anymore.

  6. I disagree : You have to continue to give us the best website about WG ! It will miss me so much !!! I discover WG because of you and now you wanna leave…? NO ! (lol)

    I hope your next year will be as awesome as it should be as a gift because keeping this site like u did was a HARD job so u deserve some rest !

    As WG who had the biggest year ever : they worked hard… too hard sometimes, So Hee illness during So Hot era, Yoo Bin voice problem… etc… but it paid !
    I can’t wait to see what they’ll prepare next !!!

    2009 have to be the year for confirm their supremacy as the best and biggest girl group from Korea !

  7. Thank you very much coolsmurf!!!

    without you, i would never learn to love these girls!!!

    HAPPY 2009!!!!!

    WONDER GIRLS FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I suppose theres no more way in stopping you from ending wonderland.
    I guess i have more to look forward when Wonder Girls are gonna come back with another awesome concept and song.

    Thank you so much for showing me Wonder Girls. Without you i probably wouldnt even like Wonder Girls as much as i do now.
    Thank you!

  9. Ah gosh I’m gonna miss the girls so much…Darn it…I think I already missing them. wonder bakery already ended and the wonderland will end as well. that’s really sad…I will miss this site too. This is the center of updates about the girls (english)…with out this how can i have a quick update with what the girls are doing…yap there are sites made for individual members but that was a bit scattered and not centralized… I prefer wonderland more…TT TT…

    But what im i going to do…you already decided…more power coolsmurf…

  10. THANK YOU COOLSMURF FOR EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE! I wouldn’t have been such a hardcore WG fan without all the news you provided, you will be greatly missed, hope to see you around though! Happy new Year!

    hahah ~ i like stephanie’s comment =)

  11. wait, I thought they were going to the States? and previously, they said no mini-album/single for the first half of 2009.

    so what’s correct?

  12. to coolsocksrocks…stop?? EVERY artist album has a concept. -_-

    I can’t wait to see their other perf. and we’ll all be waiting for their comeback. 😀

  13. something random.. anyone notice a pattern on the girls’ leg skin colors? lol..
    wonder girls and alvin have been awesome this year! it’s time they rest because they deserve it. later in the year, i’ll look forward to their comeback (please comeback alvin!)!!! 😀

  14. Ahhh…
    2009 is reaaaallly going to be a lonely year like kjpop said.
    The girls’ll be on break until prob late Jan? Then off to the US for half a year.
    I guess it does give the other girl groups a chance to be best girl group of the year again..
    Although when WG comes back to Korea they’ll probably blow away everyone with a whole new raging hit and get the award again. :P.
    And of course coolsmurf is leaving so I’ll get all my news days after it happened!
    Well can’t wait for the end of the years gayo daejun performances!

    thanks coolsmurf

  15. Album in the works for early 2009? That’s the best news I’ve heard all day! Can’t wait!

    ..and – I miss you already, coolsmurf. T__T

  16. excited for it. but boo.
    no more wondergirls.
    no more wonderland.
    no more coolsmurf.
    =( its okay though. i know im still gonna be seeing you around here and there ^_^ lols
    i heard big bang is gonna be in america for the first half of 2009 too. coincidence? i think not ! lol but yeah. cant wait for the other two daejuns. as 2008 comes to an end… so does wonderland, wondergirls, and coolsmurf. BOOO T_T

  17. Man, i was hoping u had changed ur mind. Guess not. 2009 is gonna be a really lonely year. WGs are gone for a good portion and now coolsmurf. Man, gloomy already.

    I know the girls will perform their hearts out at the end of the year gayos. It’s practically like a farewell since they’re stopping promotions.

    Good luck & best wishes to the girls and to you, coolsmurf.

  18. zhey dream concert are always at june…

    But i hope they will have a new album so they can perform at dream concer * cross finger*

  19. This makes it safe for other girl groups to come back I guess =o) this is so kind of them to give those other groups a chance. ^^ I’ll miss them ^^

  20. good bye wonder girls
    take rest & recharge the energy back
    we will wait WG comeback

    good bye coolsmurf
    we’ll be missing you
    all the best for you

    is that true for wonderbang stage at mbc
    they will change pairing
    i read in soompi
    Please god.. don’t let this happen
    ilove their original couple

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