Wonder Girls @ SBS Gayo Daejun 081229

It was a night of remixes at the 2008 SBS Gayo Daejun held last night at Kintex in Ilsan, Seoul. Billed as the biggest year-end music festival because of its impressive lineup, the Wonder Girls was among the many performers on the night. Most of the performers did remixes of their songs on the night.


The Wonder Girls performance was pretty much kept in secret with no mention of what they would be doing while there were no pictures from the afternoon rehearsals. I was expecting the unexpected from the Wonder Girls. They appeared in Part 2 of the music festival and surprised with a unique opening which saw them dressed in Marie Antoinette inspired outfits. They then did a little dance before retreating behind the curtains and then returning to the stage in military styled outfits. They did a futuristic remix of Nobody which we heard a little at the 2008 GDA and it was pretty good with new dance cheoreography. Nice, refreshing and power performance.

Earlier on, Sun Ye had her Diva stage together with Tae Yeon and Davichi. Decent performance with a cover of Destiny Child’s Stand Up For Love. Sun Ye actually didn’t have much lines as the other 3 but she did great belting out whatever little lines she had. Love her long hair and glittery dress.

Looking forward to the KBS and MBC Gayo Daejuns.


48 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ SBS Gayo Daejun 081229

  1. Well…i watched the show already…
    Love their Marie Antoinette’s clothes..
    and love their futuristic Nobody songs…
    Unique….encore to JYP for creating a good song…

  2. Whoa. That was so cool. During their Marie Antoinette part, I kept thinking, “B-A-N-A-N-A-S!” from Gwen Stefani’s song because that’s where they got the beat. Hahaha!

    “Nobody” is so universal. Although the mixes they’ve done are variations from the 5-in-1 remix, it’s still so cool! The military choreo was derived from Yoobin’s 5-in-1 version, too, which is similar to the dance she did for Wonder Girls’s second fan meeting.

  3. honestly aha, i was like totally shocked when i saw what they were wearing in the intro.. o_o
    woot another remix.
    and the standup4love perf was awesome, sunye+Taeyeon 😀
    but i have to say Davichi are really good singers.

  4. part of the dance was from yoobins solo performance in their 2nd fan meeting if anyone has realised…the one where she rapped and performed a hip hop routine
    like the outfits

  5. I loveddd the Nobody remix perf.
    I don’t think people understand they their whole concept was to have a cold/emotionless/serious facial expressions.
    That’s why their outfits were military style.
    If the audience didn’t distinguish their passion through their dancing, then they are brainwashed idiots who failed to appreciate good entertainment.
    I think WG was one, if not THE best performance of the night.

    No fair to Yoobin for receiving the least camera time bc she looked amajing that night.

    Unlike everyone else, I think Sun Ye was the least strongest in her Stand Up For Love perf. (maybe bc she was still sick?)
    Major props to Davichi, though, who executed the song with perfection.
    No bias bc I didn’t even know they existed until this perf.
    Destiny’s Child would be proud.

  6. wow, i think it’s been a loooonnggg time since WG performed live with a fast beat and fast dance steps, like their first song IRONY.
    um…to stiff but very original.

    that military outfit, HOTNESS!!!they looked so sexy, so mature.now, pair that with BIG BANG in red military outfit (like the nut cracker), tae yang wore it in one of there recent performances. yeeeaahhhh!!!!

  7. i loved the perf!!!
    OH MY SUNMI!!!SO hot as a blondie!and look at that fake mole!haha
    cant wait for mbc and kbs!

  8. didn’t anyone sing along “A few times I’ve been around that track So it’s not just gonna happen like that Because I ain’t no hollaback girl uh! I ain’t no hollaback girl” when the fan dance came on in the beginning? lol maybe it’s me

  9. i LOVED the performance!! but did anyone else notice that some of the moves were from yoobin’s solo dance at their fan meeting??? hehehe….

    but sunye is fierce!!! demands attention when she steps on!! the girls killed it!! loving the military outfits also.

  10. waaahh! what great performances from our wonder girls :]
    honestly, i thought they did a great job despite the fact that the dancing kinda of threw them off. overall, their stage present was fantastic! sun mi can pull anything off with her husky voice & our 2ye did a very good job also. (leader ye has lots of energy) poor yoobin, less camera time i would say. & haha, did our cutie sohee fell? >.< wonder girls hwaiting!! looking forward to the next 2 gayo daejun.

  11. I loved their opening!!! and they really showed their dancing skills with this nobody performance!!!

    Leader Min did great with her performance with the other girls….although I wish they would let Ye Eun do some special stages too! She is my favorite vocally!

  12. The concept was good, but the execution was okay. I still think their MKMF performance was just off the charts AMAZING, though.

  13. wow! this version is sunmi’s part in Bonsang, right?

    so cute! super cute!

    and their outfits are awsome!

    sun ye is soooooo beautiful!

    she is the best among 3 others!

  14. I loved the military outfits! LOL @ sohee slanting over right at the end!

    And yeah, Sunye was really powerful with her dance, it looked freakin awesome ^^

    The Stand up perf gave me goosebumps…

  15. omgomg!! i watched the entire thing last night~~ but i swear, sohee looked freaking cute!!!!!!!!!! and on the very last position they have, where the song stops, sohee fell~~AHHHHHHHH SO EFFING CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you can see it in the video around 4:28, i swear, i was like screaming my head off at how cute she looked~~^^god i love Sohee and the Wondergirls~~<3

  16. @Lami
    i think everyone focused on leader is not because she’s in the middle position, it because Powerful’s dance suit her the most, and she do it great, Yaah! she not sung the most, she got her lines same with yeeun, and if i’m not wrong the cameramans always foucused on 2ye, not only our leader, but poor yubin she got the least camera times, i’m barely saw her….

    Sunye’s one and half lines in stand up for love is so beautiful along with her hair ^^

    looking forward to the next perf. ^-^

  17. LOVED their military-inspired outfits in the first performance! They looked so bold and sexy, especially after the odd ballgowns at the beginning XD The blonde wigs were (kind of) cute though… Stellar performance!

    And then Leader Min totally blew me away in the Diva stage. I’m don’t think I’m being biased because I absolutely love Davichi – but to me, Sunye’s delivery was the most powerful. Way to go, girls!!!

  18. the first performance – sunye was really impressive. sohee sort of lost her balance at the end of the performance but overall i think it was awesome. such great energy and a powerful performance once again. ;D

  19. @Lami
    that wasnt sunye in the middle. that was a girl from davichi
    sunye was at the far right side of your screen and sang the least.

  20. LMFAO!
    Veryy nice
    I can’t believe they kept it such a secret!
    Marie Antoinette.. wow.
    Futuristic Nobody!!!!! LOL!
    Love it
    wgfangirl is right. It’s just pure love.
    I’m so looking forward to the other Gayo Daejun shows.
    SunYe was FANTASTIC!
    And I still think she took the stage completely.

    thanks coolsmurf

  21. Watch it live yesterday and OMG!
    Was so looking forward to part 2!
    Especially WG, BoA and DBSK!!
    Omg! I love yesterday’s nobody remix!!
    Thanks for the fast upload!

  22. i was so mad that they didnt do a close up of
    yoobin during the intro thinggggggggg ! freakin
    camera mannnnnfcgvsEWQF! but all of them look gourgeous and beautiful. i love their black outfits,
    and sun ye’s a really good dancer!

  23. im a bit sad they didn’t do a close up of yoobin in the ‘marie antionette’s costume’.. 😥
    lol @ yeeun when she pointed during her high note.. it was like she was going to kill someone.. haha~ so fierceful.. the performance was fierce! i loved it!! ❤

  24. ”They did a futuristic remix of Nobody which we heard a little at the 2008 MKMF ”
    Its Golden Disk honey

    Love everything
    the nobody perf was great
    even though sun ye didnt had much lines
    she did great

  25. everyone was focused on sunye because she was in the middle 🙂 lol 🙂 and sung the most

    i want to see more from so hee sun mi yeeun and especially yoobin 😦

    great performance but i want more sohee sunmi yeeun yoobin
    maybe we see more of them in the next performance
    i hope so 🙂 that would be great 🙂


  26. I love it !!!!!!!!!!
    I love the military outfit and the choreography !!!!!!!
    Yeah Sunye was in her element very outstanding !!

  27. just a thought, what if they did performances for
    all the remixes from the mkmf 5 in 1 perf.

    like the club and jazz and r&b and hip hop remixes
    omg! i would looovvveee it! 😀


    Wonder Girls are always coming back with fresh images and remixes that I don’t think I have enough energy to fangirl!!! LOL

  29. in their nobody perf Sun Ye had the most emotion while performing..the wg girls were so charismatic XD

    i like this performance a lot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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