Wonder Girls MNet Wonder Bakery Episode 8 Photos (81P) 081229

MNet.com official HQ pictures of the Wonder Girls on their reality tv show Wonder Bakery shown on 24th December (finale episode). Mostly of Sun Ye and Yoo Bin with their patissier partners vying for champion. Also include photos from their post-production celebratory party. Try to just download and not view the pictures as yet if you haven’t finish watching, spoilers are in here.


As there are a staggering 81 pictures, so posting just a few samples.



Download (4shared) | password: wondergirls.wordpress.com


9 thoughts on “Wonder Girls MNet Wonder Bakery Episode 8 Photos (81P) 081229

  1. i just saw the show on youtube!, what a great show,

    sohee is so funny, and yoo bin so cuteeee, congrats to her

    and partner for win.

    i hope they going to have a season2!!! cant wait xd

  2. Wait…isnt in ep 7 YooBin partner’s already change with YeEun?
    Based on the pictures…they only changed partners during that only?
    Omo…thats good….YooBin can go to the finale…
    Hope she win….she and her partner have good chemistry…
    Havent watch the finale yet…because havent have subbed yet..huhu

  3. LOL@SunMi in 2nd pic.
    Hahahahha she’s such a cute dork.
    I absolutely LOVED her outfit in this last episode.
    Her hat was so cute I wish i ahd one!
    Poor girls though they must be freezing!
    Wearing skirts and shorts. Geez.
    I hope they’re warmer now. 🙂

    thanks coolsmurf

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