Wonder Girls and Big Bang MBC Gayo Daejun Special Stage Details

1 year on, the Wonder Girls and Big Bang will be collaborating again at the 2008 MBC Gayo Daejun. Starting from 9.55pm to 1.30am (KST) in the morning, the 215 minute MBC Gayo Daejun will see most of Korea’s top singers performing and counting down to 2009 with Korea and the rest of the world.


The Wonder Girls and Big Bang had collaborated in a Grease musical last year at the MBC Gayo Daejun and will be teaming up again this year, with some experience in the bag already. G-Dragon – So Hee, Sun Ye – Tae Yang and Ye Eun – Dae Sung couples will remain the same like before. But there are changes to the other 2 couples unfortunately: Yoo Bin – Seung Ri and T.O.P. – Sun Mi. They will be performing with a closer and friendlier atmosphere because of their close bonds developed from their previous collaborations in 2007.

It has been revealed that each couple are rigorously practicing/training. Individual couples are practising for their individual couple performances.

Big Bang and the Wonder Girls will perform each of their respective hit songs and create a totally different feel that’s as great as the original. WonderBang stated with confidence, “This new stage that we are performing will be totally different from our previous collaborations, please wait in anticipation.”

credit: kris@soompi


96 thoughts on “Wonder Girls and Big Bang MBC Gayo Daejun Special Stage Details

  1. i think it makes sense.
    for top and sun mi
    nd seung ri and yoobin
    y wud they want to put 2 rappers into the same song rite?
    it’d be just a rap song, and it’d be weird if nobody had 2 rappers, and especially for lies to have 2 rappers.

    but overall, I LOVE HEEDRAGON TOGETHER<3!
    sorry i’m more of a heedragon fan, and i love sohee the most. and i am a RIMI FAN TOO ;D!
    i honestly think tht sun ye looks WAY/REALLY WELL with taeyang. tht’s my opinion. and TOOBIN. AND AND DAEEUN! ;D!!!

  2. That was BEAUTIFUL! :3 They worked so hard, and it paid off; the fatigue didn’t show. I really hope they get more sleep after this though. ♥

    Everyone had their doubts about the couples… but quite honestly, Taebin & TOPmi looked GOOD. The performance blew my mind; the fact that they performed SO many songs together shows that JYP & YG recognize that WG is for BB and vice versa. LOL :X I was contemplating what songs they’d perform, and had ruled out some of the songs (ie So Hot) because they’d be WAY to girly for BB, but the fact that they remixed the songs & rewrote lyrics just made it soo… epic. And it WORKED :]

    I absolutely love WB, and I really hope we see more of them together in the future! Who CAN’T love it?


  3. I’m watching it right now.
    Sunye and Taeyang performed Irony,
    Yoobin and Seungri performed Lies,
    G-Dragon and Sohee performed Tell Me,
    Daesung and Yeeun performed Haru Haru,
    Sunmi and TOP performed Nobody (Sunmi sat on TOP’s lap!!!)

  4. why they change?!



    i just hope they just be interchangeable like heedragon and suntae and not permanent


  5. Uh, WHOA WHOA, buddy, here… I can’t believe they would change the most popular couplings: RiMi and Toobin… ESPECIALLY Toobin!!! RiMi and Toobin were the best!! RiMi, the cute couple, and Toobin, the sexy couple! I thought those two were sealed!!! Along with DaeEun!

    It has always been G-Dragon, TaeYang, Sun Ye, and Sohee that were in question, and them being interchangeable were already accepted.

    Besides the height, kinda doesn’t make sense. I’m not going to lie, though. I have pondered the MiTOP possibility before, and I have encountered a one-sided love fic between Yoobin and SeungRi before. This will be interesting. Looking forward to it!!!


  6. you know,I think the changes didn’t fit well.I want to change them,But I want it like this:
    Sunmi-Seungri:RiMi !!!!!! <<< I already like this..why it have to change??
    TOP-Yoobin:TooBin ( REALLY FAMOUS..and they shouldn’t change it)

    Someday,…I hope my wish come true..

  7. wow they changed up the couples a little….but I think it will be cool! Seungri looks like the type to like Noonas! hehehe cant wait to see this!!!!

  8. Well, as much as i am super glad with Wonderbang!
    Old couples all have much chemistry together! & I am totally looking forward to the new couplings tooo…..
    Seungri & Yoobin ? kkkk cute cute
    Sunmi & TOP. sexiness and dorkiness much?

  9. cuz sun mi’s the tallest out of all the WG, so i get how they did the pairing but i’ll miss toobin(my fave copule) *sob* but yay finally another WONDER BANG perf *SCREAM* looking forward to the new couples and another WONDER BANG perf

  10. Does it really matter what couple? It is still wonder girls and big bang. Although I have preferences, it’s nice to see them mix it up.

    I’m interested with the seunbin/yoori and tomi pairing

  11. Suntae! i hope they do something sexy and hot coz they’re the only couple who could do that since the other couples have maknaes. another exception is daeun but i can’t imagine the funny couple doing something sexy.hehe

  12. yay!! wonderbang is back! omgsh i hope this time they will actually perform together instead of disappointments like that gayo daejun opening and love concert -.- but at least heedragon<333 :] awww but i also loved rimi and toobin. they had the most love. :]

  13. why do so many ppl hate sohee.
    personally, she is my FAVORITE wondergirl(: shes adorable, cute, dorky, and shes a great dancer… her singins has improved SO much.
    i think she looks good with tae yang. if you see them together in the music drama they did last year, youd agree with me

  14. I think they changed couples because Sun Mi’s really tall and Yoo Bin’s not tall enough to dance with TOP.

  15. It’s funny how you guys were complaining for WonderBang and when you do get WonderBang you THEN complain about the coupling? You guys are just a bunch of complainers. They delivered WonderBang as you wished stop complaining. Also, what’s the hating with Sohee? Seriously WonderBang COMES with Sohee hence the WONDER in Wonder Girls and the BANG in Big Bang. Get over with it and enjoy the performance.

  16. P.S. I swear I saw an article of Big Bang collabing with Kara. Now that would’ve been really MESSED UP. But it never happened…Thank GOD. It was supposingly on Christmas but that passed.

  17. @ Elle
    I think that is true actually. But still Seungri could’ve been with Sunye and still look mature, and Yoobin could’ve gone with someone older than her e.g. TAE YANG. Haha I love that couple. Oh well I think Seungri and Yoobin would make a cute couple too.

  18. Ah!! I want TooBin and RiMi!! but nvm I love both and i’ve been dying to see some YooRi!!

    I guess they need someone to sing & rap for TooBin & RiMi..

    Even thought TooBin can sing.. and RiMi can rap.. Haha..

    but YAY!! WonderBang!!!

  19. Sun Ye – Tae Yang
    THE BEST !!! They will bring some high moves, high notes and sexy closeness in this show… CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THEM : HOT COUPLE

    Seung Ri is my favorite Big Bang member… and I LOOOVE Yoo Bin but come on this couple make no sense… The “bad” girl with the lil “cute” boy : NO NO NO
    the same for TOP/Sun Mi… TOP will look like an old pervert lol

  20. Aw, to hell with all of you!

    SeungRi and YooBin are my favorite members of their respective groups, so I’m WAY excited to finally see them together.

  21. I think they HAD to put Seung Ri with Yoo Bin, because lately, they’ve been trying to change his image from cute to mature/provocative and being with Sun Mi disallows that.

  22. I can’t wait for this performance…BB and WG are my favorite KPOP artist right now…they are great…

    It’s no problem for me if they switch partners from the last year’s pairing….

    I just want them to perform together 🙂

  23. omg yessssss. heedragon<33
    theyve been practising individually in couples? oohh, time together ;] ahahss. i cant wait<3

  24. haha i forgot to mention i was surprised with the random pairing but i understand it’s probably height issues but i support TOP-Sunmi because it reminds me of Hwanhee-Hwayobi, i can just imagine Sunmi being all cute and TOP all ~ cool haha

  25. what is with all this hate? arghh! i love reading comments but when it comes to hating even one person in WG it really disturbs me–i can’t ignore it and just had to say that, really grow up, this isn’t allkpop tchhh~~

    let’s be happy we even got wonderbang again ~ this could be the last time (but let’s not think like that)

  26. Yoobin must not have liked the kiss by hyori and T.O.P. LOL I’m just kidding. anyway Im super excited for this Special Stage. 😀 😀 😀

  27. What???????? TOP and SunMi?????? my innocent little sunmi?? omg…lol….that is so weird…rofl…maybe just because they’re both tall? haha that is still weird actually lol..but I can’t wait to see this xD

    and a hot
    SUNtaE REAlly cCool hope they perform look at me 🙂
    An Daeun so coooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

    but why no TOOBIn and RIMI 😦

  29. WHAT THE–
    Where’s Toobin?
    You gotta be kidding me…
    I waited 2+ years for NO TOOBIN?
    I’m gna go bizerk.
    PUHLEAAASE, come to your senses and bring TOP + Yoobin back together, I beg of youuuuuu!
    It would not be the same without the two.

  30. i cant wait for this collaboration. im not much of a wonderbang since i really dont know bigbang. i’ll support them. Looks like its gonna b fun.. ^^

  31. Noooooo :´(

    I want G-Ye couple!!! And Toobin!!!
    TOP and Sun Mi?? That’s kind of pedophile…well you know what I mean…

    I can only cross my fingers that they change their minds.
    But hey, at least we got some Wonderbang action.

  32. what?
    top and yoobin cuz they are hot, and they rap too!
    also wnated g-ye pairing!

    aws, a bit disappointing if you ask me…

  33. i want g-ye i hope they just change their pairing instead of chnging seungmi and tobin…..hhhmmmmhhhhhh..

    but ohh..welll….still loving it ❤ wonderbang…im so exited..where can i watch it live ? what channel in tvants???

  34. dude, sunmi always gets the sexy guys in my opinion!

    her & TAECYEON !
    and now her & TOP! yeee wow luckyy

    anyway ,i missed wonderbang !
    of course JYP & YG had to deliver for all wonderbang fans!

  35. ACK. individual!? and NO Toobin?! T-T
    WHY WHY WHY!!!!!!
    that’s so disappointing why in the world would they change?
    they had it s perfect last year 😦
    I guess theres not hope that they might change it again but … still what what a waste
    Yoobin and TOP are my favorite couple ….
    dang PD’s!
    *sigh* at least we still have three normal couples I loo forward to the special stage!
    still feel a bit bitter though …….

  36. though i love gye to death..taeyang and sunye are not that bad either. Their grinding on last year special stage at music bank leaves me spazzing for days. I hope they do rnb or ballad. Top and Sunmi seems weird though. As well as Yoobin and Seungri. But we’ll see how it will turn out.

  37. wow sun mi & top/ yoobin & seugi ri..that’s the different. oh well still looking forward to this wonderbang reunion. i really hope wonder girls perform “so hot” as well as “nobody” because so hot was indeed a very popular song too. So i hope they do a medley of the two. better yet since they would be focusing mainly on the US market next year they should do a medley of tell me, so hot & nobody..that’s far fetch thinking though..lol

    anywho i’m so looking forward to sun ye & taeyang. I love their dance they did together last year. It was so hot.

    Funny thing is last year when I watch the special i was a BB fanatic & wasn’t that into Wonder Girls now I’m so into Wonder Girls & sorta fell out of BB but I still love them just not as much as last year…

    Like I said I am so looking forward to WonderBang. They are so gonna rock the stage.

    Wonder Bang HWAITING!!

  38. RiMi and TooBin are my favorites too!

    But hey, at least we get to see WonderBang stage after 1 year! LOL…

    For some reason, I don’t think that height has anything to do with this pairing though…I feel like it has something to do with the songs they are performing because the article did mention that each couple will performed an invidual stage, no?

    I feel like SunYe/TaeYang is doing singing something slow…ballads?? Ye Eun/DaeSung is probably doing Trot, Seungri/YooBin is probably doing something with hip hop…(Although it does feels a little weird cuz he’s the magnae & Yoo Bin is the sexy/unnie of the group, but their styles in my opinion kinda somewhat match????)

    As for SooHee/GD & SunMi/Top is probably doing a HaruHaru rap match like some Korean fans predicted..LOL…

    I think I predict too much…LOL…we’ll see how the stage goes then! I’m super dope over it! Can’t wait!

  39. Yay! Any mention of WonderBang news makes my day xDD

    I always thought of Toobin & RiMi as the two couples that were a given, they look SO good together :'[ But MBC has a reason for this coupling, right? If they’re all practicing individual couple performances, there MUST be a legit reason for them to do this instead of the old ones… for example, maybe they did Princess x Bad Boy on purpose? I dunno…. but I trust MBC & am excited for whatever tricks they have up their sleeves! :3

  40. I don’t really care about the pairing, as long as there is WonderBang. Individual couples —–> lets see who can battle it out the best! lol. HeeDragon Fighting!

  41. What’s up with the age? As if it matter..
    oh wells, we can’t have it all..
    the collaboration is enough. Beside all of them–and the partnerings u all prefer–will be in one stage, any interactions can happen..

  42. omg! suntae!! but m loving g-ye these days!… seungri and yoobin, and top and sunmi? i think it’s because sunmi has grown taller than seungri.hehe

  43. LMFAOOO AT THE NEW COUPLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can’t believe they broke up Toobin and SeungMi!
    SeungMi’s my 2nd fav. couple.. ;(.
    After Heedragon of course.. :)))
    Actually I’m not that upset I guess
    I’m WAY too excited for the perf. itself~!!
    It’s gonna be THE hottest collab. perf of the entire freakin year.
    WonderBang is BACK!

    thanks coolsmurf

  44. On second thought, six years isn’t that big of an age diff…but Sunmi’s all innocent and TOP’s all…mr. cool rapper dude, lol. Can’t see it, but bet once the performance is shown, I’ll be in love with them, lol.

    Ah well, if there’s no Toobin, I’ll just obsess over Kyubin, haha.

  45. WONDERBANG!!! ❤

    One thing i don’t understand though…if they were really doing it by height, wouldn’t they have Ye Eun with Seungri? Or Sohee and Seungri? Because Seungri’s the second tallest in BB…if they were to pair Yoobin and Sunye (the shortest WG members) with the shortest BB members, it would be Taeyang and GD. o_0

    I’m gonna miss Toobin… 😦
    And the age diff btwn TOP & Sunmi is a bit…large, lol, but hey, since it’s WonderBang, I’ll take what I can get.

    Anyways, thanks for the update, coolsmurf!

  46. probably yoobin doesn’t want to pair with TOP
    because he kissed Lee Hyo Ri on stage before.
    just kidding..
    i think TOP & SunMi are least dancer from their own group. so that’s why they get pairing to match their dance move
    but i want yoobin & TOP sing rap together

  47. NOOO. yoobin and seung ri makes no sense… i mean… the rappers should be together… sunmi and TOP makes NO SENSE. she’s a cutie and he looks like a badass guy. that badass guy should be coupled with sexy yoobin. i hope they made the right decision on the coupling.

  48. no why! i love the weird couple sunmi+seungri and the hot rapping couple top+yoobin!! ahh it’s ok though because at least it’s still a wonderbang stage also there’s stilll daeeun 😀 omg i can’t wait!! too bad i won’t be watching it live because i’ll be out celebrating the new year! i’ll just watch it on wondersmurf’s channel 😀

  49. apart from the height, i guess the pairing has some sense in it:
    sunmi could rap.. so maybe that’s why she’s paired up with top..
    and yoobin and seungri are both great dancers.. so it might not be so bad..
    as long as wonderbang are together i am happy!!! can’t wait!!! ❤

  50. yeah i think it was by height…
    because sunye and yoobin are the shortest in the group
    so they got taeyang and seungri
    and sunmi is the tallest which means she got top.

  51. sdkasjdksjad sounds amazing! Yoobin and Seungri? TOP and Sunmi? XD weird combo… but i’m sure it’ll turn out amazing!

  52. @ WTHHH why so much hate for sohee … wg wont be wg if she’s not part of it … i’m glad that gd and sohee are paired up … although i love toobin sun mi is pretty tall and her height matches well with mr. t.o.p =)

  53. SHIT SHIT SHIT!!!!!
    Thanks for their collaboration!!! I really thank God for creating wonderbang or alse, this year will be my worst year since i didnt get to go home to spend the holidays with my family!! i just really can’t wait!!! DAMN IT im dying right now!! LOL
    Sorry for the bad words i just can’t help it but express how happy i am and thankful!!

  54. I WANT G-YE!!
    GOSH, why it has to be sohee and gd >.> i fucking sick of her already.

    LOL@seungri and yoobin pair is so fucked up >.>
    youngest and olddest? wth.. toobin is wayyy better.
    the pairing is pissing me off.
    i like this pairing way better:

    and yea..the remainings.

  55. sigh i am a fan of gye, rimi, and toobin. i heard they switched partners based on height like how they were paired up with 2pm for MKMF. wonderbangers lets just think of this way instead of thinking of it as toobin and rimi couple breaking up kekeke 😉 but then again i think TOP and sunmi would make a HOTTTTT couple! plus sunmi can rap too so i think it’ll be good. i really wanted kwon leedah to be paired up with leedah min though.. hey at least there’s a definite WONDERBANG collaboration! WONDERBANG FTW!!! ❤

  56. wut?! Yoobin & Seungri? err the maknae and unnie of each group lol i still wish it wud stay toobin-the rappers &sungri-the 4d couple but o welll im still excited 2 c them on stage togetherr=]

  57. eeeek omg im so excitedd ! lols
    i cant wait to see what theyre gonna perform !
    i bet its gonna rock and steal the whole show lols
    theyre gonna blow everyone else’s performances away …. jaykay lols but i dont know maybe it will hahah
    anyways thanks for the info !
    and booshucks. my fave wonder girl sun mi and favorite big bang seungri arent together for this one … =T and im a fan of gdragon and sunye too ! =T but its kay. i know its still gonna rock hahah

  58. INDIVIDUAL? o0o0o sounds scandalous ROFL jk jk srsly.

    WTF about toobin + rimi T___T makes me sad. My fav couples didn’t make the cut T___T

    oh well, it’s wonderbang and i’m a happy camper ❤

  59. i don’t care about the couple changes. this stage will be SO AWESOME because they are friends now so their interactions will be better and just wow..i am so hyped!

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