Sun Ye SendVoice Message Response 081222

Remember the Sendvoice service that the Wonder Girls advertise a few months ago? Well, basically the fan gets to leave a message for the Wonder Girls through this, much alike a voicemail or answering machine.

Wonder Girl SendVoice Fanclub Service

The following is Sun Ye’s reply to a fan uploaded on 22nd December.

Sun Ye’s reply (starts from 1:10) | Alternative Download

Hello! The 5 member male student group, right? yeah, so we’ve met at the “Sam Chon Expo.” I think I remember you guys. “Thank You Ahn Sohee” “Praising Park Yosa,” “Princess Sun Mi Heart, precious Heart-girl,” and the more welcoming “Minjookie Sunye”~yes, nice to meet you all.

I think I remember you guys waving up your placecards rigorously. It’s new and refreshing to meet you guys again through your voice message. Thank you so much for loving us and cheering us on. And to return (dub bul) your love and cheers, I wish we can come back with better songs and better performances. Please don’t break the bond that you five friends have. Don’t ever fight!

Always be careful of catching a cold! 1-2-3 I love you too~

many thanks to wonderkid for translation!


10 thoughts on “Sun Ye SendVoice Message Response 081222

  1. hi sun’s your birthday…
    i wish that wonder girls could do some concert here in the philippines..
    happy birthday sun ye.. i love you so much..
    and also the 4 member.. yoo bin, so hee, sun mi and ye eun..

    all of your songs are so nice and great..
    i love the song saranghae …
    even though the lyrics of yours i could not understand
    because it’s korean language..^_^

    saranghae sun ye..
    plz…response to my message tnx

  2. hi sun ye how are you
    By The Way Im your No.1 Fan In The Philippines


    ive watch your video in youtube

    until now i watch ur video no body

    All Of U are So Cute But For ME you Are Meh U Are The Cutes One hehehehe

    Also Sohee and Ye Eun, Yoo Bin, Sun Mi

    God Bless And More Power

  3. YOur REally the BEst Leader ONE OF A KIND , Caring & Loving to everyone i love you the way you SMILE REally LOVELY like a Sun that’s brights the “WHOLE WOrlds” i really support you at the very first till the END*_*

    LOve yah ALways MORE POWER<333


    Wish you ALL the BEST in your career<333

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