Preview of Wonder Girls at 2008 KBS Gayo Daechuk

The program listing for the 2008 KBS Gayo Daechuk is out and the Wonder Girls are going to be in quite a few performance items (pic credit: cutegiurl).

Don't Blink Tonight at the KBS Gayo Daechuk

The Wonder Girls will be out with Big Bang for the opening line dance.

In a performance titled Diva Show, the Wonder Girls will be performing Destiny’s Childs Survivor. Son Dambi and After School will be doing Lose My Breath, Seo In Young and Ha Joo Yeon (Jewerly) will be performing Bottle Pop and 4 Minutes (Madonna). The Wonder Girls, Son Dambi, After School, Seo In Young and Ha Joo Yeon will then finish the program with a outro.

That will be part 1 of the show. The following is part 2.

The Wonder Girls will then be performing Nobody again, I think normal version. Then there will be a special Mamma Mia musical stage involving the 2 members of Wonder Girls. Sun Ye and Ye Eun will perform Honey, Honey. This will be followed by Park Jung Ah, Baek Ji Young, Jang Yoon Jung, Kim Jong Kook, Kim Jin Ho, Dae Sung performing Mamma Mia. Then everyone that has performed in this item will come together and perform Dancing Queen and Waterloo.

At the end, Wonder Girls will perform Flying Into The Deep Blue Night with Park Jung Ah. During Sunset Glow with Lee Moon Sae and Big Bang, all performers including the Wonder Girls will join in to close out the night.


65 thoughts on “Preview of Wonder Girls at 2008 KBS Gayo Daechuk

  1. I love their hair and outfits in that picture. I think it expresses their own unique style for each one of them =]

  2. are those their real legs ?! sunmi looks so freaking skinny o__o” the rest of them look more skinnier than usual too..

  3. I’m so glad their participation schedule is so heavy! They’ll end the year with a bang! (No pun intended… though I am looking forward to the WonderBang.) ^^

  4. gosh…ye eun is getting so much hotter every time i see her.
    finally her beauty is truly showing through.
    i didnt really like her concept/look during the irony & tell me days, but during so hot & nobody her concept has been improving and she looks even more confident in every photo she’s in !

  5. the survivor part was cool 😎
    Sun mi improved in her english alot, sun ye and ye eun combined their powerful vocals and sung beautifuly…
    “nobody” was GREAT! I luved the remix..I think it was so hee’s remix (the club remix.) it was awesome.
    OH MAMAMIA! that was cute, i liked it πŸ™‚
    the ending was interesting…:D

  6. i came home a bit late today… had to finish some work at the office… so, i didn’t get to watch the whole show… but manage to see the girls singing together with Lee Mun Sae at the end of the show… Ye Eun looked so hot…

  7. i feel very very sad for KBS… it was boring. Hardly any groups were present… enjoyed big bang and wg though! VERY VERY NICE! :D:D

  8. just finished watching kbs gayo daejun!
    loved the little broadway number with big bang in the beginning! very CLASSY~

    the “diva” stage was nicee
    I LOVED Sun Mi’s, “I’m not gonna diss you in da Internet~~” haha I love her voice!

    the new “Nobody” remix…was SEXY…but it would have been visually better if the background graphics wasn’t so dull and if they had better light effects -_-ugh
    but i must say, the crowd really enjoyed it!!! haha

    the mamma mia musical number was excellent!
    2Yeh looked LOVABLE as ever!!! it was a LOVELY perf!!!!

    Overall, the kbs gayo daejun was pretty BORING…it just seemed like one of those “open concerts” they do every month…but then again, kbs is know for being OLD SCHOOL…

    so far,
    i can’t wait for MBC!!!! ahhhh~~~~~

  9. i just saw the performance….it’s not the normal Nobody..It’s been remix and new dance move too….AND IT’S SO COOL!!!

    they even walk down from the stage to the audience…the audience scream like crazy.

  10. That sounds really interesting…wow i can’t barely wait…I really have to see this…actually this will be my first time to watch Gayo daejun/ KPOP music event..I’m hook to KPOP this days.

  11. Wow ABBA..I love ABBA songs. Looking forward to that.
    Of course I’m looking forward to all of WGs performances but I’m really interested is Son Dam Bi & After School’s performance of “Lose My Breath” After seeing what AS can do at SBS Gayo Daejun I’m looking forward to their official debut next month/year.

  12. it’s on my tv!
    WG just finished survivor with a latin twist!
    they did a lil tap dance!
    leadah’s lapel (?) got loose and she held it.
    sunmi!! yah! pretty!
    and it was ALL LIVE!!!
    ye eun belted with leadah! wow!
    maknae and yoobin were too smexy for words!

  13. im watching via kbs live tv2 right now but it keeps freaking bufferring -.- and when it takes too long to buffer i have to close the window and open a new one =/ ugh maybe i should just go to sleep and give up cause this is pointless. really wish i had KBS channel on tv…

  14. omg, i hope theres gonna be a lot of wonderbang interaction~ therse gonna be so much of wondergirls in this one aswell~
    on it 5 minutes. cant wait πŸ˜€

  15. i have problem in my tvants?? whenever i click kbs worls something pops ot its a license says i need to re-login..?? pls help me…

  16. Whoa…did they PS yoobin there or has she been losing weight that quickly…? wow…kind of scary…I hate how those netizens got to her. They look gorgeous there though I can’t wait to hear ‘survivor’.

  17. Pingback: [Info] Preview of Wonder Girls at KBS Gayo Daejun 2008 081230 « 선미짱 ; 지ꡬλ₯Ό μ§€μΌœμš” . Sunmi Jjang; Save The Earth

  18. hahaha. finally.this gayo will be way better than SBS gayo..
    yesterday the girls only had a little more than 4mins on the stage.. tsk tsk…

  19. @ jenny

    yup, you can catch it live at KBS World!!! check your country’s broadcast schedule. yay! no buffering haha

    thanks for the info coolsmurf! wonder if it’ll be a wonderbang opening..

  20. they will do alot this exited to see them…

    wonderbang again..hahaha<3
    where can i watch?? uhhmm kbs world? in tvants? will it be there?? someone tell me pls…

  21. There are a lot of Wonder Girl performances. It seems like not a lot of artists are going to perform the KBS daejun.

  22. Wow! Wonder Girls’s concept for these Gayo Daejun are pretty well receive. 1st is military, 2nd is Soldier, 3rd (known) I can’t wait.

  23. WOW! Alot of WonderGirls performances then! I’m excited!

    But anyone thinking like I am thinking?????

    SBS was BIGBANG’s night for SURE!
    Now, KBS is gonna be WONDERGIRLS night!

    Am I imagining too too much or what??

  24. well they don’t actually perform together but just on the same stage lol..but i count that as wonderbang..oh and i have one question..if i want to use tvants can i chose any kbs channel..?? cut i tried kbs 2 for general it don’t won’t it says it’s buffering …and i tried kbs world say i need a license i can’t watch that but i tried the one said KBS and it show up..clearly..don’t know which one i should choose or do??

  25. Wait, they’re going to be covering ABBA songs? Oh, man, I grew up on that stuff! Used to be my dad’s favorite! I hope it’s going to be good. >.<

  26. yay!!! cool stuff, can’t wait πŸ™‚

    Hmm… is that the original dimensions of the picture? Maybe it’s the angling but sunmi and yoobin’s legs are super skinny 0.0

  27. Verrryy nice
    Looks like our girls and the rest of Korea’s top singers are buuusy!
    I’m glad the girls are in a lot of perfs. I mean yeah they must be killing themselves right now in preparation but I think it’ll definately all be worth it after how badass it comes out!
    Defiiinnately excited for this!!! :DDD

    thanks coolsmurf

  28. lots and lots of our girls performance and wonderbang opening and closing..i’m dying ..thank you looking forward to see this and i’ll see u in spectacles again coolsmurf…i hope this time i can watch if not..i’ll be reading from what you see.

  29. Ye Eun’s pose can be included in Gossip Girl’s [tv show] poster. Somewhat she can be one of the casts there. just kidding.

  30. oo sounds good to me ! lols
    aww i was hoping for them to perform to nobody the club techno remix that sohee danced to at the golden disk. lols it woulda been hot.
    but im glad that we get to see wondergirls in both parts of the show ! ^_^
    excited now hahah

  31. i’m guessing kbs gayo daejun is not as popular as the other two because i haven’t heard much of it until now. i was doubting if i should watch it but i’m for sure i’m going to watch it because of wonder girls! thanks!

  32. First…
    Interesting. Im looking forward to those covers in part one. Especially Lose My Breath. Survivor will be pretty good im sure. Theyre English pronunciation isnt bad at all.

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