Enjoy Wonder Girls Style Basketball Action Online

Characters modeled after each Wonder Girl member has started appearing in JCE FreeStyle Basketball online game from 30th December onwards. A patch upgrade saw the game characters of So Hee, Sun Mi and Ye Eun added to the game where gamers can chose to use them to play the game.


Not only can you control the Wonder Girls, each will have their own unique soundbytes in relation to their actions. For example you can hear the cute voice of So Hee saying words like, “Defend”, “Come Over Here!”, “I have to atone for my error”, etc. So at the same time where you can control the Wonder Girls, you can also hear their voices in relation to their movement in the game.

JC Entertainment expressed that since the addition of the Wonder Girls characters, the number of gamers have increased substantially. Yoo Bin and Sun Ye characters will be added to the game in the next patch on 5th January.


8 thoughts on “Enjoy Wonder Girls Style Basketball Action Online

  1. I used to play this game in Cda. Anyone know how to play the korean servers from here? I Need to pleh as yoo bin omg omg omg

  2. Ah I used to play this game too when it was here in America! But now it’s been halted… And I spent about a hundred dollars on upgrades and stuff… And I would’ve spent a hundred more to have the Wonder Girls in my game! 🙂 Though I’d doubt they would have been in the Western release anyways…

  3. LMFAO!
    I now want to play..
    AHHHHHHHHHHH that’s adorable.
    Do they say freestyle too? Cause I LOOOOVED Yeeun’s english accent “freestyleee” on her CF.
    You always sneak a post in somewhere but it’s a good thing I go back to check sometimes.

    thanks coolsmurf

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