Wonder Girls FreeStyle Basketball Mini Site and Downloadables

The Wonder Girls endorsement of the FreeStyle Street Basketball online game was finally released today by JC Entertainment with the minisite now full of Wonder Girls goodies. Head on over to the character section and check out the flash animation of each Wonder Girls character that gamers can use.



Download wallpaper + emoticons | screensaver | CFs + Interview
Separated into 3 packs for easy download. Wallpapers have 8 different designs and comes in 6 different resolutions. There are 7 emoticons for each Wonder Girl member. There are 7 screensavers included and each of them comes with a clock indicator. 3 solo CFs, individual Wonder Girls interviews and a CF making clip constitutes the video pack. password: wondergirls.wordpress.com

So Hee FreeStyle Basketball CF

Sun Mi FreeStyle Basketball CF

Ye Eun FreeStyle Basketball CF

*Sun Ye and Yoo Bin CFs have not been released yet.


28 thoughts on “Wonder Girls FreeStyle Basketball Mini Site and Downloadables

  1. ahh they all looked so cool at the end. when they were all standing together~! πŸ™‚
    love yeeun’s πŸ™‚

  2. LoLxD the CFs are funny:D i can’t wait for Sunye’s and Yoobin’s CF…
    poor Sohee gets dizzy…xD she is so cute^^
    Sunmi with her tangerine againxD dork.
    and Yeeun is the pro basketball player? i love her ,,Freestyle”xP
    The wallpapers also looks good… *still downloading*
    Thx a lot coolsmurf^^

    btw what’s up with the ,,Wonderland will end” entry? i don’t see it…you change your mind? PLZ say that you do*.* plsplspls…

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  4. the animation in the character section is so cute!!
    and the cf is cute too!
    and of course are girls are cute, and sexy and pretty and gorgeous and…^^

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  6. gosh i love the CF’s!!!
    omo SoHee faints! someone catch our mandu! so dizzy yet so cute! SunMi got hit by the ball in the head! lol she is soooo adorable oh my gosh! and YeEun omo! blowing hair nails after makin the shot! new nail polish?! and curling up her hair with her finger! so girly gurl! i love it!
    “free style!”
    gosh where can i get that game is it downloadable?!
    where can i purchase it!
    i want it so bad!!!

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    Sohee’s dizzy “freestyle….ahhh..*fall*”
    SunMi’s hit on the head and then she puts clementine? on her head… hahahahhahahahahah she’s such a dork!
    Yeeun’s “Freestyle!”
    I’m also in love with the MiSoYe character pics up at the top.
    Can’t wait till Sunye and Yoobin’s cf’s come out!!!!!
    The girls just keep getting cuter and cuter.

    thanks coolsmurf

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