Sun Ye Diva Stage Rehearsal @ SBS Gayo Daejun 081229

Rehearsals for the SBS Gayo Daejun started at 3pm (KST) this afternoon with the actual Gayo Daejun taking place tonight at 9.55pm (KST). Pictures from the rehearsals have been released but there were no pictures of the Wonder Girls. But instead we saw pictures of Sun Ye with long hair extensions (^_^) rehearsing her Diva stage with Tae Yeon (So Nyeo Shi Dae) and Lee Hae Ri, Kang Min Kyung (Davichi). We can expect them to belt out a power ballad.




39 thoughts on “Sun Ye Diva Stage Rehearsal @ SBS Gayo Daejun 081229

  1. YOur REally the BEst Leader ONE OF A KIND , Caring & Loving to everyone i love you the way you SMILE REally LOVELY like a Sun that’s brights the “WHOLE WOrlds” i really support you at the very first till the END*_*

    LOve yah ALways MORE POWER<333


    Wish you ALL the BEST in your career<333

  2. I love Davichi… but I love Sunye more! She looks gorgeous with her long hair and looks like she’s singing her heart out. I didn’t get to see this live, but I’m definitely anticipating this stage. <33

  3. Hmm, I must’ve missed this. Tvants froze in the middle of SHINee’s ‘Replay’ and I finally got it back right before Dae Sung performed ‘Look At Me Gwisoon’. =/

  4. Yayyy!~ I noticed the taken down post too 🙂 You’re site is the best and most reliable for wonder girls info ^^ I’ve been with you since the Tell me days! Rooting for ya! Thank you so much ❤

  5. yay sunye!! I wish she had gotten more parts though lol, but she sang this song on MTV in full before so I spose I’m just spoiled haha. actually it was after listening to her sing “Stand up for Love” that I was like whoa, she has mad talent, and it sort of started my wg fangirling

    Taeyeon did a good job and so did davichi =)
    coolsmurf!! I hope you are indeed staying! you’re really awesome!! and now that wg is coming to america I think they need more support than ever, and you always have the best news…thank you so much…and if I’m ever trawling the msgboards and I do see a basher I will pwn him

    wow I am watching the SBS performance…marie antoinette, whoo hoo.

  6. COOLSMURF! i will totally have a feast and thank God for letting you stay with us. my life will not go on if you stop wonderland and ur own blogging site, the!

    just so u know coolsmurf, whenever i logged in on my pc i will always go to wonderland then to ur blogs firsts. my life will end if i won’t get to see those sites. THANK U COOLSMURF!

  7. LoL@cutegiurl
    totally the exact thing happened to me expect i don’t hear taeyeon singing… tvants just stopped in the middle of Nuna is so pretty by Shinee.
    aaaahhh T____T i can’t believe… now it’s don’t want to work for meT.T *crying*

  8. Wow I can’t believe I totally missed this.
    I’m madly disappointed in myself.
    I guess I’ll just have to dl the whole show from my source later.
    I never thought I’d see the day again!!!!!!!!!!
    She looks gorgeous!! And a bit strange.. but I think that’s just because I’m not used to long hair on her lol!
    I wish she’d grow her hair out again.
    Though she does look SO HOT with it short.
    Hah sorry. WG humour..
    I can see your happy with her hair coolsmurf lol.

    thanks coolsmurf

  9. wahhhhh!!!!! tvants sucks! huhuhu i totally missed this performance!!!!!! it was playing smoothly during 2PM’s perf but then it went buffering and buffering until it stops on SHINee’s perf….wah!!!!! i only saw Tae Yeon singing!!!! uhuhuhu T_T they sang an english song though……

  10. min maknae
    show us what you got..
    we believe in you
    i don’t know what to say
    if you will end this
    i hope you will success in everything you do
    if you don’t
    thank you..

  11. SunYe looks gorgeous, I look forward to seeing and hearing SunYe and the girls from Davichi, davichi is extremely talented.

  12. Alvin please don’t stop!!..For Min SunYe’s sake! 🙂 know you’re gonna miss uploading stuff about her!

    plz!!!!!!…and ya like everyone said..My Leader is GORGEOUS!!..yayie for hair extensions!

  13. wow*.* our min maknae looks gorgeous like everyone said! i love her hair like that..back to the old irony days.. glad that she is wearing it again=]

    special stage with taeyeon again?! oh yes please.
    looking forward to it. I’m sure with those 4 girls we will se a totally beautiful performance!^^
    can’t wait…
    thx thx

  14. she looks fab! so slender and tall and gorgeous (i can go on forever). but i admit, i am nervous for sunye. her vocals are stellar, but so are the three other girls. sunye hwaiting!

  15. Leadah long hair is back!!!!!!
    that what i really miss, so beautiful ❤
    our min leadah will rock this stage again hehe ^^
    can’t wait, Sunye Hwaiting!!!!

  16. oh and by the way i am totally looking forward to this!!! hahah i love tae yeon & min kyung & of course our min leader so i am really excited about this ^_^

  17. what happen to your post about closing WG Wonderland? are you gonna continue now? hahahahah if yes then that will be totally awesome!!!!! i hope you won’t stop contributing WG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heheh ^_^

    can you reply if you wil still be stopping? i’m curious you know? hahaha i hope you will continue..hahahah

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