Park Tae Hwan Reveals Special Relationship With Wonder Girls

South Korean Olympic Gold medalist swimmer, Park Tae Hwan revealed during a program recording recently that about his special relationship with the Wonder Girls which caught the attention of many after it was made known.


In a special new year day program recording for KBS2TV, Park Tae Hwan was asked by the host, between the Wonder Girls and So Nyeo Shi Dae, which female group did he like better. Park Tae Hwan replied, “I am closer to the Wonder Girls than So Nyeo Shi Dae so I like the Wonder Girls more.” He also revealed more, “If and when I meet the Wonder Girls in normal circumstances, and there’s no other people around, we will address each other directly using nicknames instead (less formal and usually between close friends).”


21 thoughts on “Park Tae Hwan Reveals Special Relationship With Wonder Girls

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  3. fact is fact and he’s speaking the truth that he and the wgs are closer so it’s not really a blow to snsd at all considering snsd has other stars on their side. so who cares about their differences? peace!

    but seriously, enough with the wgs + snsd thing. IT’S GETTING OLD! Geez, media needs something new.

  5. ppl really should stop asking pointless questions… i am kinda getting sick of the wonder girls vs. snsd thing

  6. idk why i like the wonder girls either. it’s like, i JUST like them, uknow? they’re just too cute like that :3 lovable, too~

  7. Lol I agree WonderAb! I wanna hear them calling each other nicknames on camera one day! So cute ^_^
    and yeah,this is so like Taeyang’s answer back then XD
    They just can’t help it when WG is too lovable.

  8. Lol I wonder why this is still making headlines.
    Isn’t it pretty much known already that Park TaeHwan and the Wonder Girls are close together?
    Since alooong time ago when SunYe was doing ManWon Happiness?
    Ah well I think it’s extremely cute about how sweet he is about it.
    I would love to see those nicknames being called on camera one day! 😀
    Perhaps in a later interview the girls are asked about it and a member (my guess is SunMi or YeEun) will demonstrate on how they call each other.
    I can only imagine. 😛

    thanks coolsmurf

  9. Lol,its just like what Taeyang said earlier in July. They are lovable, am glad he’s a friends with Wondergirls and Big Bang.

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