Wonder Bakery Patisseur Kang Won Speaks Fondly About The Wonder Girls

Mnet Wonder Bakery might have ended its run on Christmas Eve but the good vibes remains. Yoo Bin’s patisseur partner, Kang Won recently uploaded some photos of his stint on Wonder Bakery and also thanked the Wonder Girls plus his fellow patisseurs for giving him a lifetime of unforgettable memories.


Something that just came up upon luck this summer, Wonder Bakery!
Because I was a culinary master, I had a lot to learn about baking,
and had a lot to learn so the pressure was big but
since it was something I started,
I decided to start it with a comfortable heart!
Mnet writers and pds that presented the best winter ㅠㅠㅠ
Thank you so so much!

And our Wonder Girls friends!
Sun Mi, who requested me to visit her when I went into the army keke

Just beautiful So Hee who made fun of me at the surprise party
because I ate too much and later when I get married
you who promised to teach me to cook and make me

the best husband, YeParkie.
Oh and to attend church well!!

And us who promised to meet when I become a famous cook,
Yoo Binnie~ (Nuna keke)

I, with food, you with music, we decided
to touch people, Sun Ye.

And those who have been with me from the start
Very very nice Haewonnie hyng, Shihyungie hyung,
Won Wee hyung, Joo Mokie hyung
Taesunie hyung, Daesolie, SukYoungie hyung
I thank you all so much and
let’s all become happy cooks ^^

2008 Christmas,
forever happy Wonnie
to his loved ones!


credit: Kang Won Cyworld + ByulHa cafe + Daum + Ariel/skye. (translation)


22 thoughts on “Wonder Bakery Patisseur Kang Won Speaks Fondly About The Wonder Girls

  1. omg,he won??
    i watched till episode 6 alrd.
    i hoped he win.
    wow,my hope did come true!!!
    he’s very nice + yoobin =great couple~

  2. Why he didn’t mention ye eun? O__o

    but congrats, kangwon is the sweetest for kept his promise to yoobin :’)

  3. I like him…
    He’s good…and YooBin have a good partner….
    He’s cute by the way..ehehe…i bet the outside there…
    Lots of guys envy him for having YooBin as his partner…haha..
    And he look close too with YooBin…
    I dont know who win at the finale as i havent watch yet but i hope he win…^^

  4. he is my favorite in Wonder Bakery! ^^

    and i see not only Yoo bin but also so hee and sun mi like him too ^O^

    all his pics are so cute!

  5. out of all the partners.. i like him the best~
    not bad looking~ & have such a nice and out-going personality~!!

  6. Gosh I really like this guy 🙂 What a sweet sweet message he gave to WG and Mnet staffs.
    Yeeun promised to make him the best husband? LOL.
    He’s gotten closer to girls now thanks to Wonder Bakery. I envy him >.<
    Hope he became a Wonderful Chef one day!

  7. Awww
    I love the mini pics.
    Sohee looks like her lips are puckered?
    She’s such a cutiepie. :)))
    Gettin down and funky..?
    And of course i just died at the end with him and Sohee doing “Ohmona”.
    I hope they all keep in touch.
    Or at least him and Yoobin.
    He’s so cute and so nice!
    Grats to him

    thanks coolsmurf

  8. wow, i love this show! its not really about The Wonder Girls but its about making your dream as a baker come true…. Wonder Girls Hwaiting!!! thanks coolsmurf!!!

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