Wonder Girls Peripera Wonderline How To Guides (6P)

Doesn’t look like there is going to be a CF for this. Peripera has updated their website with a Happy New Year with Wonder Girls banner and individual how to guides for each of their products endorsed by the Wonder Girls.


Some of the pictures are re-used but some unseen if you are able to spot them. The one of Sun Mi with her face resting on her hands stands out the most.


Download (4shared) | password: wondergirls.wordpress.com


13 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Peripera Wonderline How To Guides (6P)

  1. SunMi’s does stand out.
    She’s just so gorgeous!
    She has her SunMi feel to it too. Dorky and fun.
    Haha I love her little photos at the bottem of her page thing.
    I can’t help but notice how extremely young Sohee looks. Not her 2nd page but the 1st.
    It almost looks as though she’s too young to be advertising makeup.
    Idk she’s still adorable though. 😛
    I think Yeeun is so pretty! She’s got such a natural look to her.
    Sunye’s got that star charm going on xD
    and Yoobin always comes out sexy. hahaha
    Ah coolsmurf. To think that soon this will all be over. ;x

    thanks coolsmurf

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