Wonder Girls @ Music Bank 081226

The Wonder Girls were on the last episode of KBS2TV Music Bank whereby the top K-Chart hits over the past year were showcased. Besides the Wonder Girls, Sun Ye had a special collaboration with 3 other girl group members.

Korean Pussycat Dolls? Good try.

Tae Yeon, Gyuri, Ga In, Sun Ye – Buttons
Girls’ Power Special where Tae Yeon (So Nyeo Shi Dae), Nam Gyuri (SeeYa), Ga In (Brown Eyed Girls) and Sun Ye (Wonder Girls) came together to perform a cover of Buttons (Pussycat Dolls). Not too bad considering that English was not their mother tongue. Not the best performance definitely but you can’t fault their effort. And this was a song that should not have been considered frankly. Again not to be bias because this is a Wonder Girls blog or because I am a Sun Ye fan, but she was by miles the best performer among them. Sun Ye’s charisma, poise and movement were excellent and spot-on.

Nice and refreshing to see the Wonder Girls performing So Hot again which was the overall K-Chart winner for June. Decent energetic performance which was marred by a faulty mic for Sun Ye. This is not the 1st time it has happened (on some other music shows) and it has to happen to the Wonder Girls again.

Can’t get enough, get them off sharing is caring (ahboo). At the very end, the Music Bank MVP of the Year award was awarded to DBSK because they had the highest points total (16,404 points) for their October overall K-Chart win.


22 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ Music Bank 081226

  1. Sunye was the hottest! And she had the best performance. 🙂
    Let me see those hips move! Hot! Hot!

    Taeyeon was too cute for the song. *winkwink*
    I don’t know the other two. 🙂

  2. YOur REally the BEst Leader ONE OF A KIND , Caring & Loving to everyone i love you the way you SMILE REally LOVELY like a Sun that’s brights the “WHOLE WOrlds” i really support you at the very first till the END*_*

    LOve yah ALways MORE POWER<333


    Wish you ALL the BEST in your career<333

  3. our sunye is the best ^^

    taeyeon is not comfortable with that dance! hahahha! Gyuri has the best voice, but her charisma is hmmm… not good! Gain is SO act ^O^

    about “so hot” perf? SHIT KBS! but no matter what… WGs is SO HOT!

  4. Wow Sun Ye was HOTT! in this, She is ten times sexier than the rest,her hair was quite..different in a good way. i liked Gyu Ri’s hair, she looked like she was enjoying herself but Ga In looked thoroughly unhappy and rather emotionless. Tae Yeon was well Tae Yeon, i’ll never like her because i don’t like SNSD, simple as that but GO LEADER MIN!!!<3

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  6. Ahh, so nice to see So Hot again! The mic malfunction was really unfortunate… it was a great performance though! I think Sohee’s improvement was pretty apparent. And I absolutely agree with you… Sunye had the sexy attitude and posture down pat!

  7. gotta say that Sunye was sooo attrative on stage for the Buttons perf. and So Hot is back again!! Cuteness~

  8. SunYe totally stood out in there~ lol
    TaeYeon was probably sick(?) coz when they were doing the rehearsal, she made a couple mistakes..~
    lol~ love how SunYe performed it~ amazinggg
    but,,, WonderGirls practiced this song before their debut… ~ anyone remember?
    it was broadcast on MTV season 1~… SunYe was teaching YeEun the Buttons’ Dance~ lol
    it seems like its been a long long time,,,but it was only last year…
    ** miss HyunAh’s sexyy dance….

  9. this is really nerdy of me…but i gotta say,
    the so hot performance was meaningful for me.
    here are the wonder girls, coming back & performing one of their hits, after conquering yet another leading concept and song. theyve gotten even prettier and seem like theyve grown since their so hot days even though it wasnt that long ago. they just keep growing and succeeding and somehow their performance reminded me of all of that. that performance was good and GAH theyve gotten SO PRETTY.

    anyway, yeah, sunye was the best. she just got down the feel of the song spot-on. taeyeon was good too but she just felt awkward since she’s usually cute. the other two were good too but they werent as charismatic and flaming as sunye. she just caught your eye with her performance 🙂

  10. Yeah! Totally! Sun Ye unnie actually performed to the lyrics, instead of just standing there. And her dancing…way better. Would it kill the other three to put some hips into those dance moves?

  11. I was gonna say, the mics were so screwed with the So Hot performance. T_____T”

    Ah, So Hee 😀 improving in every way.

    I less than 3 you.

  12. Ahhh. DBSK….
    Perhaps next year..?
    Or maybe not becauseof the whole half of the year in the US..
    Gyuri looks kind of like a slut in that perf.. o.O
    SUNYE WAS HOT<333333333333.
    Just like when SunMi perfed with them
    They took up the stage.
    No offense to the others.
    So Hot was definately missed during Nobody promotions.

    thanks coolsmurf.
    I like how you nonchalantly referred to ahboo’s blog for future reference?

  13. ah so that’s what DBSk received…oh.. okay..
    thanks.. look like all of them were tired in Buttons… they all good (it could have been better).. better get their rests soon…

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