Wonder Girls @ 2008 KBS Entertainment Awards 081227

So Hee presented the Best Newcomer in Comedy award with Nam Hee Seok (host of KBS Chitchat with Beauties) at the 2008 KBS Entertainment Awards held this evening. The Wonder Girls also performed Nobody during the award ceremony. This was their second televised performance of the day.


Making their way


Announcing the winners


Presenting the awards


Performing Nobody



36 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ 2008 KBS Entertainment Awards 081227

  1. OMG.
    I LOVE how they look in this Nobody experience! ๐Ÿ˜€ Finally, they gave Yoobin a complimenting hairstyle. She looks stunning. โค

  2. ๋‚œ ์†Œํฌ๋ณด๋‹ค ์œ ๋นˆ์— ํ•œํ‘œ!
    ์œ ๋นˆ์งฑ์งฑ์งฑ!

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  4. the sleek black dresses looked awesome on them!!!!!!!
    and please continue wonderland alvin…………. i’d be really lost without the daily updated news on this website…. =( sigh

    And I bet she was so excited to present it!!
    She looks so cute going up the steps..
    She looks like she’s helping her dad up or something lol.
    LOVE her dress. although it is a bit short..?
    It’s sooooooooo pretty though!
    I love her hair like that.
    Looong ponytail curled.
    Nobody looks hot!!!!! :)))))

    thanks coolsmurf

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  7. Wow, Yoobin looks BEAUTIFUL.
    I think she’s been losing weight.
    I hope she knows her limit, though, bc I wouldn’t want her to lose her curves.

  8. Whoever hasn’t seen this,GO watch it now! This performance is really good,and the crowd(Mc’s,actors,actresses) They go wild for the wonder girls,it’s hilarious watching there reactions to each girl!

  9. :O!! Where do u watch it?? on tv? lucky…
    nicee to hear that Sohee got an award too ๐Ÿ™‚ and she looks soo happpyy!!
    Nobody new outfits look perrrtiiii.~

  10. omigosh
    yoobin unnie looks so skinny in the first picture o.o
    actually, she looks skinnier in general.. but whatever
    she’s gorgeous ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. sohee was utterly awkward while announcing the winner thingy…


    but glad to see the WG performing Nobody!

    that was a big surprise. ^^

  12. I love So Hee’s dress!
    && They all look so cool in their new perf dresses.
    Thank god that wig’s been out of sight for a while eh? x]

    Wg Fighting~

  13. So Hee reminds me of Joo in some of those pics lol very cute ๐Ÿ™‚

    They all look…different. Like, in the face. Maybe it’s just the hairstyles?

  14. Thanks for sharing this coolsmurf!
    Really can’t imagine where I can look for more Wonder Girls updates if you’re gone…
    Anyway, all the best in whatever you do =)
    Let’s enjoy these last few days of 2008 ^_^

  15. i’m glad to see sohee unnie smiling… all the girls have been so tired, and i rarely see the bright smile on Sohee unnie these days… Sohee unnie keep on smiling!

  16. she is so gorgeus! i hope sohee unnie gets a chance to show her acting skills in the future! i can’t wait to see her acting again, i love that dress on her!

    thank you coolsmurf!

  17. SoHee Unnie!!!
    She’s just sooo cute!! Becoming more and more Pretty.

    Anyway, thanks Coolsmurf for all these updates.
    I hope you could change your mind cause you are doing an awesome job.
    But its your choice. Just wishing you good luck in whatever choices you make.

    โ™ฅWonder Girls, SarangHaeYo!!!

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