Sun Mi Message on SendVoice Fan Club 081224

The following is a message which Sun Mi posted on the bulletin board of the Sendvoice Fan Club website. Message translated by wonderkid.

Sun Mi SendVoice Message 081224

Everyone! There’s only a few more days left of 2008.
I hope you wrap up the rest of the year well…
And wish you spend a warm Christmas with the people you love ^^
Ah! And the “Nobody” acoustic poems you’ve been sending us!!!
they’re really funny.
As I thought, our WonderFuls are so quick-witted!! Whoo-whoot!! (^θ^) ♥♥
The weather has gotten really cold…layer up and wrap a scarf around your neck whenever you go outside!!
And I wish you all spend 2009 happily and warmly too!


16 thoughts on “Sun Mi Message on SendVoice Fan Club 081224

  1. sun mi and sun ye you are sooo cute…… goodluck to wonder girls you will make it big…. park jin young u created a wonder group

  2. sun mi you are the best !!! i am from mongolia. are you have a hi5 ? send in my e-mail address name is naraa. please sunmi i love sun mi 4ever!!! please please please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. sunmi unnie is so cute!!! hope to see more dorkiness from her in the future!!! WONDER GIRLS 4EVER!!! COOLSMURF THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  4. healthy sunmi ~
    i will wrap a scarf around my nick
    so don’t worry
    love you sunmi you are the best 😛
    thanx .

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    Hahahahha the “Nobody” poems..
    Part of igotballz competition perhaps? xD
    I hope SunMi has a good rest of 2008
    And I hope she stays warm!
    Shes such a sweetie pie.
    and so adorkable..

    thanks coolsmurf

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