Wonder Girls Will Be In America for First Half of 2009

It’s official. The Wonder Girls who have been taking intensive English lessons daily, will be stationed in America under JYP New York for the first half of 2009, hoping to break into the market over there. Since the start of December, each Wonder Girl have been learning English 1:1 instead of as a group.

Wonder Girls Debuting in America

According to Jung Wook, VP of JYP Entertainment, “The Wonder Girls will not be making their debut through music. They do have plans however to have the Wonder Girls in an American tv series in order to get their image across to the viewers and be more well-known in the America entertainment industry. There are no concrete plans though as yet. But one thing is for sure, the Wonder Girls will be focusing more on their activities in America rather than Korea. For the first half of 2009, the Wonder Girls will not be releasing any albums.

Among the Wonder Girls, Yoo Bin is the one with the strongest English ability. While she was in middle school, she came to New York with her mother and learnt English for around 1.5 years and is able to converse in simple English. Kyunghee University student (majoring in post-modern music), Ye Eun and hardworking Sun Ye have been going around with their English tutor the entire day and are able to converse in English now (no mention of the maknaes).

After attending all the year-end shows, the Wonder Girls will probably be taking a little break before heading to America in mid-January to prepare for their debut. They will however be back in Asia in February, flying home to Korea on 14th February and Bangkok on 28th February for their solo concerts.

credit: kris@soompi


63 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Will Be In America for First Half of 2009

  1. I honestly hope they don’t debut over here. Not yet anyway.

    They will be popular, but mainly among Asianphiles, teenage boys, and older pervy men. There’s a good chance they’ll end up being more like a group for pervy boys/men at first…and they really don’t need fans like that.

    America, and the west in generally, is big on the “sexy”, these girls are “cute”. I also think they may need to change their mentality. I live in America and it seems like there’s more hardcore fans, stalkers, and a lot more trouble you can get into (people giving you drugs/alcohol, tryign to drug you up). Korean fans seem more respectful of the bands that they like. Plus, that cutesy (as my friend calls it) “bubble gum” pop isn’t popular with a lot of people right now.

    I’ve also noticed that people aren’t as forgiving. If someone during an interview ask you to sing…singing “I want nobody, nobody but you! Oh!” over and over again (3 times to be exact, as they did in a recent interview) won’t impress anyone. No matter if it was catchy. People expect more. I once watched G-Dragon (off-topic, I know) rap to a nuna (on a x-mas special I think). Supposedly he was “freestyling”, but he was simply rapping one of Kayne West song…this however, seemed to “amaze” the people in the on stage….but in America, it wouldn’t impress anyone. In fact, people may ridicule him. Same with dancing as well. Americans tend to want people to be amazing dancers and singers and tend not, as I said before, be as other countries. So decent singing and dancing will result in crappy feedback and little fans. Just look at Brittany Spears when she made her ocmeback. Did she really suck that much? Not completly. But was she amazing? No. And that’s where the negative feeback came in. If it weren’t for people (Lay leno, MTV, Entertainment Tongiht) trying to downplay it by praising her (even when she wasn’t that good), she wouldn’t have had much of a chance.

    I like WG and want them to make it… but I can’t see them having good fans (fans who aren’t perverted/don’t care that they are asian) right off the bat and just see them beind ridiculed at first.

  2. aww… they are very busy so much already in korea, and now they’re going abroad?.. hmmm… music industry in america is kinda different in korea, i hope they be accepted..

    wonder girls fighting!!

  3. actually, i think ye eun has the greatest ability of conversing in english as we’ve all seen in the MTV sens in new york epidsole. also in other english interview on youtube. yubin seems like she doesnt not handle english good enough as ye eun n sunye. anyways, wish them the best in US. n pls come to TORONTO as well lol

  4. JYP is a smart man… he knows what he is doing… I agree with E… Boa and se7en arereally talented but America is full of surprises these days…. who knows they might fall in love with the Wonder Girls! Just keep in mind that Bi was a success in the U.S…

    Wonder Girls are good with their english, but still needs to practice more to be fluent… they are really hard working, so I think they have a great chance to be well accepted in America!^^

  5. I would say that is a better approach than trying to approach the US by releasing bad songs…like se7en and Boa…hopefully Wonder Girls can do well. I’m looking forward to seeing their acting debuts in the US!

    Yea Boa and Se7en can be considered more “talented” than the Wonder Girls but let’s so see who’s popular in the US….Miley Cyrus… Soulja Boy. That should prove that pure talent just isn’t enough. BTW there are PLENTY Of Asian American artists who have the talent AND the looks AND can speak English…who haven’t made it really in the US.

    So no point in saying that Wonder Girls can’t try. I believe the acting way is better than the singing way.

  6. i don’t want them to avoid their education… sohee and sunmi are still in school… they must find it so hard to balance out those important things… and sunye unnie has just started going to university….

  7. wow! they’re pretty young now that jacaheyo has mentioned it.

    hopefully they won’t turn out on the wrong side of the road.

    – xodom.

  8. This is my view and I’m from America and I’m not even Korean. I think they should just come to America and have an articulate English translator with them. They’re great girls and if they can just speak Korean during interviews, they would be more at ease and their personalities can show through. It’s hard enough answering questions and getting ur point across even when you already know the language. If they’re doing a show, they can just subtitle it but have a narrator in English. American audiances don’t mind reading subtitles. Plus, it would be something new and fresh. Just don’t change the girls’ images to “fit” America. They’re good girls who work hard and love their fans, just let them be them, allow them to shine, and America will watch and love them too. I think it has a possiblity of being something big here. Thats just my opinion. By the way, Ye Eun is absolutely wonderful =)

  9. everythings possible… especially when you work hard on it…
    sunye proved that one already.. not only her but alot of people who are working their asses off to achieve their dreams. Even though im afraid of what are they going to do in america. I believe in them. If We just believe in them too.
    Russell said they are needed. and i believe in what he said. oh the redanduncy.. T_T

  10. Oh god no.
    No offense wondergirls4ever_94 but the Disney Channel idea isn’t a great one.
    In my opinion that’s the worst that they can do.
    Pretty much every child star from disney channel has turned into a hollywood druggie/etc.
    Miley Cyrus is on the road I suspect.
    The Jonas Brothers have already gone past the the fame of Disney so I’m not sure if they count anymore.
    And etc.
    And JYP knows his stuff obviously so I don’t think they’ll crash and burn. Obviously they’re not going to just come here and automatically be exposed to everything thereby pushing them up to the top like A listing stars.
    I believe they’ll go very slowly appealing to JYP’s crowd first because of his concert earlier this year and then that’ll spread. As for the tv show I don’t think it’ll be a huge one but perhaps either a little reality show introducing them or guest stars on another.
    I think they’ll do great and they’ll definately be great for this culture wasteland we call the melting pot. Ironic isn’t it?

  11. Oo..

    i dont know what to say.
    hope the girls will not turned out to be sluts.
    to be honest.

    i think their eng is not that good.
    i mean they kinda have pronunciations problems.
    not blame on them though!

    n sunye looks kinda hesitating when she speaks in eng.
    well.. the others too.
    they should be more confident in their speaking.
    even when they made grammar mistake!

    no offends!

    tv series? seems interesting!

    i hope Wonder Girls will success!!!


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  13. they should try Disney Channel… all the young stars starts of from Disney… Miley Cyrus, Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, Jonas Brothers, Brenda Song… and many more… Americans need something fresh, i mean, Hollywood is so scary these days so many stars are on drugs, pregnant at young ages…. sad reallly, Wonder Girls will show them the true meaning of The Best idol group in the world!

    JYP has many connections, P.didy will surely give his support and help… its not impossible, wonder girls are hard working they always do their best… i think they know that many people are questioning their vocal abilities, especially their lives… they will improve!

    its not impossible, remember… Wonderfuls will stand together with the Wonder Girls through thick and thin…. they need our support!

    Wonder Girls and Wonderfuls Hwaiting!!!

  14. I REALLY want them to stay in Korea I don’t think it’s time yet I mean one more year would be even better they should REALLY stay even though I live in the States
    really …. I don’t think this is right.

  15. ^ Sure we can. Why I was comparing WGs to Soulja Boy is that his song came at a crucial point in the industry. Right now all the music in America sounds the same and quite frankly is boring. Someone just needs to bring in something fresh and they can make it. Miley Cyrus had her own show which became popular and now look at her. Also, I’m not Asian and I love the WGs, so why bring up race? My sister saw a kid doing the Tell Me dance at our school last year. Anyways, if their show is well received I think we’ll have our answer. Smart move JYP.

  16. You guys are delusional. There isn’t a single popular asian singer in the America right now. The WGs will surely break this status…right? No way. Comparing the WG to soulja boy and miley cyrus?? Rain, BoA, and Se7en have a better chance than the WG, and we all know how well they are doing (flop, or incoming flop). I cannot see the WG succeeding in America. It’s not possible if you think about it rationally.

    First of all, they don’t have the bare minimum requirement of english fluency, which includes having no noticeable accent. We all know how receptive Americans are to asian accents (being receptive to Spanish and Jamaican accents is different). There is no way for them to overcome this huge handicap, and it is a huge crutch also because live singing and interviews are a must for promotions.

    Also, just take a look at their music and vocals (which isn’t bad, but needs to be phenomenal given their asian status and musical genre). Who would their target market be? Asian Americans? Good luck with that.

    You can’t be serious in thinking that the general American populace could be receptive to WG. JYP has once again made a mistake.

  17. I’m also from America and I think many of you may have underestimated WG’s possibilities. They are a special group of girls, and I believe people of any culture are going to be able to see that. I for one am happily anticipating their arrival.

  18. I believe it’s YeEun, SunMi, and SoHee who speak the best english. And guys, being from America, I’m slightly offended by these comments. One thing America is known for is picking up new interests. Who’s to say WGs won’t be one of them? Look at Soulja Boy. He took our country by storm. And the fact that they are having a T.V. show will be a way to test the waters. If people like them they’ll have a strong fanbase. Look at the Miley Cyrus scandals. She’s still got a billion and one fans. So try and embrace the fact that they will be going to America and wish them the best.

  19. I hope they succeed! It’s a very difficult endeavor to embark on, but they have a charm that’s quite different from the others who have already tried, so that will play to their advantage, hopefully… I’ll miss them for the first half of 2009! But I know their next album will be worth the wait!

  20. Honestly i like the fact that there trying to exist in US market,
    cause New York it’s such a great place for show business and entertainers, they will definitly improve and come back to korea stronger than ever, that’s my toughts.
    Even if they don’t embrace any succes over there they will learn a lot and it’s worth to try.
    People are afraid the that girls will be hurt and desillusioned, but JYP already prove he knows what he is doing in Korea so in US i guess he will be even more careful.
    There are a lot koreans who try actually (Se7en, BoA, Rain, Son Dambi)this can work as an emulation, and increase the visibility they can have in US media.

  21. omg.. i dont know what i will do without you! you have all the accurate info on wondergirls. cant believe you’re going to leave! im going to miss you and probably many more.

  22. Wonder Girls are cute… but America doesn’t dig the cute concept at all. i don’t know how they will fare. i was hoping they’d go to Japan….

    to me, Yoobin seems to be the most uncomfortable speaking english. she’s doesn’t say much even when allowed the chance. i think Ye Eun’s english is the most impressive.

  23. sniff man my baby speaks english she knows it for me when the day comes that we get married. I LOVE YOO BIN!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  24. i agree with coolsmurfjjang.dear JYP,please do not let them turn into skanks..oh,and hopefully no one in the group comes back with a platinum blonde hair and PCD-ish clothes…just,no..culture shock is a terrifying thing

    as actresses on tv shows(if it’s not a reality show),they might make it.sohee,yoobin and sunye had appear on tv and movie and they were ok.i’m just scared of the criticisms that they might get.sunmi and sohee are still kids.hopefully they’ll stay strong and remember that if US doesn’t want them,the rest of the world does..esp asia.

  25. I hope everything turns out well for them.
    I’m gonna miss their music. =(
    What about Sunye? She got into university this year but then she’s going to the US for the first half so how is that going to work out?

  26. woah

    interesting…WG on a tv series…I sure hope they pick the right show to appear on….
    nevertheless, I wish them all the best!! i love how they’re always trying new things!!!


  27. Gosh I’m gonna miss them on music stations!! and this blog T_T
    Sometimes I wish they never gonna break the US market. Because Asians and Americans – don’t mix. But I believe in them and JYP. And the reason that I was into Kpop is because I was never into American music but who cares,that’s just my personal reason lol. I’m sure WG can do it!
    I’m all excited for their 1st concert ever though! Show them what you’ve got WG!

    …Is it too much for me to ask exactly what month they’ll be back in Korea…?
    As I live in freakin Texas and have no way of getting to New York or California I’m pretty much stuck here until the summer and then I’ll be in Korea visiting family which I’m only looking forward to so much is because of the Wonder Girls and how I MIGHT possibly have a chance to see them in person. But if they’re in the US during the summer time then.. my god that’s heart crushing. Sure I’ll get over it but still… Lol..
    If anyone knows of the exact months they’ll be in the US and when they’ll go back to Korea then that would be great if they could tell me and everyone else for future reference lol.
    Not debuting in singing? Ah. Well I actually think that’s a good idea. Americans are fairly harsh when it comes to singers. Especially young singers. Ahem..Miley Cyrus. So I think it’s a good thing these girls are rather coming out in a tv series than singing. The tv series world has really taken off lately and as a member of that world hehe, I’m SOOOOOOO excited to see what tv series they’ll be coming out in!
    As for their english… I haven’t really seen much of them conversing to really give a comment. What I’ve seen leads me to believe that they do speak english fairly well but not quite fluently. As harsh as it is, the accent part is really judged on so I’m hoping they’ll fix that up a bit. I do think it’s a bit soon for them to be coming out into the American market already after only 2 years of their debut but then again thinking back on their immense popularlity of not only Korea, but Asia, and already many of those in other english/spanish/european speaking countries I think they can do it.
    One things for sure, Perez Hilton will definately back them up. :)))
    Man I’m too damn excited lmfao.
    I’m so happy for them!!!!!!!!

    thanks coolsmurf

  29. A TV show? Interesting. It will probably be something on MTV.. -_-
    Whatever. As long as they don’t debut during school hours, I’ll watch it.

  30. i agree with mai…
    American market is harsh! I’d rather see them debut in Japan… if they want to please the American music industry, they need to train more on their vocals and their lives! especially sohee… i think she will be bashed once they hear her live, she needs to work harder on her vocals!

    Ye eun and Sunye are good singers but for the Americans they are just average… I know this is harsh, but some Americans will highlight all their weaknesses as an excuse to bash them… no matter how great they are in our eyes, it will be very hard to satisfy the American music industry…

    girlicious, cheetah girls… all sound weird to me, but maybe Wonder Girls sounds vey much like Wonder Women, to be honest i laughed myself when i heard it… don’t bash my comment, its only my opinion…

    Wonder Girls and Wonderfuls Hwaiting!!!

  31. Hmmm….. I don’t agree from what we have seen,or well I know of 2 English interviews,and in radio shows Ye Eun seems to be the one with the strongest English speaking skills. Yoo Bin seems to have a little trouble,actually she seemed like the only member with a little bit of trouble on her English.Just cause she came from American does not mean she knows the has the best English speaking skills, I’m trying to say this in the nicest way possible,cause I love her,but she’s like Kim Ki Bum from SJ he came from California,but understands English better than he can speak it….

    Anyways,I can’t wait to see what they will be doing! If they are going to be on a show,I’m definitely watching it.

  32. It’d be cool if they made a full mv English like Boa, that’d be too awesome~ But they should try hard on their vocals, I know they have a long wastes to go and they’re young, but yeah xD. It’d be awesome if the show was like on channel 31 or something xD. I don’t like JYP telling them to sing not good, but just okay, I know the cadence and beat is fast, but I think they’re good and ready to learn a new lesson, sing right, but focus. It’d e a challenge, but good for them o_O, because they might lose breathe and all…
    @coolsmurfjjang, haha good point, but WG won’t become sluts… Remember during so hot? They didn’t even consider themselves conceited young teens xD, that shows their personality, they won’t change for the worse and act cold at their fans.

  33. i’m worried about them. the US market is super harsh and open for massive amounts of criticism… but i wish them the best.
    the better they do, the less translations/subtitles we need lol

  34. Ehhh, im kinda iffy on them coming to America.
    Its great and all, but i dont think theyll be appreciated as much by those who dont understand Korean music and culture. My kpop retarded friend saw a picture of them on my computer and was literally laughing at the name “wonder girls” and my other friend likes thier songs but she was making fun of thier dances. I kinda like them to staying in Asia and a tv series in America is a bit…ehhh…

    Whatever, no matter what country theyre in, ill still think theyre awesome :]

  35. but anyways, their english is getting better and better. harsh but truth, i don’t think anyone will make it to the american industry if you have bad english. but with the girls being hardworkers, i’m pretty sure they will manage and improve. i mean, look at se7en. with his hardwork, his english is flawless. i do wish WG all the best and i hope to see them soon ❤

  36. YAAAAY! I WILL HAVE AT LEAST 70% chance of meeting them again. wohooooo. america will love the girls ^^

  37. Wow, I didn’t expect it this soon. It’s gonna be a tough road ahead that’s for sure. US artists already have enough trouble in the current climate with the shifting of business models, much less having another asian artist trying to break through.

    My guess is it’ll be some reality show through MTV. Hopefully they’ll get more support from the US companies than BoA’s current attempt.

  38. lol, sorry again! yeah i hope they don’t get influenced… i would hate it if they all got tanned and start wearing revealing clothes, look at Min… she’s influenced, and i hope it doesn’t happen to the Wonder Girls , i don’t want them to be like PCD or Girlicious… after i saw JYP’s performances at his concert, i was like O.O after seeing some performances which was sexy?… he better not make Wonder Girls become sluts… i think JYP is still great though!

    I think with JYP’s great idea’s, a Fantastic leader leading them, their hard work, Faith in God, the bond they share, and fans supporting them… they will make this debut a big success!

  39. sounds interesting… it will be pretty hard, i hope its something that is suitable for them… i hope they don’t change their image, America is scary… I hope JYP doesn’t do anything too surprising! WONDER GIRLS AND WONDERFULS HWAITING!!

  40. fast…….hehe.. thanks smurf.. i was just rereading you article on the wonder bears… haha..
    ooh im definitely gonna miss them and you…
    stay well..
    wah cant wait for music bank 2hours to go..

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